The Prophet SAWS said: matters are judged by their endings

The more requests you make to Allah the more deserving you are of His Meets. The less you ask Allah for things the further you are from His mercy

Your Dua is answered based on what qualifies it to answer

No Dua is complete without the blessed salah on the Prophet SAWS

In 610 CE he received the first verses from Allah in 610 CE

Everything the Muslim does there's no such thing as mediocre

Our hearts are inclined towards goodness, that is how Allah programed our hearts

Shaytan convinces us that evil deeds are easier to earn and good deeds are hard to earn

Good deeds, no matter how hard they are, are easy earnings

When you internalize in your mind "what is it that a good deed is worth"

For a true believer sins may seem really easy but you're going to see them as super hard

The Prophet SAWS would never order us to do anything meaningless. He would never tell us to do something that is impossible.

The average misconception that is predominant in so many Muslims is: either I must enjoy this world and I'll sacrifice the next, or I'll live miserably in this world so I can get Jannah in the next, this either/or dichotomy is set up

Allah does not short change those who turn to him

The best life that you can possibly live is the life of a believer- Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

The biggest punishment for the nonbelievers in hellfire is not being able to see Allah

Life becomes more difficult when we disobey Allah, not because He punishes us, because we ourselves close the door to the good that was coming

The greatest gift that Allah can ever give you is forgiveness, everything else that He says He will give you is an added benefit

The love we have is actually revealed from Allah, it's a go from Allah

The more progress a believer makes the angrier Shaytan gets

When stars die they become black holes

It is not appropriate for the believers to ask Allah to forgive anyone who is going to hell, it's not right

Eeman will never go up merely based on theoretical knowledge, until it is acted upon, until it is implemented

Without good deeds the tree of eeman will wither away

When Allah looks at you on the Day of Judgement He will look at you with the eyes of justice. You will never enter paradise through the eyes of justice, you can only do so with the eyes of mercy

There isn't a space of four fingers except that angels are in prostration to Allah

The picky mind is narrow minded simpleton people

The deen contains everything that is good for us

People are more likely to be in touch with their spiritual side and their feelings and their emotions at night

So what Islam does is it takes advantage of this time

One of the things that the scholars talk about is that the night is a testimony of a person's love

What the companions had that is missing from our time is that attribute of going above and beyond the bare minimum

There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger

Poverty means to need something

Its disrespectful to have this mentality: I want to repent and change but I don't think that Allah will forgive me

When we neglect the Quran we start taking sins easily

Remember these 5 rules to being happy:
1. Free your heart from hatred, forgive
2. Free your mind free worries
3. Live simply and appreciate what you have
4. Give more
5. Expect less from people and more from Allah, and always be grateful

Do not take Islam for granted

Whatever you did in the past may Allah reward you, but its not enough

Read these deductive arguments:
1. An actual infinite cannot exist
2. An infinite history of past events is an actual infinite. Therefore an history of past events cannot exist, therefore the universe is finite, therefore it had a beginning

If the universe began to exist then it has a transcendent cause

1. It was created via nothing
2. It created itself
3. It was created by something else that was created
4. It was created by something uncreated

The prayer of those without faith is nothing but useless misguidance

The knowledge cure for pride is to reflect upon our relationship with Allah. Where did we come from?

Do you not see how Allah sets forth a parable? A good word (from Allah is) like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and it's branches (reach) to the sky. (Ibrahim 14:24)

Victory in this world is only through the dean of Allah

Barakah can arrive and change circumstances

If anything gets uncovered from your naval to your knees then your salah instantly gets nullified

Three consecutive movements that are not part of Salah would nullify your salah

Just because Allah gives you many provisions does not necessarily mean that He loves you. Look at Donald Trump

Globalization is changing our world

Pain is an indicator. It lets us know that there's something that we need to change, there's something we need to address

Happiness is attained by three things
1: Being patient when tested
2: Being thankful when receiving a blessing
3: Being repentant upon sinning

Worship is of two types:
1: General Worship- the life if it is devoted for Allah SWT. If it is done for the sake of Allah. Anything that is done for the sake of Allah SWT. Including having sexual relationships, including having fun with your children, including having fun with others, this is Ibidaah.
2: Listed Ibadaah- Those acts that Sharia commanded us to do them according to certain qualities. Certain times, certain quality, certain numbers, and with certain conditions. Those acts that are heavily regulated by Shariah, they are considered to be the listed Ibaadats.
--only if you have the right intention behind them
Why would Allah give a drug to an addict and your addiction is Dunya?

Criticism is not gheebah in six cases: complaining about mistreatment, identifying a person, warning about a person, highlighting evildoing, seeking a fatwa/verdict, and seeking help to remove an evil.

The love for wealth and fame are the two most detrimental things to a person's Iman. They are not sins.

Work for your hereafter as if you're going to die tonight, work for this Dunya as if you're never going to die

The foundation of Dunya is tribulation