A good character is considered charity in Islam

The fear of poverty is never considered an excuse or justification for abortion

Up until 40 days after conception, abortion is permitted under clearly legitimate reasons, such as rape or the physical and mental inability to raise the children

Up until 120 days after conception, abortion is only permitted if there is a pressing circumstance, such as rape or extreme fetal deformity incompatible with life

Gratitude is not shown in words, rather to show gratitude to Allah is with actions

Beards also prolong the life of skin cells, preserve the freshness of the face, delay the symptoms of aging, prevent against skin cancer

Do not curse the idols of those who call on other than Allah, because they in turn will curse Allah, out of ignorance

In other words you cause then to curse Allah by cursing the things that they hold sacred

Just tell them about God, forget about their idols, tell them about Allah

Every group thinks that what they're doing is good

We're letting other people define who we are

"We make each group think that what they're doing is right"

There is no coercion in this Religion

We're not out to convert the world, our own book tells us that it cannot be done. Rather we are just here to inform people

Muslims have to be creative, tell people who you are

We are purer in Christianity than the Christians themselves

Eid is a day of eating yes, but it is not a day of gluttony

When you are giving a gift to Allah, do not rush in it

Charity begins at home

The one who does not thank the people has not thanked Allah

The highest level of gratitude is when you put it into action

Whoever has done good to you then return the favor

The only thing I look forward to in my day is for the prayer times to commence, I'M SOO EXCITED 😊

Disobedience in and of itself does not cause a person to be a disbeliever

Sin does not make a person a disbeliever

Attributing to Allah error is where the disbelief takes place

The turning back to Allah in repentance is one of the greatest acts of worship

The creation of Iblees is not for the trick, but for the good that came from the trick

Our attitudes makes statements, and sometimes these are more powerful than what we actually say

Allah designed ethical principles for the sake of practicality

This whole universe worships Allah SWT

The only two creatures who have choice are humans and Jinn

These signs that Allah Almighty sends from time to time, they don't happen for the death or life of any human being. However Allah uses them so that people may fear Him. Therefore if you see any of these signs then rush to the remembrance of Allah, and His Dua and His repentance to Him

The beauty of Islam is that it doesn't say turn away from the world, it says be in the world like a stranger

No soul shall bear the burden of another, except if you are connected to that

Our response is "you don't know what love is" you may love Jesus but our love for Prophet Muhammad SAWS is way more

Yaqoob Ibn Isaac Ibn Ibrahim

All these concepts belong to Islam

Interest is an impediment to the distribution of wealth

Don't underestimate the power of the Dawah

A kafir does not believe that Allah made him

His disbelief is his disobedience

The job of the Shaytan is to make us feel that there is no hope

Ask for forgiveness and consider it done

A Muslim is one who teaches others how to live in his death, and how to die in his life

If you open the doors to that which is permissible people will break them

The Shariah is based upon norms, not exceptions

Maybe you can control yourself but not everybody can

Allah created us between the angels and the human beings

The animals were created before us

Don't joke about anything relating to Allah. May Allah forgive me

Islam has the solutions to your problems, the problem is that we don't want to follow the solution

Ask Allah's forgiveness, He loves you

The actual level of Iman is inversely proportional to the level of Iman that you actually have

In other words

The more Iman you actually have, the less Iman you think you have. The less Iman you have the more confident you are that you have a lot of iman

As long as You are not angry with me then I don't care

Even if the near has rejected you, the far shall accept you

Revelation came down for the sake of guidance

It is makrooh to mention the name of Allaah in the place where one relieves oneself, out of respect for the name of Allaah so that His name will not be mentioned in a place of impurity which is the abode of the devils.

It is makrooh to recite dhikr and to speak when relieving oneself, whether that is in the desert or inside a building. All kinds of dhikr and speech are the same in this regard, except in cases of necessity. Some of our companions even say that if a person sneezes (in the bathroom), he should not say “al-hamdu Lillah”, and one should not say “yarhamuk-Allaah” to a person who sneezes, or return the greeting of salaam, or respond to the muezzin in the bathroom. All of that is makrooh but is not haraam. If a person sneezes and praises Allaah in his heart without moving his tongue, there is nothing wrong with that. The same applies when having intercourse

Based on this, if the place where you do wudoo’ is inside the bathroom – which is the place for relieving oneself and is not used for washing only – then it is makrooh to utter the name of Allaah in this place, even though it is prescribed to say Bismillaah (when doing wudoo’). Some of the scholars say that a person should say Bismillaah in his heart without uttering it on his tongue.

So you're rejecting Religion for being a man made myth but yet you're willing to make a myth yourself

People who suffer the most should be the most susceptible to not believing in God, however we find the opposite

People have a tendency to accept or reject beliefs based on the representatives

How do you determine an ideology based on what people say about it?

Everyone is born by nature Muslims, their parents make them Jews, Christians...

Never interrupt when a person is talking

Allah has given us one tongue but two ears, so let us listen more then we speak

I wasn't the one taking care of them, Allah was

Ego comes from when someone doesn't truly appreciate Who Allah is

I don't have to prove nothing to nobody. I already know what I am

The council of the Religion is not for anybody else... Only yourself

One of the goals of the Shariah is to preserve the Religion

And the only way that we can preserve the Religion is by compiling the Qur'an into a book, even if our Rasulullah SAW did not do so

Allah's laws have a divine wisdom and purpose to them

They are not just random laws that are put there to make life difficult for us

There are five primary goals in which the Shariah revolves around
1. The protection of Religion- every single person must worship Allah properly to their level. Nobody can infringe on that right to worship Allah. Nothing can come between you and the worship of Allah. If anything does so it must be eliminated.
2. The protection of human life- No person has the right to challenge your life and its existence on an individual level. No human being has the right to inflict harm on your personal, unless of course it is in self defense. But on an individual level your life is sacred
3. The protection of intellect and sanity-Your intellect cannot be impeded upon. How so? By allowing certain things that are not harmful, and prohibiting things that are harmful. The Shariah has prohibited things that harm the brain. Such as drugs. Allah wants us to think and use our minds in an appropriate manner
4. The protection of progeny- Our children are sacred. Nobody has the right to take them away from us to harm them. Because of this Allah has encouraged families. He's encouraged marriage. He's encouraged having children. And He has prohibited every avenue that destroys marriage, such as fornication. Anything that goes against the sanctity of family has been forbidden. Allah wants us to have children, to take care of them, and to love them. So He's legislated upon us to take care of them.
5. The protection of property and wealth- What you own that you have acquired legitimately, nobody has the right to acquire illegitimately

The Magna Carta- one of the most significant documents in western history. For the first time in western civilization the people forced the king to listen to a law that is higher than the king

Initially, for thousands of years the king was the law

John Locke- British philosopher, avid reader

The concept of rights being unalienable is not a western concept, it is an Islamic concept

Islamic law in general helped influence specific European intellectuals, philosophers and thinkers

There is no denying that the western concept of freedom has now degenerated in ways that the founding fathers would object to. And freedom has now become hedonism, the pursue of one's sensual desires

This concept of freedom has become a free for all

Men their biggest weakness is womem. Women are oblivious to this weakness of men

Think good about people, be merciful to them, and your heart will be at ease

If you do not fear Allah, you begin to fear everything besides Allah. If you transgressed against Allah you begin to become worried about the people, you begin to become worried about the rest

-there cannot be no lying
-no joke can have anything that is haram in it
-you cannot terrify a person

Our muscles if they're not worked, if they're not exercised. They start losing the ability to function

Like if you keep your eyes closed for five years you're probably going to open them blind

The ability to accept guidance, the ability to reason in a fair way, an unbiased way, is a God-given muscle

An atheist could be an atheist for philosophical reasons or for psychological reasons. We don't know what's going on inside somebody's heart

We do not have access to know who's heart is sealed or whose isn't

Just because He speaks with authority does not give me the right to

So when He is angry with a group of people that doesn't translate into you should be angry with them

God is actually extremely angry at the idea that a son be attributed to Him in Islamic faith

This is something that offends him in our revelation

They perform Christian prayers inside the Mosque

We already have revelation that this angers God

But Allah, He has the right to be angry

His anger does not translate into my anger

We're still supposed to be the best that we possibly can be

They're still our brothers and sisters in humqnity

He speaks from his position of authority, we have to read the Quran as slaves, not as masters

Don't debate with people

Go get some pizza with them

You have a friend who doesn't believe in God, He's not evil

Just because he's an atheist he's a human being, he's a dignified human being

Every human being has dignity, you don't know how they can turn around

You're not just there to preach to people, you have to be a descent human being first

What you didn't hear properly you won't be able to say properly

If you don't listen carefully you won't be able to say properly

When Munkar and Nakir comes to your grave, the only people that will be able to answer properly are those who listened in this world

"The worse kind of animals are the ones who can't speak

The beginner's mind is a wonderful mind they say because the beginner is always present. They are so worried in getting it right

They are so present because they have the beginner's mind

Most people are sleep walking through life

Sexual intimacy is allowed and highly favored in Islam

Such as, having the sincere intention in indulging in sexual intimacy with our spouse as an act of obedience to our creator

As well as to reproduce children and to increase the number of the Muslims

The two spouses should go into a private room and close the doors to make sure that no one, not even a small child will be able to watch them

Covering one's private parts in front of everyone except one's own spouses is an important obligation in Islam

The two spouses should adorn and beautify themselves for one another

The two spouses should indulge in various acts of foreplay

The man should not rush into intercourse

The Prophet SAWS forbade everyone from engaging in sexual intercourse without foreplay

It is recommended for the man to caress his wife prior to having intercourse

Men get aroused very easily

Allah has created women in a way that they take time to get aroused

A man should rush to fulfill his wife's desires and a woman should rush to fulfill her husband's desires

It is permissible to approach one's wife from any side

From any position that they personally prefer, provided that he has intercourse with his wife only through her vagina

Because this is the only way for the seeds to be cultivated and for her to conceive

If the man climaxes it is important to make sure that he continues until the wife climaxes

The little devils are there but sometimes we become devils ourselves

The knowledge that you are acquiring is not to add to your humility but to take away your humility

It seems like you're only doing this stuff so that you can outdo someone else in debate

The nonbeliever acquires an education to put a title next to his name

The knowledge of the deen, the more knowledge you have the more humble you are

Humble yourself to people who have knowledge

So as something happens we react based on how we were taught to react

There are so many occasions in the life of Muhammad SAWS in which things have happened in which he reacted in a way that we would not react if we were faced with the same

Yes we are not Prophets but we cannot use that to justify the distance and the method of Rasulullah SAWS

If someone intentionally leaves out SAWS there's a curse on that person

Develop your relationship with Allah, and then be polite to the rest of the people

The Prophet SAWS was not vulgar, he was not abusive, he was not hurtful with the words he used

We use hurtful words, not even as a reaction, but as an action to begin with

Become more conscious with the way you use your words, it will solve a lot of your problems

When you die people will remember you because you made them feel good

When a calamity strikes you have to confirm your closeness with Allah and affirm that to Him you will return

You have to be convinced

You know how to react because if you react wrongly it's going to become dangerous

When you get news that is very important you don't just broadcast it

"Don't give our enemies a chance to laugh at us"

So we don't want to say anything besides they're ignorant

The Muslims are being killed more than anything else

When you see negativity please react in a positive way

They will only be making a fool of themselves, they will only be mocking themselves

Let's learn not to react in a negative way to anything that happens to us

Allah is not going to ask you why didn't you unite the Ummah, He's going to ask you what did you do in your capacity?

What did you do with the knowledge that I gave you?

The early morning times are blessed, from Fajr until sunrise

If you have a lot of knowledge does not mean that you have wisdom

Allah teaches them the book and the wisdom

The sunnah is the practical application of the knowledge of the Quran

Allah says "We gave him wisdom" meaning, he lived his life in a certain way

He lived his life telling himself over and over "be grateful"

The definition of "nigger or nigga" is black slave. The Prophet Muhammad has some black in him because his father Ibrahim married Haajar, who was a black woman, and had a child with her, Ismail, and the Prophet PBUH is a descendant from Ismail. As for "slave", is he not the best slave of Allah?

So it's not sinful when I refer to the holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as "ngga"

I just can't be like GET THAT NIGGER! When referring to him. And I certainly cannot refer to Allah as "ngga" or anything of the like. To Him belongs all the perfect names and attributes

Worrying about tomorrow does not do anything but sapping today's happiness

Everything there is a balance that needs to be struck

We enjoy happy moments, but sometimes you have to come back, you have to face sad moments, you have to face trying moments

A believer is an individual who believes in Allah, a believer is an individual who has placed his trust in Allah

The Quran is relatable to each and every single one of us

Ibrahim AS was thrown into a literal fire, we are thrown into a metaphorical fire. A fire of stress etc...

How many of us are being swallowed by the sea monster of debt? Health difficulty, financial difficulty, etc...

We need to behave like the Prophets did when all these hardships really happened to them

And how did they behave? They placed their trust in Allah and they did not lose hope

To place your trust in Allah entirely, this is Tawakul

Ibrahim AS said "the best day of my life were the days when I was in that fire"

Likewise when you are being hurled into metaphorical fires place your trust in Allah

We need to perfect and improve our trust unto Allah SWT

It was decreed by Allah 50,000 years ago

The Day of Judgement will last for 50,000 years

For the pious Muslim it will only feel as long as it takes to do an obligatory prayer

Do you think Allah cannot make a pen talk? It is nothing!

It is Allah Who is putting you through it, accept it

Do not worry about the future

As long as you stand up for the truth you have nothing to worry about, you have Allah on your side

You are at one segment of your timeline, Allah has access to your entire timeline

Based on this one pixel don't question the decree of Allah

You will not understand and you will never understand the infinite wisdom of Allah SWT

You need to tie your camel and place your trust in Allah

Why are people in Africa starving? It is because of us human beings interfering Allah provides for His creation.

Do not give into worry, do not give into despair, do not give into sadness because this is what the devil wants you to do

The minute that you give into despair the devil rejoices

Take hold of the resources you have, and work hard, and Allah will bless you with a good life in this world as well as in the hereafter