The three kinds of patience


The three types of blasphemy

Blasphemy is the opposite of belief, just as darkness is the opposite of light. It is of three types:

  1. Likening Allaah to the creation. An example would be if one were to say or believe that Allaah sits on the throne, or resides in the sky or any other place
  2. Intentionally contradicting what he knows to be from the religion. For example negating the obligation of the prayer, fasting, or pilgrimage
  3. Negating or denying the existence of Allaah, this type is the most blasphemous

It is obligatory on every Muslim to preserve his Islam and protect it from apostasy. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said what means "a slave may utter a word which he deems harmless, that may result in him falling the depth of 70 years into Hellfire."
Falling the distance of seventy years means falling to the deeepest bottom of Hellfire, which is reserved for the blasphemers. This hadeeth is a proof that it is not a condition to know the judgment or to feel happy with, or believe in the uttered words to fall into Hellfire. So one must use caution with one's utmost effort to avoid blasphemy at all times.