Enjoyment in the hereafter


Enjoyment in the hereafter

Allah said in the Quran what means: Certainly those who believed and did the good deeds will have enjoyable gardens in paradise
Allah has promised the believers who performed the obligations and avoided the prohibitions the wide gardens of paradise in which there is an everlasting enjoyment

Paradise has wide rivers of milk, honey, water, and non-intoxicating wine, which is not like the wine of this life. Paradise also contains fragment perfume and has beautiful trees and huge castles. In paradise, all the believers will be of the same age, 33 years old, even those people who died very old or very young, until no end. In addition, all blasphemers who did not hear the call to Islam, which is: No one deserves to be worshipped except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger . Or what gives its meaning. Then died, or had died as children, or was born insane and remained insane until pubescence then died insane, will enter Paradise also without any torture. For example, if someone was living in a forest all his life, he never heard the two testifications of faith or what gives their meaning in a language that they understand, and then they died. This person will not be punished in the hereafter, he will be entering Paradise without any torture. Because Allah does not hold responsible someone who never heard the call to Islam
Also anyone who dies as a child will enter Paradise without any torture. Anyone who was born insane, became pubescent insane, and then continued his life insane and died likewise will enter Paradise without any torture.

Those non-accountable people will still enter Paradise because they are not held accountable in these cases. However, all accountable blasphemers will never enter Paradise. The accountable person is someone who is sane, who heard the call to Islam. So this person is accountable. Any accountable person who dies as a non-Muslim will enter hellfire. As for those who enter Paradise everyone therein will be of good looking and as tall as Prophet Adam (PBUH)

In Paradise no one will die, in Paradise no one will become sick, no one will be sad, no one will grow old or even become tired, until no end. Paradise is above the seventh Heaven. Paradise will remain forever. It will never cease to exist and the people in it will never die. Paradise is worth working for