I Have Come To My Conclusion

My Conclusion

It's all so simple now. Once you use your sound mind, everything becomes oh so clear. It's not difficult at all, my final conclusion is "Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger"
Because Allah does in fact exist and Muhammad was in fact a person that once lived, and he was known as the truthful and trustworthy, because he never told a lie. Knowing that, it is clear to see that everything he conveyed is the truth. And what did he convey? He conveyed about Allah, and that Allah is the only God and he is the only one that has Will and Power, and it is Allaah who creates everything, He brings it from a state of nonexistence into existence. And this God of mines and yours is oh so generous and merciful, upon all of his creations. He has the power to make all of his slaves perish and suffer, but He doesn't, rather He gives them a choice, they can either choose to believe or be a disbeliever and ultimately end up here.
And this Creator of ours is nothing like us in any way. He can't be, because knowing me and having insight on myself I have become very introspective to my behaviors and abilities, and how I function, physically and mentally. I know that as a person I am weak. I am so very weak. Yes, myself and plenty other people like me may be able to lift a 150lb box without any effort at all, but is that strength? Does that mean I or yourself is strong? Well let me ask you this. How many of us is able to fast for the whole month of Ramadan and restrain from comitting sins that will lead to the gates of Hellfire?

HA! Certainly not I. I don't know about you but idk man, You must be like me, and if you are like me in any way than that means that you are also susceptible to all my susceptibilities. And I have a lot.
So knowing that, then it is clear to see that this Creator of ours is not like us in any way, because if He is like us than that must also mean that He is weak, and if He is weak than He cannot possibly be The Creator. Because think about it, the one who is weak, can they create things like the sun or moon, think about how strong and powerful the sun and moon are, Or the ARSH, the Throne, which is the biggest creation size wise among all of Allah's creations. And this creation of Allah is carried by 4 angels, 4 HUGE ANGELS! On the night of his ascension The Prophet saw this ultimate creation, he also saw the 4 Angels that carry and hold each of the 4 pillars, on the day of resurrection it will be carried by 8 Angels. And The Prophet(PBUH) said that it will take a fast flying bird 700 years to fly from it's earlobes to the shoulder. Wow! 700 YEARS. Are you serious? That's a pretty long time. And that's just for one of them, think about the other 3. And I always thought the sun was big.

So it's clear to see that if He has the power to create all and do all than why disobey him? Why would you not subjugate to His eternal Will? Why not? I mean you should do it right? And He really doesn't ask for much, just to embrace Islam. And if we do that, than we will ultimately end up here. I wanna go there. Eternal enjoyment? I'll take it. I mean, I surely don't wanna go to the other place. Everything makes sense. ISLAM makes sense once one uses their sound mind.

So that is my final conclusion