Sins are bad deeds that one does, which can lead them to hellfire in the hereafter.
Allah made all sins forbidden. There are small sins as well as large ones. The biggest of sins is blasphemy, and then murder, then it is fornication. These are the three major sins in Islam.
Prophet Muhammad(may Allah raise his rank) said what means that blasphemy is the worst of the sins, and other sins compared to blasphemy are like nothing.

People nowadays they sin without even being aware of it. For example, lying is one of the sins. Whether it is a small lie or large one, it is forbidden.
How many people do we see nowadays that's lying like it's nothing?
Sins are very dangerous because there are many of them, and even if one does not know if it is a sin or not they still will get punished. This is why Allah made learning an obligation. Because after all, the only way to refrain from doing any sin is to first learn that it is a sin.

Piouty is only achieved when one refrains from all the sins and performs all the obligations(if they are able to.) With that being said one can see the intense difficulty in being a pious slave of Allah.
Still... Allah doesn't put any burden on us that we are unable to accomplish.
We must all be pious Muslims and refrain from doing all sins, small or large.
May Allah have mercy on us.

Ignorance is not an excuse in Islam. One can't simply say on the day of judgemnt to Allah "Oh Alllah I did not know, how can you punish me?" NO! This is why Allah made it an obligation to learn. If you committ a sin and die without learning the judgement of it than... May Allah have mercy on your soul."


HARAAM means forbidden, prohibited and unlawful.

The word HARAAM is used for inviolable ordinances and prohibitions of Allah.

  • Marrying a woman without her consent is forbidden [4:19]
  • Killing anyone without HAQ [or just cause] is HARAAM [17:33, 25:68]
  • Fawahish are HARAAM [Immodesty, Lewdness, Obscenity; Abominable, evil, bad, foul or unseemly things or acts; Excess, exorbitance, or transgression of the proper bounds or limits; (Things leading to) adultery or fornication; Niggardliness, tenaciousness, and avarice ] [7:33]
  • Adultery or fornication is HARAAM [24:3]
  • Riba is HARAAM [interest or usury] [2:275]
  • Marrying with the following women is HARAAM: Your mothers, daughters, sisters, father’s sisters, mother’s sisters, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, foster-mothers who have ever nursed you, foster-sisters, your wives’ mothers, your step-daughters unless you have divorced their mother without being intimate with her. Also forbidden are women who have ever been the wives of your sons. You are not allowed to keep two sisters in wedlock at one time except what has already happened in the past. Also forbidden to you are women who are already married, except those women who have sought asylum with you against their disbelieving husbands at war with you [4:23-24]
  • [Eating] any Animal that dies itself [2:173, 6:145, 16:115]
  • [Eating] any Animal that has been strangled to death [5:3]
  • [[Eating] any Animal beaten to death [5:3].
  • [[Eating] any Animal that dies by falling from height [5:3].
  • [[Eating] any Animal gored to death by horns [5:3].
  • [[Eating] any Animal eaten by a wild animal unless you are able to slaughter it while it is still alive [5:3].
  • [[Eating] any Animal that which is sacrificed on altars (devotional stones or blocks in shrines considered sacred) [5:3].
  • [[Drinking] blood [2:173, 6:145, 16:115]
  • [[Eating] the flesh of swine [2:173, 6:145, 16:115].
  • [[Eating] anything (not just meat) that has been dedicated to anybody/anything other than Allah (such as an idol, grave or saint) [2:173, 6:121, 16:115].
  • [[Eating anything on which Allah’s name has not be pronounced [while slaughtering] is also forbidden {5:4}]
  • [Dividing the meat through raffling and games of chance {Azlaam} [5:3]

    There are plenty more, these are just a few. The Haraam list goes on and on. I live by this simple philosophy, "everything is forbidden, and everything is forgiven. Except for blasphemy