Ya Allah, today is the 9th of Muharram. I am fasting today, I will fast tomorrow, and I will fast the day after that, only to earn Your pleasure and to gain Your forggiveness. I bear witness that there is no God but You and I bear witness that Muhammad is Your slave and Messenger.

  1. Allah

  2. Ya Allah there is no God but You. The only One Who is worthy of being worshipped is You, and only You. I exist solely to place my forehead on the ground for the sake of You and earn Your acceptance. Ya Rabb, I just want You to know that I know that You have these perfect 13 attributes. You are attributed with:

    1. Existence
    2. Knowledge
    3. Oneness
    4. Will
    5. Hearing
    6. Sight
    7. Life
    8. Non-Neediness
    9. Everlasting
    10. Hearing
    11. Power
    12. Speech
    13. No similarity to the creation

    You have these attributes and You are not in need of them because they are only creations, and You are not in need of anything. You was the One to create these attributes. You are the Creator of everything, Al-Khaaliq(The Creator). You do not share these attributes with no one else. And it will be a sin worse than killing an old lady for one to negate You having these attributes. So if someone was to say "God doesn't know..." or "God is just like..." Or "God has a son". That will be worse than killing a defenseless old lady, or being a prostitute. You forgive everything, whether that be murder, rape, fornication, You forgive it all. But You do not forgive blasphemy.

  3. Prophet Muhammad SAWS

  4. Please raise the rank of my master Muhammad SAWS and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fear. Bless him Ya Rabb. Bless Prophet Muhammad please, I BEG OF YOU!! He is the best teacher, he has taught me so much. I love him Ya Rabb, I love Muhammad SAWS. He is the best of Your creation. You have chosen him to be the best and he truly is the best, please grant him the highest place in Jannah and bless his kind Al and Companions.

  5. Tawbah and Ask


    I have sinned Ya Rabb! There is a mountain of sins hovering above my head and I fear that this mountain is going to falll down on me and crush me to pieces, unless You destroy this mountain. You are Able! Please Allah, don't let this mountain of sins fall down on me and crush me to pieces, I DON'T WANNA DIE!!

    What are my sins Ya Rabb:

    1. I watched porn and masterbated Ya Rabb
    2. I watched porn and masterbated again Ya Rabb
    3. I watched porn and masterbated again Ya Rabb
    4. I looked at this girl's backside and had thoughts in my head of having Intercourse with her Ya Rabb
    5. I watched porn and masterbated again Ya Rabb

    I FEEL TERRIBLE!!!😣 Please forgive me God. You have not created any stronger temptation for me than women. Ya Allah I am weak when it comes to the opposite gender. But still, that is not an excuse. I should still be able to control myself. Your Prophet SAWS could control himself and he was a man just like me. I'm a weak piece of fecal matter Ya Rabb. THIS IS ME! Forgive me Ya Rabb, I'm sorry, and please believe me when I tell You this: I WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT SIN AGAIN!


    There's nothing that I need to ask of You, just forgive me for my sins and allow me to die as a perfect Muslim.

    1. It's just one thing, please bless me Ya Rabb. Protect me and never allow me to suffer or struggle in any way

    2. Please bless my mother and father Ya Rabb. Bless my mother and bring her back to me so I can kiss her feet and give her long life full of joy and happiness. Bless my father, guide him Ya Rabb. You are Hadee(The Guide), You are Ar-Rasheed(The Guide to the right path)

    3. Please be my friend. Keep it a bean Ya Allah, I ain't really got any friends. Except for the Angels, but they don't really be talking. They cannot interact with me like You can. Please give me your friendship God

    4. Please take me out of this environment in which I am currently living in. Not saying that there is anything wrong with this place. The police here are all really nice and they care about you and are very lenient. And this place has an amazing view of the ocean.

    5. I want a pet octopus Ya Rabb. You are Able!

  7. Dua

    1. Please bless my brother Kwame Ya Rabb, give him long life and allow him to prosper

    2. Please bless my brother Adam Ya Rabb, he has attained Taqwa and he is a pious Muslim

    3. Please bless Ahmad Ya Rabb. Bless his children and give him long life and allow him to die as a perfect Muslim

    4. Please bless Zacharia Ya Rabb. Give him long life and allow him to prosper

    5. Please bless that girl from McDonalds who put extra Oreos in my McFlurry. She had on her Hijab Ya Rabb, she has surely attained Taqwa

  8. Allah

  9. I start with Your name and I end with Your name Ya Rabb. You are the Only God. I love You and I worship solely You, with no partners. I bear witness that You are the only One Who is worthy of being worshipped, and I bear witness that Muhammad is Your slave and Messenger