1. Existence

  2. Allah exists, and His Existence is without a beginning and without an ending

  3. Oneness

  4. Allah is One without a partner with Him, and no one other than Allah deserves to be worshipped

  5. Non-


  6. Non


    to the


  7. Allah does not resemble the creations

  8. Eternity

  9. The existence of Allah is without a beginning

  10. Everlastingness

  11. The existence of Allah does not end. He does not vanish and He does not die

  12. Power

  13. Allah has Power over everything

  14. Will

  15. Everything that happens is by the Will of Allah

  16. Hearing

  17. Allah hears without an ear or any other instrument

  18. Sight

  19. Allah sees without a pupil or any other instrument

  20. Speech

  21. Allah speaks without a tongue or lips. His Kalam is neither an Arabic language nor another language, and it does not resemble our speech-rate

  22. Life

  23. Allah is alive and His life is without a soul, flesh, or heart. He is Alive and does not die.

  24. Knowledge

  25. Allah knows all things before they happpen, without a teacher