If you always read things that are at your level you will never improve yourself

A lot of people cannot articulate their thoughta

Many words are ambiguous

Women are not men, therefore women are not rational

Metaphysics is the study of being

The coherence of the Quran is the ultimate proof

If a person is shameless he will do whatever he wants

The most authentic book after the Quran is Bukhari and Muslim

Touching the ear during Takbeer is something the Prophet never did

Your eyes should look on the place of prostration

Say sami allah hulymun hamidah as you are going to the upright position

Your toes should be pointed towards the Qibla in Sajdah

The idea of Religion being a very premodern outdated thing is very common

Most of the people who end up in this field become highly agnostic

In the academia they study Religion much like they are studying a corpse. It's something dead and they're doing an autopsy

We are exposed to that line of thinking overwhelmingly

No one should be opposed for their beliefs. This is a universal thing

When a Messenger is in the flesh with the people and he's rejected. Then God's wrath comes

People that didn't know, you are responsible to protect them

The laws of Islam are better than any other laws. Because they are from God

Just because the law is served, justice isn't necessarily served

The judgments of this world are limited

Everybody is judged according to the same exact standard

Every time we make a judgment on something we need standards

When it comes to standards we are all the same, and that's kind of unfair

On Judgment Day every factor is taken into consideration

You make all kinds of excuses to make things easier for yourself

In this life we judge by results, because that's what matters to us. On Judgment Day results will not matter, the only thing that will matter is efforts

When you question Allah's fairness you are considering Allah to be less than perfect

You don't talk to Allah or talk about Him like you're talking to one of your buddies

Islam does not dictate every step as to how you will get married, but rather it lays a framework, and with that framework you are allowed within that framework to adjust things as per the changes in community and society, on condition that they don't go beyond that framework

The biggest sin is marrying someone while knowing you are involved with someone else

Those who say a lot of astaghfirullah a lot, those who make Istighfar a lot Allah will bring ease to them for every difficulty that they're going through, and an exit in every situation that they are stuck in, and will bring them a provision from where they never expected

No one speaks more eloquently than Allah SWT

The Ummah is one large family

When those amongst us cannot get married that's our problem also

In the Ummah we don't leave people behind

Allah: "get young people married" this is a broad commandment

There are young women that are depressed because their parents all they talk about is "you're still sitting at home, you're not getting married"

Bankruptcy to Allah is a lesser problem

Not having money is a less problem

But not being married is a much bigger problem to Allah

The way of Shaytan is you make the haram easy and you make the halal difficult

People will gravitate towards what is easy

A human being still needs companionship. A human being still needs someone that they are attracted to

We're all human beings and human beings have flaws, sometimes we mess up

When they're old enough to get married they're old enough to make their own decisions

That halal mistake is better

Not every situation can be ideal

Life is not about normal, everyone of us is weird

The spiritual power of women is great, but so too is their physical attraction to men

It is this power that causes vile men to want to dominate women, and virtuous men to honor and want to protect them

Her sensual form prevents the man lost in carnality from knowing her spiritual reality, she is the source of mercy in the world

In unveiling the outward beauty of a woman, we become veiled from her inward beauty

If you can visualize the images you can better understand the abstract idea

The first step towards gratitude isn't just to think of the good things that Allah has done

A step towards being grateful to Allah is to remember that terrible things that have already happened that Allah has saved you from, that He's pulled you out of already

First of all, make mention of Allah's favor upon you

When a believer is positive they're grateful to Allah, and Allah will increase them

If you say "if" and "then" the two become correlated with one another

Allah is not offended by you being ungrateful

You cannot impose what creation is and impose those thoughts on Allah

There are many forms of love and there are many shades of love

The pinnacle of love is to love the creator of love, and that is Allah SWT

The love between you and your Maker is never ever going to end

Laws are finite and regulated

Wisdom is infinite

The Quran did not come to give us laws

It came to give us life long wisdom

There are some relationships in life that are by choice, other relationships we have no choice over

We have already accepted Allah as our master

You have so much time to talk about what other people are not doing. Do you know why you have that time? Because you're not watching over your own responsibilities

To describe the glass as half full is the approach of an optimist

This optimist looks at every single thing in his life from a positive angle

To describe the glass as half empty is the approach of a pessimist

This pessimist looks at every single thing in his or her life from a negative angle

The Prophet PBUH was the greatest optimist to ever walk on the face of the earth

We as believers need to look at everything from a positive angle

Optimists are individuals who make lemonade out of the lemons that life hands to us

No planes fly over Kaba because there are no airports in the city of Makkah

It is the city of the world where it tends to grab the most tourists throughout the year

The Holy Kaba is located exactly at the middle of the Earth

Planes can't fly over the Holy Kaba due to the magnetic field that is created over it as it is at the center of the Earth

Dihya was called the Yusuf of Banu Caliph

Women could not keep their hands off Dihya

Which is why Dihya used to stay away from public sites because women would throw themselves at him

Dihya is a really good looking man

Jibreel looked very similar to Dihya

When Jibreel was sent to a Prophet he would resemble the most beautiful person of that Prophet's people

He resembled whoever was the most beautiful amongst them

Muslims are people that read signs

One of the signs of the last day is that civilized people will walk with their thighs exposed in public places

Out of love for this world she'll work like her husband, neglecting her children

Some people for the love of this world will abandon their children and go out

This is a Religion that calls people to wake up

To wake up to the opportunities of life

The human being is oppressing themselves

Surat Ibrahim is about patience and gratitude

The gift of health is a crown that the health people wear on their heads and only the sick people can see it

The idea of Islam is obedience, it's submission

Innovation means something that the Messenger PBUH did not teach and it's an act of worship

You do not create an act of worship on your own

Do not hurt other people with words, with actions

Allah loved The Prophet so much

This life is nothing but deception and vanity

The most important certificate you will ever get you will never see, it's your death certificate

Don't use the term "do not judge me" in order to run away from advice

You cannot follow if you do not love, you cannot love it you do not know

Allah sent you to the men and the women

Our Deen is not considered a Religion alone, but rather a complete way of life

The power of the Quran is contingent on the body that reads it

Children are not inherently evil

Children are inherently good

The people of Makkah decided to pursue the Muslims in Medina

They don't have much to defend themselves, there are only 313

The Mushrikeen from Makkah they send a thousand

As Badr is coming up, The Prophet PBUH gets word from Jibreel AS that he's going to have some support on that day

Jibreel AS is there with The Prophet SAWS in all of his battles

The coming of the Mahdi is the last of the minor signs and the beginning of the major signs

The Mahdi himself is not of the ten signs

The Mahdi will be alive when the first of these ten signs begin

The Mahdi will be alive when Dajaal will come and that is the first of the ten signs

The Mahdi is not his name it is a title

The Mahdi means the one who is guided

He shall fill the Earth with justice

The Mahdi shall come when the Earth is filled with injustice

We're not sorry for being Muslim

The last ones to come under the control of Dajjal will be women

They will be brainwashed

They will lose their capacity for rational thinking

Dajjal is the mastermind of the modern western feminist revolution

It is easy to earn with Allah

To sin is difficult

When you have eeman then things change

For everybody else sins are easy and obedience is hard

For you obedience is easy and disobedience is difficult

Allah will reverse the reality for some people, if they just have eeman

Forgetfulness is a big problem

When a believing nation disobeys Allah, Allah gives them different punishments

When a disbelieving nation disobeys Allah He destroys them

No human being can ever fully understand the Quran

Islam is simple but we like to make things complicated

The father of this Umah is Ibrahim AS

He is the father also of Banu Israel

The more religious you become, the more complicated you become

The more you study deen the happier you become and the happier people around you become

If people around you are not happy then you are not studying Islam

Deen is suppose to increase love amongst people not hate

No gift on Earth is more valuable than an Ayat given by Allah

People think that we are backwards, dishonest, violent

We have to be extremely disciplined

We have to set an example for the world to follow

Allah knows the base desire for men and he knows what men would like to fulfill

All the creations are appalled at the act of shirk

The only creation that dare does shirk is human kind

The human being can be the best of the best or the human being can be the worse of the worse

If our tawakul is put in the cause rather than the one who causes the cause than this is a type of shirk

The Quran don't mention it but it gives you principles under which many things fall

Weed and anything that intoxicates the mind is khamr

Khamr is something that's filth

It's from the actions of Shaytan

If you take it you will not be successful

It's not about if it gets you high but does it have the ability to get someone high

The type of person who lets his woman go out without Hijab Jannah has been made haram for him

If you are not in a state of reflecting the signs of Allah you will fall in a state of rejecting the signs of Allah

The Taurat is much bigger in volume than the Quran

Sometimes people do terrible things and they don't even know that they're serving a larger plan of Allah

They are actually at Allah's service, and they don't even know

The plan of Allah is always meant to be something good

Learn to ask the right questions and you can ask as many questions as you want

Thought process gives you direction

The Shaytan can come and impersonate figures in your dreams

The Divine Decree, repaying trusts, telling the truth, and discarding and keeping silent regarding what does not concern me

When the roots of a tree go very deep it symbolizes stability

Prayer is the pillar of the Deen

This is called "mind over mattress"

The person who doesn't wake up for Fajr Shaytan urinates in his ears

If you want to enter into a state of reality you have to reject your Satan

To speak about God without knowledge is one of the worst sins

What concerns you. Not what all this other people are concerned about

Islam has prohibited shaking hands with the opposite gender

A cult judges people that become different. A community takes in people that have fallen

The only thing that gets you in trouble is your nafs

Necessity makes the impermissible permissible

Allah has revealed 114 chapters in the Quran

A chapter in the Quran is called a Surah

If you want to be a Muslim then you have to promise that you're going to be a clean person

Purity is external

the true scholar is the one who gives precedence to the Holy Qur’an in his list of priorities, because it is the source of knowledge and fiqh, and is the basis of sharee‘ah and rulings.

Another sign of the scholars is that they are very religiously committed and have a good attitude, and they are also keen to follow the example of the righteous of the early generations, namely the Sahaabah and Taabi‘een, and the leading scholars

for the words of anyone may be accepted or rejected, except the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

One of the most prominent signs of the true scholar and sincere mufti, which we tell people about, is that they do not attribute themselves to a small group and they do not call themselves by a name or claim to follow something that is not part of the ummah

Rather what we mean is attributing oneself to a set of beliefs of some group that has adopted some specific beliefs that are not part of the beliefs of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa‘ah, and they unite on that basis and regard people as friends or enemies accordingly.

Boys and Girls cannot be friends in Islam

The Prophet SAWS nobody in his lifetime was killed for apostasy

The heartbeat of a fetus has nothing to do with a person being alive or dead. A person is alive or dead if the soul is in their body

When Allah declares something as bad we have to know deep down that it is totally prohibited

Call someone a swine or a pig and see how they take it

It is Haram in Islam to praise another woman in the presence of your own spouse

If a woman dies in the condition of child birth then she will get Jannah

We look at people with the outward. We don't know what's in their hearts

Islam is the middle course

A biologist should not interfere with cosmology

Even if evolution explains how we evolved as a species it does not explain where it's all came from

Man cannot create things out of nothing

It's impossible for humans to do that because nothing cannot create nothing

The Atheist are liars

Anarchy and Chaos cannot bring order into existence

Ignorance cannot bring order into existence

If you have no essence then you have no personality of yourself

They have no reality of themselves

The highest ideal in Christianity is to be celibate

The Shaytan makes people commit sodomy

With regard to when the prostration of forgetfulness should be done, before or after the salaam, there is a great difference of opinion among the scholars. The most correct view is that if a person does something extra in the prayer by mistake, the prostration must be done after the salaam, and if he omits something then he should do the prostration before the salaam. If he is not sure then it is subject to further discussion

We run towards permanent residence, it's status of stability

The angels are secured From Desire they do not have free will or choice

No one fears hypocrisy but a believer and no one feel safe from it except for a disbeliever

Islam does not tell you to be patient with abuse

It doesn't matter if it's from your parents, you have to take action to protect yourself

We have no tolerance in our Religion for abuse

Most likely the language that Ibrahim AS spoke is more likely to ancient Hebrew than it is to Arabic

When you stand up for your principles people will respect you

Don't let the arrogant make you sad

As human beings we feel sad naturally, but a believer is given the remedies. One of it is to develop your Salah

It is human nature that when you have problem you start looking for solutions. But a Believer will start looking for solutions by getting close to Allah

For a disbeliever it is just scenery, but for us it is the greatness of Allah

The only time that you should feel sad is when you have drifted away from Allah

Learning how to read is a complex skill

Our Islam is actually our government

Allah SWT sent the Quran as final revelation

Good women guard their dignity and they guard their faith