Than- comparison

25 degree Celsius is 77 degree FH

Today is the lunar new year
Fajr- 555am (didn't do it)
Asr- 255pm (didn't do it)
Isha- 633pm (did it)

124,000 prophets. 313 messengers.

Adam and Eve were in paradise for 130 years, then Allah banished them to Earth for 870 years.

TOW, time was created and started el Arsh- the Throne The pen Tablet Light and darkness

Allah hu ahnam

Thermal coats

If you have life than you exist, but you don't need life to exist.

An isotope is an atom with missing parts

Water vapor is most predominant in our atmosphere

The sun comes in the east and sets in the west- Prophet Abraham

Energy makes things happen

Heat is energy

Power is energy divided by time

44 is the third best

Water is really good at storing heat

6:00 hour is the worst.

This life is the shortest, than life in the grave, life in the hereafter has no end.

He created the throne and placed it above the water.

Allah did not create all the creations at one time.

In 6 days he created the heavens and Earth.

I am the best Muslim, I have done 50 prayers in a day.

7 Earths 7 heavens, 1 paradise Above paradise is the throne

All the angels are good. There are good and bad jinns, the bad ones are called the shayateen

Extraordinary matters that occur to highly righteous Muslims are called Karamas.

Munkarr and Makir will question you in the grave. They are navy blue in color.

Munkar and Makir will not ask in the grave The Prophet, combat martyrs, and children who die before pubescence.

Those who receive the intercession are the Prophets, practicing scholars, angels, children for the Muslim parents, combat martyrs and 70 of their Muslim family members

It is obligatory to believe that Allah tortures in the grave

It is obligatory to believe in paradise and hellfire. Allah prepared paradise for the Muslims. It contains rivers of pure honey and non-intoxicating wine. The enjoyment of paradise is by both body and soul. There are different levels in paradise. The highest is for the Prophets. The people in paradise will not grieve, grow old, or die. They will have beautiful faces and beautiful houses.

As for hellfire Allah prepared it for the blasphemers who chose blasphemy instead of Islam. The torture of hellfire is real and physical, it exists now. It is located beneath the 7th Earth. The blasphemers dwell in it forever and will not leave it. The Muslims who committed enormous sins and died without repentance are of two groups. One group is relieved by Allah from the torture of hellfire by the intercession aforementioned. The other group will be tortured in hellfire for some time then leave it and go to paradise because they died on Islam.

The good deeds are created by Allah and accepted by him.

The evil deeds are created by Allah and not accepted by him. Allah does not bless them and he does not love them. Whatever happens in this world is by the will of Allah, His management and knowledge.

The pen has been lifted and the tablet has dried.

In the end I ask Allah to increase our knowledge, grant us the sincere intentions and the proper comprehension.

55- all the Prophet's not including Prophet Jesus, including Prophet Muhammad
33- solely Prophet Jesus
44- the angels
77- the people (pious Muslims)

Salah is the first act of worship and the most important

Cursing Allah, his Prophets, Angels, his rules and law is blasphemy. Even if one is in a playful state.

The two testifications of faith is not valid until the person pronounces it correctly.

No one is God except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. This has to be said in every prayer in order for it to be valid.

Whoever objects to Islam is a blasphemer.

Falling for 70 years in hellfire means to fall in the deepest part of hell which is only reserved for the blasphemers.

Patience is among the obligations of the heart. -patience in performing what Allah made obligatory -patience in avoiding what Allah made unlawful -patience with hardships and calamities

Objecting to Allah is a blasphemous act

We seek refuge from Allah for such blasphemy.

It is recommended for the one who loses their Wudu to recite the Quran and stay in the Masjid.

The person who blasphemes is immediately ordered to come back to Islam.

I order you as I order myself

Barakalah Feek

Takwa= God fearing

Love and hate are among the actions of the heart. It is obligatory upon the pubescent person to use these two emotions in accordance with the rules of the religion. One must love God(Allah) in accordance with the rules of Islam. Also one must hate the devil and what he whispers of sinful matters. This is done by following the rules of Islam and avoiding the unlawful matters. The pubescent person is obligated to love Allah, His Quran, and His Prophet.

Also among the obligations is loving the companions, relatives of the Prophet and pious Muslims. Failure to do so is one of the sins of the heart.

The pious Muslim is the one who has performed all the obligations and avoided all the sins. Among this category are the scholars and...

Also what is obligatory upon the heart is hating the devil and the sins. One must regret performing the sin.

Arrogance and having enmity for Muslims are all sins of the heart.

"Arrogance is rejecting the truth and looking down on others "- The Prophet

Arrogance is rejecting what one knows is right because they are poor, a student, or weak.

Arrogance is looking down on someone. Enmity is to hate a Muslim, to accept this feeling, and to act in accordance with it.

Envy is also among the sins of the heart. It is to hate and feel bitter about the endowment of Allah on a Muslim. Wishing it could be taken from that Muslim and would be bestowed on oneself. This is a sin only if one does not hate the feeling and acts in accordance with it.

When Allah forgives you for a sin It won't count against you on the day of judgment so yeah it's erased

The chair that I pushed in at school on 04-19-2017 was for the sake of Allah. I will never forget.

Gossip is a sin of the tongue and a bad habit.

Gossip means to mention a true matter related to a Muslim in his absence in a way that he hates.

Fabrication is mentioning untrue matters about a Muslim in a way that he hates. It is more sinful than gossip.

The one who listens to gossip is committing a sin of the ears.

Tailbearing is also among the sins of the tongue. It is citing trouble between two people with the intention of making them hate one another.

A good deed is what the religion considers good.

Lying is among the biggest sins of the tongue, it is uttering false information while knowing that what one is saying is not the truth.

It is sinful whether done seriously or jokingly.

Swearing by Allah to a lie is a big sin. This is using God's name in vain. Which indicates falling short of glorifying Allah properly.

False testimony is also one of the biggest sins. An example would be for one to stand in front of a judge saying that someone stole something while knowing that they didn't.

Also among the biggest sin is falsely attributing something to Allah and to his Prophet. For example if one was to say that Allah created a mountain made of gold. Although we know that Allah has the power to create, if this mountain does not exist than this person's claim is contrary to reality and prohibited.

Falsely attributing something to Prophet Muhammad is Haram.

It is when someone lies and say that The Prophet said this when he didn't.

Attributing a false matter to Allah may result in blasphemy. Like if one was to say that Allah made something Halal while one knows it is Haram. Or vice versa.

Verily the shaytan flows through a human just as blood flows through the veins.

Insincerity is a major sin.

Being pleased with blasphemy is blasphemy

Encouraging others to blaspheme is blasphemy

In the 7th sky is Prophet Abraham

When he ascended Allah spoke to him and told him to do 50 prayers.

5 prayers were redu

The one who has a thought of doing a good deed but does not do it the reward is still there. But if the person does it then the reward is 10x

The one who has a thought of doing a bad deed but does not do it the punishment is not there. But if the person does it then the reward is 1x

Fajr is 2, Dhuhur is 4, ^Asr is 4, Maghreb is 3, And ^isha is 4

Seeking the obligatory religious knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.

Learning the knowledge is among the best things that one can do.

One cannot be pious unless one learns the proper knowledge and practices it

When one judges something without knowing the Islamic judgment one committs a major sin.

Refusing to teach the obligatory Islamic knowledge while one wishes to learn it is a sin.

Sins of the tongue are giving an Islamic judgment without knowledge, refusing to teach an obligatory knowledge, refraining from ordering the obligations and forbidding the prohibitions while one is capable.

If one listens to advice but leaves out praying, one is obligated to order them to pray.

Bethlehem is the birthplace of Prophet Jesus

This world is like an old woman that is wearing jewelry.

Each Sky is a solid body.

The first sky he met Prophet Adam.

The 2nd sky is Prophet John & Jesus

3rd is Prophet Yusuf

4th is Prophet Ibriss

5th brother of Prophet Mussa

6th Prophet Mussa

7th is Prophet Abraham He is the second best after Prophet Muhammad

On the night of the ascension The Prophet also saw the Arsh.

9 times The Prophet asked Allah to lessen the prayer

The ascension is not The Prophet elevating to meet Allah.

Muhammad made the journey at night from the Masjid in Makkah to the Masjid in Jerusalem

He journeyed in body and soul

The roof of the house in which he was staying opened and Angel Jibril descended. He opened The Prophet's chest and washed it with zam zam water.

Then he emptied something from a container and poured it into The Prophet's chest to increase his wisdom and the strength of his belief.

After The Prophet did the evening prayer Angel Jibril came to him with an animal from paradise called the Burrahk. The Prophet mounted the animal and the first place they went to is Medina. The Angel told The Prophet to get down and pray. He prayed 2 Rakkaths.

Then The Prophet took off with the Burrahk and Jibril into a city in Egypt called Tuu Syana

Then The Prophet and Angel Jibril took off again with the Burrahk and went to Bethlehem, where Prophet Jesus was born.

Then the Burrahk continued with The Prophet until they entered the city of Jerusalem.

There The Prophet entered the Mosque where Allah ascended for him all the Prophets from Adam to Jesus.

Prophet Muhammad moved forward and led them all in prayer.

On The Prophet's journey from the Masjid in Makkah to the Masjid in Jerusalem Allah enabled him to see some of his wonderous creations.

Allah enabled The Prophet to see the Dunya like an old woman that is wearing a lot of jewelry.

Also Allah enabled The Prophet to see Ibliss. The Prophet saw so something on the side of the road that did not dare to stand in his way or speak to him.

Originally Ibliss was a believer and lived in paradise with the Angels. When Allah ordered the Angels and Ibliss to bow before Prophet Adam, the Angels did so but Ibliss refused. He said you created me from fire, and you created him from clay, how do you order me to prostrate to him. This objection was the first blasphemy.

Also on his journey The Prophet smelled a very nice odor. When he asked Jibril about it he said it was coming from the grave of the woman who used to comb the Pharaoh's daughter hair. When the comb dropped she picked it up and said Bismillah. The Pharaoh's daughter then asked her if she had a Lord other then her father and she said yes, the Lord of all, your father and me, Allah. The Pharaoh's daughter then told the Pharaoh about this and he summoned the woman and ordered her to blaspheme. She refused so Pharaoh then began to bring the woman's children and began to drop them into a boiling hot pot full of water. Throughout all this the woman remained steadfast to Islam. Even when the Pharaoh got to her youngest baby child, a little boy still breastfeeding. Allah then enabled the young child to speak, he said "oh mother please be patient, the tortures of the hereafter is far more severe than the tortures of this world, and do not be reluctant because you are right." At this the woman asked the Pharaoh to gather the bones of her and her children and bury them in the same grave. The Pharaoh promised her this and dropped her in the boiling pot. She died as a martyr.

The good odor The Prophet was smelling from her grave is an indication of her high status.

The Prophet also saw people whose lips were clipped with scissors made of fire. Angel Jibril told The Prophet that these are the speakers of sedition, those who call people to misguidance.

Also The Prophet saw Angels smashing people's head with rocks. These heads will return to the shape they had been, and then the Angels will smash them again. Jibril told The Prophet these are the ones who's heads felt too heavy to perform prayer. The one who used to sleep without praying.

After The Prophet took the night journey he ascended to the upper heavens in extraordinary stairs. One made of gold the other of silver.

When The Prophet and Jibril arrived at the first Heaven Jibril requested for the gate to be opened. The Angel assigned to that gate asked "who is with you?" Jibril responded "It's Muhammad." The Angel asked Jibril "is it time for him to ascend?" Jibril responded yes

The gate was opened for him and Prophet Muhammad entered the first Heaven.

The first Heaven had Prophet Adam.

The second had the two cousins Prophet Jesus and...

The third had the handsome Prophet Yusuf.

The fifth he saw Prophet Aroon

The 6th was Prophet Moses

Prophet Abrahim in the 7th

All these Prophets gave Prophet Muhammad a warm welcome and made Dua for him.

After the 7th Heaven he ascended to paradise and saw it's inhabitants and how their situation would be.

He saw most of the inhabitants of paradise are from the poor people .

He also saw Malik on the night of his ascension. Malik did not smile to The Prophet. He asked Jibril why? Jibril responded that Malik did not smile since the day Allah created him. Had he smiled for anyone he would've smiled for you.

In paradise Allah enabled The Prophet to see. He saw the females who are not humans, Angels, or jinns. They are in paradise and would be married to those men which Allah willed for them to marry.

The Prophet also saw the throne in paradise.

The throne is carried by 4 Angels, on the day of judgement it will be carried by 8 Angels.

The Prophet said he was permitted to speak about one of the Angels carrying the throne. He said it will take a fast flying bird 700 years to go from the earlobe to shoulder.

After The Prophet's ascension he returned to the city of Makkah.

Some scholars say that his journey to Jerusalem, the heavens and what is above it took 1/3 of the night.

The next day The Prophet told the people of Makkah what happened to him. The blasphemers belied him and mocked him. They said we need a month to get there and back and you're saying that you did it in one night. They said to Abu Bakr, "look at what your companion is saying." Abu Bakr told them that "if he said that than he is truthful." -Abu Bakr strongly believed all that The Prophet said.

The blasphemers asked The Prophet to describe the Masjid in Jerusalem and it's surroundings. Allah enabled The Prophet to see the Masjid and he described it in exact detail.

Many people witnessed miracles and still did not believe.

The Prophet's splitting of the moon was a miracle that many did not believe.

Those who did not believe claimed it to be a magic trick by Muhammad.

They even asked the people from far away lands who witnessed the moon splitting. Despite this they still did not believe.

They said the magic of Muhammad is powerful, it even reached the far away lands.