It was narrated that a man who used to sin a lot the wise and righteous man Ibrahim ibn Adham, he was from the early Muslims

So he told him, give me advice please because I always sin

So Ibrahim Ibn Adham he's trying to shame him out of sinning in front of Allah

He says if you want to sin against Allah then go ahead and do so, just don't eat or drink. Don't eat from Allah's food and don't drink from the drink that He provides for you, don't use his provision

The man says how can I do that when everything is provided from Allah

He said: does it make sense to sin against Allah while eating His food? The man says you're right, give me the second piece of advice

He said if you're going to sin against Allah while eating His food and drinking from His drink then at least don't sin on His land

The man said that is bigger than the first one when all the land belongs to Allah

He tells him is it proper then to sin against Allah, while you eat His food and drink His drink, and to do it on His land?

He says give me the third piece of advice

He said the third piece of advice if you're going to insist upon doing all that then at least sin where He can't see you

The man says that this is even greater. The man says then does it make sense to sin against Allah, on His land, while eating the food that He provides, and you do it right in front of Him

The man says give me another advice. The man says if you're going to still insist upon doing all of that then continue sinning. But when the Angel of Death comes to take you

Tell him to wait for you until you pray two rakat and you repent to Allah

He said the Angel won't allow me. He said then when they are commanded to throw you into the Hellfire. He says they won't allow me

Rushing through the prayer, not doing the best Wudu these are all small sins, making fun of someone, not reciting the Quran properly

MAJOR SINS: The consumption of Haram, like drinking beer

The Zina of the eyes

Actual Zina, killing somebody, consuming Riba, earning Riba

Saying something which Allah has made Haram, thinking this is OK, Allah will understand

Etiquette of making Du'a

-Facing the Qibla

-Have Wudoo

-Begin with praising Allah Salam upon The Prophet (pbuh)

Taqwa is the fear of the wrath of the Almighty
And to apply the teachings of the Quran
And to be pleased with a little bit
And to prepare yourself for the day that you will leave this Dunya

The theory of evolution is a fact, just like the theory of gravity

The Christian world by enlarge lost faith in their book

By enlarge the Christian world the Jewish world simply evolved beyond the literalism of their scripture

They know from their experiences that scriptural literalism is stagnancy, it's backwardness, it causes problems

We need to understand that there's a fundamental paradigm clash between the western world and the Islamic world in this regard

We grew up with a staple diet of the Quran and modern science

It increased our Iman

By enlarge Christians have never heard any equivalent

By enlarge the western world has never had this genre of Quran and Science or Bible and Science because they never had the overlap, we did

Every single fact that we discovered Alhamdulillah the Quran supported it

No other theory has challenged the Quranic paradigm as the theory of evolution

Non-Muslims will never take any book of revelation and consider it to be science

No Muslims deny that dinosaurs existed

As Muslims we can never take the Quran to be metaphorical when it tells us explicitly about something

It is possible for us to affirm the theory of evolution in the broad principles

Life as we know it originated from one ancestor

But we as Muslims have to believe that there was one exception to the rule That exception is Adam

By saying that you don't believe in evolution you are basically becoming a fundamentalist Christian

We believe in the story of Adam because we are Muslims, we are not Muslims because of the story of Adam

The Quran is the greatest even that ever happened

Allah is worshipped primarily because of who He is

Steadfastness cannot be achieved when you are engaged in the life of someone else

Gossiping is so bad in Islam because it diverts you from attending to your own weaknesses

If a calamity befalls you and it causes you to become closer to Allah then it is a blessing

None of the good things of this life are worth anything compared to that one gift That one gift is guidance, He'll make your heart at peace

He will first try to push the Muslim to disbelief, to shirk

If he fails in that he will go to the second worst, he will try to occupy the Muslim with innovations, newly invented matters in the Religion

The third is he tries to occupy that Muslim with the major sins

There is nothing that is more beneficial to a believer after taqwa of Allah, then a righteous spouse

Your wealth and health and what you have in this Dunya is not evidence that Allah loves you

You soften somebody's heart, it's like their in your pockets now, you own them

People are enslaved to excellent behavior

You invite people by being courteous

Dawah literally means invitation

It's not about the arguments, it's not about proving whether God exists or not. Which text is correct or not. The first is the attitude

Be very careful when making Dua against somebody else because it may coincide with a time in which Duas are accepted and Allah may accept your Dua

The fear of something else is what shackles you to the ground

It is Shaytan who draws people to fear

The fear of Allah liberates you

The best wealth that can be given is that wealth that is given when you are fearing depletion but you have conviction in Allah

The only time you will be able to benefit is when you are serious about the Dua

You want reality to submit to you, you must first learn to submit to Allah

Ignoring Allah is indirectly protesting him

Prayer isn't a wage for things you'll get in the future But a gratitude for things that you already have

Premise 1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause 2: The universe began to exist 3: Therefore the universe has a cause

The stronger you put your mind to the belief the greater the result that you will get

He took the gift for the wrong reason

The sister had a relationship with him. Islam forbids because it is haram.

Allah will never make something halal, that will harm you

He will only make the haram if it harms you, out of His love

A gift has to bring you joy, so if Allah made something halal or haram in Islam is because it gives you joy, and keeps you away from harm

Allah wants to teach us that it's our curiosity which makes us lose the gift

Prophets are held to a much higher standard

When you declare Allah's perfection it has to go hand in hand with declaring your own faults

Shahada is not a belief, it's an act

In Islam words are considered actions

You can't explain Eeman You can only explain the objects of belief

We don't judge the future someone and therefore we don't make Dua against them just because they are not Muslims

If Allah hates someone then I hate them

Keeping away from righteous people weakens your Eeman

No nation was worse than the nation of Nuh

Allah judges us on the end result

The Quran was bought down on the 24th night of Ramadan

The best worship is waiting for the ease of Allah to come when you are in hardship

If you complain about small calamities Allah gives you great calamities

Don't ever make Dua and say insha'Allah

The love we have is actually revealed from Allah

We can't imagine the love that Allah has for us

The only one who truly believes that Allah hates him is Shaytan

He believes it

There's no reason for him to ask for forgo forgiveness because he has accepted that about himself

Allah says about nations that deserve to be destroyed, He says he won't destroy them because there are people that still seek forgiveness

For a lot of people Religion is not about serving Allah, it's about getting what you want

As human beings we are created with a particular nature, that nature is called Fitrah

That Fitrah is to recognize the Oneness of God and to actualize this truth in our lives

Shirk, on any level breaks the human spirit like no worldly tragedy ever could

"I closed my mouth and Allah opened my heart"

Once you start thinking about what Allah did not do for you, than what you want takes precedence

The believer primarily obeys Allah not because of fear, the believer obeys Allah because of gratitude

Allah will not punish you for feeling of the heart

They are not allowed to act on the impulse or the urge

Iman is not stationary, faith in Allah is always descending or ascending

A Muslim does not swear, he does not use explicit language. That is not the way a Muslim speaks, a Muslim's speech is noble and pure

I'll respond using words of peace