Explanation of Attributes



  2. Allah has absolute knowledge in everything. He creates everything therefore He has knowledge in it, for He has knowledge in all of His creations. His Knowledge is also Eternal.
    Allah's Eternal Knowledge cannot be compared to the creations' knowledge in any way. Doing so will result to one falling in the sin of shirk.
    At one point when we were born we knew nothing, than as we got older and began to evaluate the world more we began to get a better grasp and understanding of how thins work.
    This is not like the Creator's Knowledge at all. The Creator ALWAYS KNEW
    Allah SWT at one point did not ever know something, or was weak in knowledge about anything at all. Allah SWT is not attributed with any type of ignorance.
    The Creator is All Knowing, and He Sees.

  3. No Similarity

  4. It will also be blasphemy to liken Allah to the creation in any way whatsoever.
    For He is not like us in any way. Allah absolutely has no similarity to the creation. There are many creations, and only one Allah. Allah is different from every single one of His creations(humans, Jinns, Angels, The Throne etc...)
    There are many verses in the Qur'an as well as many Hadiths that states that the Creator is totally different from the creation.

  5. Oneness

  6. Allah is One. Allah SWT is One. The Creator is One.
    The Creator has no partners nor can He be divided into fragments. He is complete. Allah also cannot be likened to be a "whole" because a "whole" is a creation.
    There is nobody that shares partnership with Allah. He does whatever He wants because He is One and no one can tell Him otherwise. Allah is God and He rules over all.
    Allah SWT also cannot be divided off into parts. It is He, Allah, who Eternally Wills for all these many creations to exist and they do. And they all co-exist with one another, but we do not with Him. Allah is One in all His attributes and He cannot be divided.

  7. Will

  8. Everything occurs according to Allah's Eternal Will. If it happens than it means that Allah willed for it to happen, if it does not happen than Allah did not will for it to happen.
    Even if it is bad or good, it will still be Willed.
    Allah's Will is impossible to know, and He does not always Will what's best for the creation. He Wills for some to blaspheme and fall into Hellfire forever. Even though we do not know His Will we are still ordered to hope for the best. This is why we say "Insha'Allah
    God Willing, this will happen.
    And when it does happen and we become happy we say Mashallah
    I am happy that this event happened. I am happy that God allowed for this to happen. Praise be to Him.

  9. Hearing

  10. Among His attributes is also the attribute of Hearing
    Allah does not have ears, nor does He possess tools, but He is able to Hear without any of those needed.
    He is the one to create the existence of the sound, thus He Hears it.
    He hears all, Allah hears all.

  11. Everlasting

  12. Allah SWT does not have a beginning, nor does He have an end. Everything else has a beginning and an end except for the Creator, for the Creator is the only anomaly.
    None of Allah's attributes will ever come to an end. They are all everlasting, they will all go on and on forever.

  13. Non Neediness

  14. Allah is absolutely not in need, of anything at all. He did not need the creations before He created them, and He does not need them after they are created. Every other creation needs Allah, and Allah is the only one who does not need. For Him to need will make Him weak. And the Creator is certainly not weak. Because how can the One who has made all these creations possibly be weak? It's not possible, Allah is not weak.

  15. Sight

  16. Allah does not posses any equipment or has an "eye" which He uses for vision, no, Allah is not in need of any creation at all. He Sees perfectly. Allah has perfect vision. He is the one to create everything which is being sighted, so of course he must be able to See it happening. Allah's vision is not like the creation' vision in any way. Me and you we need an eyeball, veins, eye sockets and etc... in order for us to be able to see. Allah Sees perfectly.

  17. Speech

  18. It is called Kalam. The Holy Qur'an is the Eternal Kalam of Allah.
    His speech is not like the creations' in any way whatsoever. Many creations have different ways of speech or commmunication, it all changes though. New words are added to the English Dictionary every day. Allah's Eternal Speech does not change in any way. The Creator can talk on and on. Your mother or someone that you know may be speaking to you but you don't hear a thing they're saying, it just goes in one ear and out the other. This is not like the Creator's Speech at all, it goes through one ear and IT STAYS!S

  19. Life

  20. The Creator has Life. His Life is everlasting and it's not similar to the creation in any way. Our life makes us exist. Without life we would not be here. "If you have life than you exist, but you do not need life to exist"
    Allah has both existence and life.
    Our vital organs gives us life, thus it enables us to exist. Us humans our life is having a soul, heart, brain etc...
    Allah does not have any of these, nor does He need it. But He Exists more than any creation.

  21. Existence

  22. Allah's existence is proved by the existence of other creations. All the Prophets do not prove that Allah Exists, Allah proves that they exist
    His existence is not subject by time or anything of the like. It is impossible for Allah to not Exist. Nobody can fathom Allah's existence, for it is discernible. But we acknowledge His existence. Failure to do so will result in atheism, which is the most heinous form of blasphemy.

  23. Eternity

  24. Everything about Allah is Eternal. There is no end to Him. He is forever. All of Allah's names and attributes are forever, and all of His decrees are forever also. For example, fornication is haram as we all know. Now, fornication is going to ALWAYS be a sin, it is never at one point going to be okay to fornicate, never.

  25. Power

  26. The Power that Allah has is undescribable. He has absolute Power to do anything that He likes. He is the only one who is attributed with Power. Other creations might believe that they have power, but they do not really. It is only Allah who has Power. He merely "puts" creations in a position of power, because Allah is oft Giving, oft Merciful. But just because He puts you in a position of power does not mean that you have power. No, it is only Allah who has power. Only Allah