"I have not left any Fitnah behind me more harmful to men then women"

Create the highest, grandest, vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe

The very first level is you seeing it

If you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl

If you want to maximize on the profits or the benefits, both religious as well as monetary, you need to ask the experts

Umar ibn Al-Kathab was martyred

After he was martyred the benefit continues, the same applies to us

Fear Allah and have good character

Men thinks irrational

We are driven by our anger and we think irrationally

Be silent when you are angry

He has gone far away but Allah did not call him a Kafir

We judge people based upon the sum total of who they are and what they are doing

We look at overall are they doing a positive impact or a negative impact

The righteous person who commits one error or mistake is not the same as the habitual sinner

When a person of nobility commit some type of mistake then cut them some slack

They might not be the people of knowledge but they are the people of stature

We do not judge somebody looking only at the negative

Sometimes we are blind to the good that somebody is doing

If we want to follow the Sunnah we are told "look at the good"

The purpose of your existence is to establish deen in your life and establish deen on the Earth

Allah gives, because none of it means nothing to him, it's worthless

Look at the Sahaba and the Prophets, they spoke very little and they did much

Today we speak very much, and we do very little

Deen is your GPS through life

Allah SWT is not looking to be impressed with what you can come up with

Allah made it very clear, this is the path, this is the road, and you can only achieve success if you follow this road

Anything and everything other than his way will lead you to destruction

Even if it's under the banner of deen

Allah is not looking for inventions

A prankster is someone that oppresses

When you leave the path Allah will destroy you

You choose the life of the Prophets you will have the end of the Prophets, you choose the life of Furaun you will have the end of Firaun

Dreams are of three types
1. Good dreams: these are from Allah
2. Mind(things that you think about before going to sleep: these are from your Nafs
3. Bad dreams/nightmares: these are from Shaytan

We need to know how to deal with differences of opinions respectfully

Ibrahim AS is one of the most intelligent human beings that ever lived

It's a demonstration of the stupidity of shirk

Prophet Ibrahim AS destroyed the idols, he was the only Prophet to do that

It was particular to Ibrahim AS and it cannot be repeated again

"We raise the rank of whoever we want"

We stand by the confidence of Ibrahim AS

Excessive admiration can lead to one casting the evil eye upon himself

When you start admiring your children excessively it can result in you casting the evil eye upon them

Don't go in the mirror and start flexing

Because this may result in a superiority complex

It may result in the evil eye being cast upon ourselves by ourself

Allah gave us all different responsibilities and tasks and He will not burden any of us beyond our scope, this is His way of telling us that He knows us and He knows our capabilities

And He will never ask us for anything more than our capabilities

The word "nafs" in the Quran is used to describe the struggling part of ourselves

Our desires come from our nafs

The nafs have temptations and desires, and it has feelings

We have to be really hard on ourselves

Everyone should work in accordance with the way that Allah formed them

Everything the Muslim does there is no such thing as mediocre

Everything you do in life you should excel in it, do the very best you can

This is Allah's expectation for the believers

There are some in the Quran that Allah chooses not to name

The fact that Allah chose to name him is a special honor

Wisdom in the Arabic language is: Beneficial knowledge that's acted upon

Whenever we are faced with difficulty you and I are preoccupied with the negative, and if we are preoccupied with the negative there's no way that we can focus on what to be grateful for

You can't be drowned in negative thought and be grateful at the same time. Those two things cannot coexist

We are very ungrateful, because we always find a reason to complain

It doesn't matter how much knowledge you have or how long your beard is

Gratitude isn't there because we are always complaining

Sometimes you can have praise without gratitude and you can have gratitude without praise

Ibrahim AS is grateful to his father because he raised him but he is not going to praise him

Musa AS is grateful to the Pharaoh because he raised him but he is not going to praise him because he is evil

But with Allah praise and thanks always go together

This is an attitude that he embodied

Living a life of gratitude is liberating

In the Muslim Ummah we are added to negativity

The more grateful you are the more positive you are

There is always something to be grateful for

If you are grateful in life Allah will give you more and more

Allah is already praised, He doesn't need you to praise him. That's human beings

When someone needs praise they are absolved in themselves

He didn't need that praise, that was for you. You were the beneficiary of it

It's not just what you do, it's how you do it

Being grateful is not just an act, it's an attitude

The heart of our relationship with Allah is actually gratitude

Because our kids are so entitled

We have to teach our children the value of money

When gratitude is gone the only thing that's left is shirk

You're serving yourself, you're grateful for yourself

Children don't know, they have to be guided

They will become what you make then

If you don't teach your children to be grateful the moment they become independent they don't want anything to do with you

Part of wisdom is that you raise your children the right way

Disbelief and ingratitude are the same words

Kufr means denial of favor

A kafr is two things, someone who denies Allah and someone who is ungrateful

Allah made light bend around them

When young people turn to Allah the world submits to them, the laws of nature submits to them

Excuses sound best to the person who is making them up

Atheists are obsessed with God

Sometimes you can forgive people, but if you continue to forgive who is going to stop that oppression?

The six pillars of iman are:
1: Belief in Allah
2: Belief in the Angels
3: Belief in the Messengers
4: Belief in the Divine Scriptures
5: Belief in the Last Day
6: Belief in Al-Qadar

Islam means to worship Allah alone

Be calm, be cool, be at peace. Yes you have a flame in you and you wanna get it out to the others but do it in a calm way

People are sometimes not at peace because, they do not know how to speak with those they disagree with

Just because I have a difference with you I must be violent, that is not Islam

Utter words that promote peace, utter words that promote harmony. Even though I may disagree with you, you are my brother

When a calamity strikes you are suppose to declare your closeness with Allah and affirm that you are going to return to Allah

When a problem strikes it's not the end of the world, but even if it was the end of the world, we would you return to, Allah

How did victory come? They reacted correctly

In our tradition there's a belief where the animal wants to be eaten. It wants to be energy for good deeds. Because by becoming part of a righteous person it's elevated in its state from becoming an animal that doesn't have free will and behaves only according to its nature to part of being with free will

And the animal hates to be used for foulness or for misdeeds

In our tradition intention is everything, why am I doing this?

The woman is special and important

The believer's state will change 40 times in a day

The disbeliever's state will stay the same for 40 years

The journey to God will make you well

If you are depressed, do more for the sake of God

There are four temperaments in the Islamic tradition

Don't make fun of things that you don't know about

"Whoever is ignorant of a thing will condemn it and attack it" - Imam Ali

Temperament is no justification for bad manners

When you understand people's nature it allows you to be more compassionate towards them

"The one that knows himself knows his Lord

Umar ibn Al-Kathab was stabbed while he was leading the prayer, that's how he died

You can't blame others for your corruption

Don't talk down on people and don't use your money as leverage against them

When we give for the sake of Allah that's it, you gave for the sake of Allah, you get nothing more out of it

If they give something back to you that's your perogative

1. You shouldn't expect it
2. If they don't do it you shouldn't be offended and say "I helped them out and they didn't do nothing for me

The moment that you start expecting in the depth of our hearts something in return for the charity that we gave then at that moment whatever you gave is not something acceptable before Allah

That is now a worldly transaction, in the Akhira it will not show up for you

Allah does not like to share

Allah does not need you to help that person

Allah will find other ways to help

You were simply there to demonstrate your bankruptcy to Allah

Allah is sensitive to the pain of other people

You should emulate one of the qualities of Allah

We are living in a hypersexual society

Everything is about sex

If Allah has granted you protection you will always be protected

Today it is easier to sin than to abstain from if

The environment had made it so difficult to engage in that which is correct

It is only Allah Who can bring people back

What we do not have, and we try to get it and we did not get it, we should be content knowing that Allah has a plan, He knows how much He is giving

Qadr is used to find peace in whatever Allah has decreed

It is a great duty of our friends to clear our name in our behalf, in our absence

And that is a great act of worship

When you hear people engage in that which displeases Allah, get up and walk away

Loving yourself is a constant work in progress

We need to accept our own choices and the choices of others and live with them

Accept where you are until you get to where you want to be

Fall in love with yourself and forgive yourself

Love yourself for all the good that you see and accept your flaws

Anxiety is a silent destroyer of lives

Instead of worrying think about what you can do to better your situation

The situation is beyond your control, turn to your maker in earnest supplication

When we don't feel like our lives are perfect we become unhappy

Allah SWT will test us with our emotions

The Shaytan tricks us, he makes us think that if we're feeling sad or anxious then that means that we don't have faith, and that's not true

A certain degree of worry and anxiety exists in every single one of us

And it's completely normal

We're given these challenges because He knows that we can handle them

Certain types of breathing are extremely helpful with depression and anxiety

The five prayers help with depression, anxiety, negative thoughts

Your Salat especially in the times of day are so effective with dealing with sadness

Each and every single one of us is going through difficulty

When we show gratitude it increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in our brains which causes us to be happier

They became happier just by faking a smile

You have a chance right now to smile, try it, do it, and remember it's a charity

Family support is so beneficial

Allah created us as social creatures, if you're feeling sad, reach out to someone

Physical touch from someone you know, someone you care about can be as effective as anti depressants

You know yourself better than anyone else does

Those who seek the Akira the Dunya comes to them

You want peace, live a simple life

You need to be happy with what you have

Your Dua is the greatest tool of personal and societal change

You're asking Allah for something, Allah is also asking you for something

Don't ever say "why should I ask Allah for forgiveness when I have not committed a sin?" those statements are not uttered by a believer

Messengers came to spread good news. Islam is a Religion of hope

His sin only affected himself but his good deeds affected others

You do not want your sins to involve other people because Allah's mercy will not stop Him from being just towards those who were harmed. They also deserve His mercy

The best good deeds are those that affect the people around you

One of the greatest tragedies of sin is when you wait for someone else to stop you than stopping yourself

When a person commits a sin, the most powerful motivating factor to stop doing that sin needs to be Allah and nothing else

Follow a sin with a good deed and it will wipe it out

Allah does not shut the door on anybody

Don't let your sins despair you

Always let the beauty of your repentance exceed the ugliness of your sin

Those good roots they do something to the engineering of the nafs

The best use of your speech is to remember Allah with the words that He taught you

Sometimes you can insult someone without saying a single word

You're only making fun of your own self

Just because it's in a modern form doesn't make it permissible

Everything that Allah does has beauty in it

A Muslim is not supposed to be depressed

The Shaytan wants us to believe that obeying Allah makes life difficult

Allah said the reason why He created us all differently is so that we can recognize one another

Those who are the most honored in the eyes of Allah SWT are those who have the most Taqwa

Some of the greatest scholars of Islam are not from the Arabian Peninsula

Our Prophet SAWS is the first man in recorded history to abolish racism

Bigotry is the hate of another person simply because of who they are

The ones who are not practicing the Deen are susceptible to be affected by black magic

The people who stay in impurity can also be affected by sihr

Women on their menus is an impure state

Women on their mensus, and if she is not practicing she is basically now in some form of weakness

The weaker you become the stronger you see your opponent and the more liable you are to be attacked

A Muslim should live with cleansiness

We've all got an immune system

There weak jinns, there's strong jinns

There's weak black magic, there's strong black magic

Jinns are not supposed to cross over into our world

Lust is a state and not a specific act

The deadly sin of Lust is a state of the soul, of will

Poets are social scientists of the past

There are a lot of Christians who will say that there is nothing wrong with pornography

Islam is far more premodern in it's practice today then Chrisians

In the Quranic world lowering the gaze is a Quranic injunction

Men are deeply stimulated by the female image

So desire is... the tempt to fill a void

When we look at pornography we have to look at it in light of an emptiness

Kierkegaard saw a lot of what was coming in Europe

The aesthetic mode which is basically a heedness to commode in which people live for pleasure and desire

This is rooted in boredom

People who get addicted to pornography become bored, they move on from soft core to hardcore

Some of these people enter into pedophilia who had no interest in pedophilia when they entered into pornography

People will change their moral views of things in this state

This problem has spread because of the failure of Religion

The devil has the best images

Sexual awakening is only one type of awakening in the human being

Kierkegaard said: the ethical life is a life that has to be in commitment to at least one human being

You cannot live an ethical life without commitment

Pornography is an utter disregard of human being

There is no person behind that woman. And the one behind is often an abused woman

Adam Smith was a moral philosopher as well as being the father of capitalism

What is rooted in sinfulness is love

Love is the root of sinfulness

But it is either love perverted, love deficient, or love excessive

The perversion of love is in the cold sins, the seven deadly sins

Chastity has been conflated with crudery

Chastity is the regulation of the sexual urge

Part of the purpose of sexual intimacy is pleasure, it is not just for procreation

The pursuit of pleasure is an attempt at masking the emptiness

In degrading woman we degrade the highest qualities of our human nature

In elevating her we elevate our highest nature

We are not the first pornified culture

In Islam, if you do a good deed, and you follow it up with goodness it is multiplied 10 fold

Every pure tongue is praising Ibrahim

"We're also going to write down the legacy that they left when they leave"

Leaving a positive legacy is the desire of every sincere person

One thing that the world is teaching us on a daily basis is that people are less and less happy

Emptiness and sadness manifest themselves in very rough ways in society

People are empty and people are very sad, and emptiness and sadness are connected

Fullfilment is meant to keep us moving in a certain direction and it is meant to give us a sense of purpose

Your purpose in life is not to be happy

Your purpose is not to serve yourself until you are happy

Happiness is a side effect of living a life of purpose

Happiness is not the goal of life. We want to be happy but that is not the ultimate goal

Are you here to please Allah, or is Allah here to please you?

The goal is not to be happy in life, the goal is to live a life of purpose

A person who knows their purpose is pleased so long as that purpose is not compromised

What saddens that person is distance from Allah SWT

If everything else is ok but he feels distance from Allah he's not ok

Repentance is not a guilt driven concept in Islam

Repentance is not only a negative emotion in Islam

If everything is ok, health, family, career then I'm not likely to turn towards faith for anything

My Jannah is in my heart

My happiness is not contingent upon the place where I'm at

If you put me in jail then I will be secluded with the company of Allah and the only company that I need is the company of God

My happiness does not depend on people or circumstances around me

He had a sense of purpose that kept his heart beating despite all of that

Showing anger towards Allah presumes that you know something that He doesn't

So that you have a better assessment of the situation than he does

Allah knows what you do not know

This is a wrong form of preaching - When you suffer it's because Allah is punishing you

That's a way to make somebody run away from Allah SWT really quick

If Allah loves someone then He tests him

You are making assumptions on the attributes of Allah

You're claiming that an injustice has been done to you by Him

If He's capable of creating than He's capable of being in control

"I know what you don't know"

In this life there is nobody that will suffer in vain and in the next life there is nobody that will suffer undeservingly

Does accept mean embrace and be happy?

6 kids that passed away

The heart feels sadness, the eyes shed tears, but the mouth only says that which is pleasing to Allah SWT

Contentment with Allah's decree does not mean that you like the bad circumstance

It means that you accept it and that does not cause you distance from Allah because you're ultimate purpose is not compromised

Don't set unrealistic standards for people

Be pleased with Allah despite my sadness at my circumstance

Contentment with the contentment of God

He's complaining to Allah, he's not questioning Allah

"Ya Allah, as long as this is not a manifestation of your anger then I don't care

I am pleased knowing that you're pleased

The number one way that you define contentment is your distance or closeness to Allah SWT

You are untouchable by the circumstances of this world because you are not of this world

You don't get to say why Allah does what He does

You are suggesting that you are in charge of the outcome. You were never in charge of the outcome

The world is not always going to provide the ideal circumstances for strong faith

If you want to know where you stand with God look at where He stands with you

Mujahara is in reference to a person who commits a sin and then makes it public

Mujahara makes a small sin major

And if a person insists upon it it will lead him to disbelief in Allah

"O Allah, these are Your commands, I have trespassed them and I don't care and I also going to show the world


"O Messenger of Allah I've fornicated"

He turned his face away from him

If you commit a sin don't tell me because if you do now I have to do something about it

When we see a sin happening in front of us there are three obligations

We must change it with our hand. If you cannot change it with your hand you change it with your tongue, you speak against it in a polite manner with wisdom. If you cannot speak against it you change it with your heart, Allah has to see that you honestly detest it

When you click like on a sin then you approve of it

And you have just encouraged that brother or sister to keep on doing that sin

Towards the end of times there will be people who will crawl to the gates of hellfire. Is that us?

It will be as if you have committed that act yourself

Beware of approving that sin

By reflecting on the 99 names of Allah, particularly the Watcher, the Knowing, the Seeing

The two sources of evil in our lives are the demonic whisperings of the Shaytan, and the suggestions and weaknesses of our own souls, the nafs

Self awareness is the main focus of what we today call "mindfulness"

The heart and the mind are the most powerful things that Allah has blessed you with, never ever give control of it to anyone besides Allah

Otherwise you will be hurt, and hurt very badly

Allah placed a duty on your shoulders to look after your kids

Your body has a right over you

The maximum amount of sleep that you should give your body is 8 hours

Sleep is nourishment, it is food for the soul

Ad-Dajaal requires that the environment has to be set up for him

Media is the most powerful today that has ever existed

The Prophet does not make mistakes in propagating the Religion of Islam

We are not impeccable in having a slip of the tongue

Because the trust in what they say may be lost

Tailbearing is a major sin

He would be admitted into paradise after the torture has been carried upon him

To get contaminated with urine is a major sin

The three main reasons for one to be tortured in the grave is gossiping, Tailbearing, and contaminating oneself with urine

The squashing of the grave will happen to every non-believer and some of the major sinners in the grave

For some Allah might reveal, but for many He does not reveal

Some righteous Muslims their body will not decompose in the grave

Our elders are a test for us

Don't ever raise your voice at your elders

Tough parents are a gift

Allah creates things that we have no idea about

Malaika or Angels

The Angels are sent to carry out the commands of Allah

If you want halal to be sweet you have to stay away from haram

That will bring a lot of blessings to them. But the condition is that they have eeman and taqwa

The Prophet died while he was married to nine wives

Muslims are not allowed to exceed more than 4 wives

The Prophet SAWS had one wife until he was 50 years old

There was only one virgin out of his wives, and that was Aisha

The others were not virgins, they were either widows or divorced

Most of those he married were those in need

It's not permissible in Islam to adopt

Meaning you cannot take a child, care for him and give him your name

No, you may adopt children but don't call them after you, because this is forbidden in Islam

Taking a child into your custody, feeding him, taking care of him, this is an extremely splendid thing in Islam

The wives of the Prophet SAWS were there to convey to us knowledge

There are two ways of performing ghusl

In Arabic ghusl means total bath

Washing your body with soap is not a must

Washing your hair with shampoo is not a must

Ghusl is just to cover your body with water

The Prophet SAWS forbade us from performing ghusl in stagnant water

It was changed by a pure substance so it's still pure

Istikhara is to seek the guidance of Allah regarding a matter that you are confused about

So if you are not confused then it's inexplicable, you don't have to do it

Allah SWT understands how important reputation is to people, how important image is

And that's why He has made it so sanctified that you should not harm anybody else's image or reputation

Allah knows how bad it is to feel that sense of insecurity

For you to contribute in the insecurity of another person is so rigorously condemned

It's likened to killing somebody

When you backbite when you slander you might as well kill that person

Speak good of that person in front of other people

Allah condemns arrogance

Allah has made people's honor and their dignity so honored and sanctified

We live in a society where you're constantly forced to express yourself

The worst of the people in the eyes of Allah SWT are people of two faces

Someone who goes to one group of people with a face and then goes to another group with another face

The world we live in today, people have 20-30 faces, not two faces

Am I secure in my own skin?

Beauty is considered to be a test

When people are beautiful they tend to become a more shallow, liable to fall into Zina

How do you seem or look in the eyes of Allah SWT

Every time the Prophet SAWS addressed someone with low self esteem he mentioned their sight in the eyes of Allah SWT

The Prophet SAWS went through many lengths to make Julaybeeb feel valuable

Even if I was a slave who would want to buy me?
-But you are priceless in the eyes of Allah SWT

You're priceless in the eyes of Allah SWT why do you care what people think about you?

He's teaching them to shift their mindsets, and the way they look at people, and the way they look at themselves as well

The Prophet SAWS was not one to stop people from laughing

He joked with the companions, he laughed with them, but not at the expense of a person's self esteem

In order to admit to a bad habit you are going to have to search

Sometimes our bad habits is that we disrespect other people, we speak to them very low. It is not the quality of a Muslim

To speak to another human being in a derogatory way

Think very carefully, before you speak

The whole world is going through an anti smoking drive

If you eat late at night and go to sleep immediately after it is not so good for the health

When Allah has blessed you make good use of it, but don't waste the money

People have a bad habit of not showing gratitude to Allah, when He has given us so much

Thank Him with your tongue

Thank Him with your deeds

The greatest ingratitude is when you worship someone besides Allah

When you transgress against the commands of Allah

To show gratitude to Allah develop your character

Do it for the sake of Allah

Do it because you want to eradicate the bad habit

One of the signs of gratitude is not to waste

If you show gratitude Allah will increase you in abundance

Whoever sets a good example will have the full reward of everyone that follows that example

Some people have a habit of masterbation

some people have a habit of pornography

Some people have a habit of intoxicants

Please deal with them for the sake of Allah

We have bigger problems in the Ummah

We cannot find a major pothole in the Ummah because of my bad habits as an individual

I need to develop myself, I need to give up the bad habits I have, for the sake of Allah

Eradicate them before they are exposed

"Do not use your own hands to harm yourself"

Sometimes a bad habit is that you delay in that which Allah has made obligatory upon you

If every day you are looking at the end of the time of Salat and not the beginning then you have a bad habit

Each and every one will be judged according to his capacity, his understanding, his background

Ayatul Kursiy is made up of nine sentences

When you're guarding something you tend to get very sleepy

Guarding the skies and the Earth does not exhaust Allah

There is a difference between owner and king

You can own a car, phone, etc... But you're not going to be the king of it

Ownership is about property

Kingdom is about controlling people

Ownership is about controlling objects

One dimension of control is ownership, the other dimension is kinhdom

If you're just an owner you're not a king, if you're just a king you're not an owner

The big danger to you and your children is materialism

The youth of this Ummah are so powerful

When young people of today internalize the Quran they can change the world

"the sword is good if you point it at your enemy but it's pretty bad if you point it at yourself"

I am never on Facebook

Materialism is killing us

The cure for materialism is understanding the book of Allah

The more that you start understanding the book of Allah for yourself you will no longer be interested in materialism

It will not fulfill you

It will leave you empty

The whispering of the Shaytan is a challenge for every single person

In every single person there is a characteristic of goodness and bad

The Shaytan does not have that good character in him, he only has that bad character in him

Allah SWT created Adam in stages

If knowledge had respect without implementation than the best creation of Allah would've been Iblees

One of the greatest influences in this Dunya is the Shaytan

Shaytan is also a great influence in what we do and how we think

Shaytan wants to corrupt your beliefs before your actions

The words of the Quran are amazing

May Allah bless all the Muslims who are suffering worldwide

Muslim Americans are roughly 78 million people

If you have Taqwa of Allah you wouldn't even need to worry about the rizq that Allah will bring to you

Those who have taqwa of Allah, Allah brings to them provision from where they didn't accept

He is the giver of Mercy to specific people

Don't look at what you don't have, look at what you do have

If you are a person who looks at what he do have, you will be a person who thanks Allah night and day

A Mumin never fails to worship Allah no matter what happens

In the academia they study Religion like they're studying a corpse

It's something dead and they're doing an autopsy

In premodern society they put God at the center

And the people who understood that higher power, worshipped that higher power were the most important people in that society

The study of God was the most important study

The second most important study was the study or focus of the after life, and it's not limited to Islam

Everything you do there are consequences and benefits of it in the Akira

Thirdly there was a focus on bettering yourself

There is a spiritual entity inside me and it needs to be taken care of

Philosophy was outlawed in Europe

After the revolution of the church there was an explosion of philosophies in Europe

We've been studying God a long time and when we do nothing happens, but when we study the universe we see great developments

That shift that started with the European revolution is so powerful

The most prestigious jobs today are people who hold positions in a particular science

"Let's make this life better"

And was society able to be developed? Absolutely

The world was mesmerized by the infrastructure built by the west

Instead of focusing on the next life let's focus on this life

People stated thinking of themselves and the life around them only in material terms

Before premodern society a society based on faith you have a set of values, and those values are revealed by Allah

Therefore they are not subject to change because they are timeless

If you live by these values you will make God happy, therefore you will better your afterlife and you will be able to keep your soul pure

How will you do those three things? By abiding by what He revealed

But when the emphasis shifted there was no longer a need for God's law

Because the things that you will get from His advice are no longer emphasized

When you take away the prayer everything else falls apart and they begin to follow desires

We are living in a world where the ultimate good is "obeying your thirst, just so it"

The next step is normalizing it

The ultimate deviation is when they fall into Jahanam

Facade will come, corruption will come, because there's no guidance to keep humanity in check

"So long as we can make money we don't care if we put people's lives in danger"

This happens when a useless generation comes up we didn't make prayer

A useless generation came but within them there will be people who make Tawbah, they can fix things

We have to fix this, we have to understand the urgency of the matter today

Communicate with your children, be in open conversation with your children

Learn to raise your kids so they can stand up to that evil, and do the right thing

The only hope left for humanity is people who will stand up for the word of Allah

The word of Allah did not come to be in a university or be downloaded in a website

There needs to be moral people in these places

As believers we know that our Religion is unique and it governs everything that we do

As Muslims we are expected to be merciful and good to one another and expecting that next from Allah SWT

But we also know that Allah SWT requires us to fulfill or avoid certain actions

Fulfill your prayer as well it's a fair well prayer

When a death happens we have to surrender to the decree of Allah

People are at different levels

He will elevate the status of those who are patient

You die the way you live and you will be resurrected the way you die

Try and prove yourself to your family and that is the beginning

May Allah make the best of our days the last days

If there is chaos and corruption don't blame Allah, blame us. The fact that it was predestined and the fact that Allah knows does not justify us blaming Allah for something that we are guilty of

Let's not think that the way I deal with things is the only way

Happiness cannot be determined at any point in one's life

The western pursuit of happiness is a psychological state

This is why they will use antidepressants to get that state

Because they want to be happy psychologically not realizing that happiness is a spiritual state

According to Aerostatle: It's a spiritual state of being virtuous

Every pursuit in life is a pursuit for happiness

Happiness is an end in itself it's not a means to another thing

You're not happy to fall in love, I fall in love to be happy

Wealth is what you use it's not what you have

Happiness is what we want

The only thing that will satisfy you in life is what's permanent

Allah is the only one who is permanent

The awliya are the most content people in the world, nothing phases them

Grieve is a human condition, it's not a negative thing

Allah will sometimes put grief into your life so that you can call onto Him

Either you have patience or you have gratitude, but to be in any other state is a dangerous state

Kufr means ingratitude

Iblees is an ingrate

If you complain Allah will give you more things to complain about

Our Religion is reasonable

If you see a Muslim who's smoking or drinking he's still part of the Ummah

Many Muslims who repent after being sinners after a short period of time they go back to sinning, they cannot remain on steadfast on the path of righteousness

Bad temptations will steer him away from this path

Animals do not have any obligations, they are not accountable. But we are

One will not be worshipping Allah Azzawajal if they have the wrong belief about Allah AWJ

They worship an image of something that looks like a human being

In fact, they worship an image of a deformed human being

When I obey Allah I hope for His reward, when I disobey Allah I fear His punishment

A slave is supposed to be between hope and fear

Temptation is about desiring something that's often not right or good for you

Temptation urges you to fulfill your desire but on the short term

Without giving any attention to the consequences

After this enjoyment there is hellfire

If you think about this then you will not follow your enjoyments

Giving into temptation can also make you feel dissatisfied and depressed

Don't think the happiness in your life is by following your desires and your temptations

Death does not differentiate between someone who is young and someone who is old, a male or a female

The person will be resurrected based on his endings

He is not a friend if he is taking you away from your Religion, he is an enemy

Your child will make a duplicate personality, he will tell you what you want to hear

What is going on in their head, they will share it only with those who are very close to them

And unfortunately the parents are not close, they might not know

We have to contextualize our teachings

Being able to speak their language and understand their culture is very important

We are primarily a product of our environment

Everything that is uninslamic is being shown as something good

You stick to your deen Allah will protect you

We respect and honor women, we don't even touch them. Unless they are very close to us (mother, sister, etc...)

The most important thing is as we behave as Muslims

But because I have a sister, a mother etc...

You are sacred to me

I do this not because I think you're unclean but because my mom is a woman, not because I think you are inferior to me, but you are someone's wife, someone's daughter

Any reasonable woman will understand where I'm coming from

If you get into a toxic marriage it's going to have a ripple effect

In the western world 50% of marriages end up in divorce

The older you get the more pickier you become

Prior to marriage, open up your eyes 100%

After marriage close your eyes 50%

A perfect marriage is about two imperfect people that never give up on each other

If you don't know what you want, you're going to get what you don't want

The engagement period allows you to get to know the person

Islam did not specify a period for engagement

There has to be two male witnesses for the female

Marriage shouldn't be some secretive thing that you do

When the servant of Allah marries he perfects half of his deen

Israel will wage the war

The territory of Israel will dramatically expand