I was at the Masjid on 4431 Walnut St. Phila PA, 19104 on 6-22-18 and some guy in which I didn't know came and shook my hand and said As-Salaam-Alaikum to me, he introduced himself to me and told me that his name was Ahmad. And he asked if I was okay. I told him "yeah", then he asked me how my Ramadan was. I told him that this year it wasn't the best but next year Insha'Allah if Allah gives me life it would be better. And then he told me "it's okay, as long as you are here in the house of Allah giving worship to him than it's fine, just have the intention that next year Insha'Allah it will be better." And then he left.

Ahmad is a very pious Muslim, I can tell. Certainly, he has attained Taqwa. I pray that Allah blesses Ahmad and make him happy and bring him goodness and make all of his dreams and wishes come true, and may Allah bless and protect his family members.