Abdul Mansaray


  • What if a woman is raped? – This concern is very common within this topic of fertility. Whether or not if a female should be responsible for caring for a child even if she was abused or raped. Of course the female would think of the rapist every time she sees that child. Should she really be responsible for harboring that type of pain and resentment for that long? No. No also applies to her getting rid of the child and killing it. We live in a modern world today. There are foster homes and other facilities in which the child can be placed in after birth if the mother does not want to take care of it. It would be a strain both on the child and the mother, for them to be together for a long period of time, considering the fact that the mother never planned on having the child. So it would be best to give the child up to a foster care or other facility in which he/she can be taken care of properly.

  • What if she’s too young? Another great concern that worries many. Let’s say a child is only 10 or 11, should she really be responsible for forsaking her life so she can take care of her child. Certainly not. The girl is only but a child, how could she possibly take care of a young child when she is a young child herself? There should be a fixed age, like 17 maybe. In which if a female is younger then the set age she would not be responsible for taking care of the child, and the child should be given to a facility that can give it proper care. In the meantime though while the girl is approaching the set age she would be allowed regular visits in which she can go see the child during her leisure time if she pleases, then when she reaches the set age the child would be given to her.

  • What if she’s too young and she dies in the delivery process? – Very sad indeed, very very sad. Cases like this do occur though. What is one to do if something as disastrous as this was to happen? Well, the mother is dead, so now there is nobody to care for the baby. The baby should then be given to a foster care in which it can be cared for properly. Just because the mother is dead does not mean the child has to suffer. Yes, her fatality is very sad, but life moves on. The child has to be given up to a place that can care for her properly until it reaches maturity age.