Reward and Punishment


Invalidators of Ablution

Among the matters that invalidate Wudu are:

  1. Materials exiting from the eliminatory outlets. Such as urine, feces, or gas
  2. Touching the private parts of a human being. That is the penis, the vagina, or anus with the inner part of the hand, without a barrier. This also invalidates your Wudu
  3. If one sleeps in a position where the buttocks are not tightly placed on the sitting place, one's Wudu will be broken. However, dozing such that one can still hear the words around him without seeing a dream does not make the Wudu invalid because this is not sleeping
  4. If a person faints or becomes insane, even for a little time, his Wudu is invalidated also

Now let's talk about some of the disliked matters when performing Wudu:

  1. Starting with the left part before the right part
  2. Washing or wet wiping a part more than three times
  3. Wasting water, in other words, inexcusably using a lot of water