Prophet Jesus

The son of Mary

Prophet Jesus(PBUH)

Prophet Jesus
Please note: This is in fact a picture of Prophet Jesus(PBUH). Though it may be a fine photograph, photography (tasweer) means the taking of pictures of living, animate beings, like people, animals, birds etc... the ruling is that it is forbidden on a basis of a number of reports.

Prophet Jesus(PBUH)
  • There has been much controversy surrounding the life of Jesus and the controversy of his nature and message
  • Jesus was born to the best woman who ever walked on the face of this Earth, namely. The Virgin Mary
  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem and he grew up in Palestine
  • While he was still young, he and his mother traveled to Egypt
  • At the age of 30 the mission of Jesus began
  • The Cretor made Jesus a Prophet and recipient of Divine Revelation
  • Jesus was an Israelite Prophet
  • Prior to receiving Divine Revelation, Jesus followed Mosaic Law- the Divine Guidance and Holy Scripture given to the great Prophet Moses. Jesus' laws were similar to the laws of Moses. Both enjoyed prayer and fasting and forbade fornication, the worship of idols or images, and the eating of hog flesh
  • Jesus taught the same message about The Creator that all The Prophets before him taught, such as Moses, Abraham, Noah, and Adam taught
  • The Creator is perfect and does not change
  • And all the Prophets (including Jesus taught: "Worship The Creator and none of the creations")
  • All the Prophets taught that The Creator is One without partners- no one except God makes things exist
  • All The Prophets taught that The Creator is Eternal and Everlasting
  • The Creator has Knowledge and Power over everything
  • The Creator cannot be compared to anything
  • Therefore, God is not a physical or spiritual body, nor is God an image
  • Whatever you imagine in your mind The Creator is absolutely different
  • Jesus taught that The Creator does not need any of His Creations
  • and that The Creeator exists without being in a direction or a place

  • The true monotheistic (i.e. belief in One perfect God) message of Jesus was corrupted and replaced with the Pagan idea of "trinity"
  • Jesus never taught that he was God or a part of God
  • nor did he teach that he was an offspring of God
  • The trinity was an attempt to compromise the pure monotheistic message of Jesus with the belief of heathens who were using Jesus' name to spread their own ideas and their idolatry
  • It was not until the year 325 C.E.- three hundred years after God made Jesus leave this Eartn
  • that the Roman Emperor Constantine (who was a pagan sun worshipper at the time)
  • made the Trinity the official Christian doctrine
  • Furthermore, it is a historical fact that Jesus never ever called his religion Christianity
  • Similarily, the New Testament is not the original Evangel- that is. The God-given Holy Book sent to Jesus
  • Instead, the present day New Testament is simply a book of hearsay and uncomfirmed reports about what Jeus allegedly said and did
  • Written by authors whose identity cannot be proven
  • This book was not completed until three-hundred years after Jesus was here on Earth
  • and lastly, the oldest new testaments are not in the language that Jesus taught his followers. (that is Syriac)
  • Instead, the oldest available New Testament (which, incindentally are simply fragments from pages of very old manuscripts)- are in Greek- and no one knows who translated them
  • Since Jesus did not instruct his followers in Greek
  • It's obvious that the New Testament cannot be the Holy Book of Jesus
  • The name "Christianity", it's doctrines (such as the Trinity) and it's book (The New Testament) are all man-made corruptions of Jesus' true message
  • They are NOT from the teachings of God revealed- but from men with evil intentions who wished to distort the message of this honorable Prophet
  • All The Prophets taught the same essential message about The Creator
  • Jesus was not a Christian
  • Prophet Moses truly did not call his religion Judaism or Christianity
  • And obviously Abraham, Noah, or Adam could not have been Christians or Jews
  • All The Prophets had the sane religion
  • The Religion of Islam
  • Islam means "surrender to the Will and orders of God"

  • Prophet Muhammad came about 600 years after God made Jesus ascend safely to the Heavens
  • Prophet Muhammad renewed the call to believing in the Oneness and Perfection of God
  • Prophet Muhammad came with hundreds of astounding miracles to prove that he is indeed a Prophet sent by God
  • And God has protected the message of Prophet Muhammad from being lost
  • God is One
  • God is incomparible and free of need
  • God is not a body and cannot be crucified
  • God cannot be murdered or harmed, and God does not die
  • God is perfect and does not undergo changes
  • God did not become a baby; God does not have babies; and babies are not born in a sinful state
  • Also, God does not need someone to be killed to forgive the sins of others
  • Each person is accountable for his religious belief and his actions, and will be judged by God accordingly
  • This is what Jesus taught

    All this informaton is derived from a pamphlet I received at a Masjid I frequently go to 4431 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19104