Uttering false information


Uttering false information

Lying is among the sins of the tongue. It is uttering false information while one knows that what one is saying is not the truth. It is sinful whether done seriously or jokingly. The Prophet SAW said: Lying is no good whether in seriousness or joking

There are many things that are among the sins of the tongue and fall under the category of lying, they include:

  • swearing by Allah to a lie
  • false testimoney
  • falsely attributing something to Allah and His Prophet

Swearing by Allah to a lie is one of the major sins. It is to swear by Allah to something that is opposite of the truth. An example will be if one says: By Allah I did such and such thing. While knowing that one did not do that action. It is also considered using God's name in vain. Which indicates falling short of glorifying Allah properly.

False testimony is also one of the enormous sins. An example will be if one was to testify in front of a judge that someone stole something while one knows that it did not happen.

Also an emormous sin is falsely attributing something to Allah and His Prophet. An example will be if one was to say: Allah created such and such a place a mountain of gold. Although we know that Allah has the Power to create it, if this mountain does not exist, this person's claim is contrary to reality and it is prohibited. Falsely attributing something to the Prophet SAW is also prohibited. It is when someone lies and says that the Prophet said a statement that he did not say. Muslim related that the Prophet SAW said what means: Falsely attributing something to me is not like falsely attributing something to anyone else. Let the one who knowingly lies about me take a seat in hellfire. Attributing a false matter to Allah may result in blasphemy