The Masters




In the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim
Praise be to the Creator Who is free of all imperfection. We ask the Creator (Allah) to to exalt the honor of our Prophet Muhammad, and protect his nation from the things he feared for it. May Allah enlighten our hearts with knowledge and enable us to follow the path of the Prophet and the righteous Muslim Scholars.

Praise and thanks be to Allah for the numerous Prophets that have been sent to humanity throughout the ages. All The Prophets were Muslim (i.e. followers of the Religion of Islam). A Prophet is a recipient and coveyer of God's Divine Revelation. Usually Prophets received Divine Revelation through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril). There are special Prophets called Messengers. A Messenger is a Prophet who received a new set of Sacred Laws- they follow the laws of the previous Messenger. Hence, every Messenger is a Prophet, but not every Prophet is a Messenger.

The Prophets have the greatest mission, which is, to convey the Creator's Holy Revelation to the people. They informed the people about the correct belief in the Creator, how to worship the Creator, as well as the events of the Hereafter, among other things. Allah supported the Prophets with miracles to demonstrate to the people that they were indeed Prophhets. A miracle is an extraodinary event by a person claiming Prophethood. The miracle cannot be outdone or matched by someone attempting to discredit a Prophet. Moreover, the extraodinary event is in compliance with his claim.

The Prophets are the masters of humanity, They are the example of human perfection. All the Prophets were truthful, trustworthy, honest, intelligent, God-fearing, God-reliant, patient, handsome, courageous, and had all the praiseworthy traits that a human being can possess. The Creator protected The Prophets from blasphemy, major sins, and minor demeaning sins(before and after receiving Revelation). All the Prophets believed without doubt that their Lord is One, Knowledgable, Eternal, and Everlasting. None of the Prophets committed robbery, adultery, murder, insincerity in worship, or other major sins. Also, none of the Prophets committed lesser sins that are mean in nature, such as stealing something of trifling value or looking at a woman with a lustful look(a woman that is forbidden to him). It is true, that some of the Prophets did commit minor sins, however, those sins were not mean in nature.*

Among the first line of honorable Prophets is the first human being, Prophet Adam. Prophet Adam was a tall, handsome, articulate and intelligent Prophet of Allah

Adam was not a stooped over, grunting, monkey-man. Other Prophets include Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Job, Solomon, Zachariah, John, and Jesus the son of Mary. The Creator is perfect and does not change; hence, the correct belief about the Creator does not change. All the Prophets taught that there is absolutely nothing like the Creator- the Creator is incomparable and cannot be imagined. The Prophets taught that the Creator does not need any of the creations, and that the Creator exists without being in a direction, or a place, or being subject to time. All the Prophets taught about destiny, i.e., whatever God has willed to be shall be and whatever God has not willed to be shall not be, whether it be good or evil.

The last Prophet sent to the people is Prophet Muhammad. He is the last and greatest of all the Prophets. Prophet Muhammad was born around the year 570 C.E. in the city of Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula. At the age of forty he began to receive Sacred Revelation through Angel Gabriel. For the next twenty-three years, Prophet Muhammad invited people to the Religion of Islam. Tens of thousands of people believed in Prophet Muhammad and followed him. After his death around the year 632 C.E., Islam continued to spread far beyond the Arabian Peninsula.

Prophet Muhammad, like all the Prophets, performed miracles. Among the miracles of Prophet Muhammad was the springing of water from between his fingers; feeding many people from small amounts of food; healing the sick and injured in extraodinary fashion; prophecy regarding liberation of Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey), and the death of some of the honorable Companions. Prophet Muhammad's greatest miracle is the inimitable Qur'an. It is the final sacred scripture revealed to humanity and will remain in its original form until the end of this world.

The miracles of Prophet Muhammad are very numerous and were seen by many eyewitnesses who reported them to large numbers of people. Those reports were verified by the scrupulous work done by many reliable Muslim Scholars, such as, Al-Bukhariyii, Ibn Majah, At-Tirmidhiyy and Abu Dawud. Hence, we know that Prophet Muhammad is indeed a Prophet. He is the greatest of the Prophets and the most influential human being God has crreated, as his legacy testifies.

It is incumbant upon us to believe in Prophet Muhammad and follow his Religion- the Religion that was taught by all the Prophets-i.e. the Religion of Islam. One becomes a follower of Islam by saying and believing in the Declaration of Faith which is:

" I bear witness that no one is God except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah "

This is all that is necessary for one to become Muslim. One does not need witnesses. Embracing Islam is very easy and should be done immediately by all the accountable non-Muslims. (The accountable person is the one who is sane, pubescent, and heard the basic call to Islam.) Islam is the true Religion of God and the only Religion that will grant us truen safety and security in this life and the Hereafter.

May Allah enable us to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad and be resurrected under his banner on the Judgement Day. Praise be to Allah, and Allah knows best.