Joseph AS


Prophet Jesus
Please note: Photography (tasweer) means the taking of pictures of living, animate beings, like people, animals, birds etc... the ruling is that it is forbidden on a basis of a number of reports.

Prophet Yusuf(PBUH)
  • Who is the most noble of man?
  • Rasullullah SAW said: It is Yusuf [Joseph]
  • The Noble, the son of the Noble
  • The son of the noble, the son of the noble
  • The father of Yusuf is a Prophet
  • His grandfather is a Prophet
  • And his great grandfather is a Prophet
  • And he is a Prophet himself
  • It's Yusuf AS; The son of Yaqub [Jacob]
  • The son of Ishaq [Isaac]; the Son of Ibrahim[Abraham] AS

  • Yusuf AS one day when he was a young child
  • Verily I saw in a drem, eleven stars and the sun and the moon
  • I saw them prostrating themselves for me
  • Yaqub told his Son Yusuf: He told him O Son:
  • Don't you dare go and mention this story to your brothers
  • Why? Lest they arrange a plot against you,
  • The father knew that this dream means;
  • That Yusuf will attain very high levels
  • And the father knew that this is something the brothers will not accept
  • Because they were already jealous of Yusuf
  • And we'll see how bad their jealousy was
  • The ten brothers got together and realised; This is going overboard
  • Our father always favours Yusuf and favours Binyamin [Benjamin],
  • We are the young and strong ones and what's Yusuf compared to us?
  • He's only one and we are ten and over all this
  • Our father favors Yusuf over us; This is not acceptable to us
  • [Kill Yusuf] Kill him,
  • They said we are going to kill him
  • And then we are going to make Tawbah
  • So they went to the father and they said:
  • O our father; why don't you trust us with Yusuf?
  • We're strong men; we'll take care of him
  • Let him come out and play with us

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