Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

The Friend of Allah

  • He looks at the sun and says, "this is my Lord, this is greater"
  • "This thing is more deserving of being a Rabb than those two things that just went by
  • But when it set there is nothing left. The stars gone, the moon gone, and now the sun gone
  • Ibrahim asks the people, "When the sun is gone. Then you have a problem at night. Now who do you call to?"
  • "You've got to wait 12 hours for that thing to come back before you can say, "Hey, I've got a problem."
  • Then he says "O my people! I am free, I dissociate myself completely from that which you are associating partners. With the one who made the sky, the moon, the sun, myself and yourself. Whoever made me, you, and all these creatures in existence. Whoever He is I owe my entire worship solel and only to Him. And I will never associate a speck of partnership with that maker of mine."
  • Immediately the people began to argue with him
  • They are saying things, he is responding. They are saying things, he is responding
  • How can you argue me about my own maker when He has chosen me. He has given me knowledge. I know what I am doing is definitely correct, I don't have a single doubt
  • "I do not fear anything that you are associating partners with Allah. They can do nothing to me, unless my own maker wills for something to happen to me. They cannot harm me, they cannot benefit me at all. The only one I fear is Allah. If he wants something to happen to me then it will, if He doesn't then it won't
  • Then he asks them a question, "How can Ifear those things that you are associating partners with Allah when you have not feared the fact that you have associated partners with Allah
  • "You do not fear Allah, now you have associated partners with Allah, now you want me to fear those partners that you have associated Him with? How?"
  • "Those who have not associated partners with Allah, those are more rightly guided than the ones who associate partners with Him"
  • Allah says "we gave him the power of debating over his people"
  • The people then began threatening to kill him
  • He then had to leave

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