Looking down on people


Looking down on people

Arrogance and having enmity for and of people are all sins of the heart. These are bad attributes that many people are unaware because they do not know what they are or how to avoid them. In a hadeeth related by Muslim the Prophet SAW said: Arrogance is rejecting the truth and looking down on others.
What is understood from this hadeeth is arrogance is rejecting what one knows to be right because the person saying it is young, poor, a student, or weak. Looking down on people is like being arrogant with a poor person, because he is poor. Thus the arrogant refuses to speak to him or talks to him in a haughty way.

Enmity on the other hand is to hate a Muslim, to accept this feeling and to act in accordance with this feeling.

Envy is also among the sins of the heart. It is to hate and feel bitter about the endowment of Allah on a Muslim and to wish that it would be taken from that Muslim and to be bestowed upon oneself. This is a sin ONLY if one does not hate this feeling and if one acts in accorance with it. If one hates the envy that one feels and does not act accordingly than it is not a sin.