The function of the appendix is unknown

If you're ultimate goal is going to be something finite than there is a problem

The sign of a Muslim is that he always makes Dua to Allah SWT for everything, small, trivial etc...

We make Dua every single night and day

There is nothing too trivial to ask Allah for

The more Dua that we make the more beloved we become to Allah

It is a sign of a believer that he always makes Dua

It is a sign of a hypocrite that he only makes dua in times of distress

Dua is the most noble act of worship

When you make Dua to Allah you are demonstrating who you are to Him

5 things have to be present in order to the Nikka to be valid
1. The Wali of the girl
2. The Mahr
5. She gives her consent

Pure men are for pure women and pure women for pure men

The Prophet SAWS would not love someone unless he was pure

She passed away at the age of 66 in the month of Ramadan

The Deen functions in ideal conditions

A believer becomes conscious of the fact that there's a lot of evil out there

Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Mutallib ibn Hashem ibn Abdi-Manef ibn Qusai

If you don't help people get married that's how corruption emerges

Allah only communicates with Prophets

"I am the most knowledgeable"

And he has every right to assume this because Allah had chosen him like He had chosen no one else

Allah had spoken to him directly

Immediately Jibreel came down

He reprimanded him, "how could you speak without knowledge?"

Musa made a very rational assumption

You cannot assume when it comes to the Religion of Allah SWT

Allah told Jibreel to tell him "there is a servant of ours, and I have told him that which you do not know

Musa immediately said "O Allah can you give me permission to go meet him and study with him?

Allah says: Go and study with him

The first human who ever traveled to get knowledge was Musa

He made Hijra

Khidar and Musa are both Prophets but in the grand scale of things Musa is higher

Each individual is responsible for himself

The difference between fear and anxiety:

Fear- for the future

Anxiety- what has already happened

When you love something it can blind you

Love blinds you from the negatives

Allah beautified everything on the earth

Allah made everything with a measure, an amount

The balance of the universe is compared to the balance you and I have in our personal lives

The Shaytan wants you to have chaos in the balance of your life

The Shaytan takes something that Allah has already made permissible, acts as a catalyst and makes us take out of proportion

The desire to make an income is a natural desire

The desire to make others happy is a natural desire

Because sons are seen as an extension of your wealth

They made fun of the Prophet when his son died

"who's going to carry his name?"

It's not the business that's desirable, it's what you're truly hoping the business will give you

Those who disbelieve their money and children will not benefit them

Business people do not like instability

Freedom of speech exists everywhere, people speak very freely. In fact in some places people speak even more freely than those in the United States

There are two areas in many places that people are not free to talk about

One of them is Religion, and the other is politics

People can't speak anymore freely, everybody is afraid

If you denegrate somebody racially in a public place you will lose your job

For a believer when you die you lose your racial identity, but your Religious identity remains

The Prophet Muhammad SAWS never denegrate an ambassador

The inward perceives the outward

You can't hide family problems with your children

Being impulsive means that you're not thinking about the future

Wisdom is what gives you guidance, and once you have the guidance then you approach the knowledge in a certain way

Because the human being is ungrateful

America spends more on weapons today than it does on anything else

The beauty of our Religion is that it makes us struggle in life and maintain our sanity

We are going to be the standard of what it means to be descent human beings

We will be the ones asking questions

Islam came to save people from harm

They look at you as role models whether you like it or not

Allah has already put you in a position of leadership, you are Muslims

The most valuable thing that you will have in this life is a clean heart, because that is your key to Jannah

The best approach is an indirect one

When you're direct Shaytan loves it

It is fine to get to know the person, but get others involved

When you absolutely love a person and you want to marry that person

First of all you have no guarantees that it's gonna work out

And second of, when you get that infatuated you don't care what anybody else thinks

No one knows you better than yourself

We have to learn to be hard on ourselves

One has to stop complaining about the world and start complaining about himself

What are my shortcomings?

Maintain balance in your life

The real asset that all of us have is time

We should be such that without swearing an oath people believe us

In this modern century it's more important for people around you to think I'm happy than to actually be happy

Your image in the sight of Allah is your greatest priority

The reason we have famine, the reason we have economic problems, the reason we have injustice and all these issues regard to economics is because of distribution

"You're not going to carry my luggage on the Day of Judgement" - Umar ibn Al Kathab

Interest is an impediment to the distribution of wealth

Imagine if Barack Obama or Donald Trump became a Muslim, it's possible. Imagine all the world bankers, the IMF, imagine if they became Muslim. They would use the principles of the deen to deal with these issues.

Don't underestimate the power of the Dawah, because the Dawah itself changes lives

Our ideas will solve the problems of the world

As Muslims we have to believe in this

He would act and be like the poorest person in the city

This is the reality of Islam

Women love it when you tell them how beautiful they are

The first act of civilization was farming

Everything that Allah does has beauty in it

You and I we can never acknowledge the goodness of our mother

A Muslim is not supposed to be depressed

We consist of five primary parts:
1. The body
2 The intellect
3. Nafs(the ego)
4. The soul
5. The heart

The heart is a tool that is used to ponder

Our intellect are weak, we can't even grasp the concept of infinity

But infinity is a concept, it is something that mathematicians and scientists talk about all the time

Within the universe we are confined

Our minds cannot fathom the greatness of Allah SWT, but our hearts can

The nafs are generally inclined towards evil

If it is purified it pushes towards Allah SWT

The nafs is an enemy that is loved

Generally speaking, no one likes the devil

The nafs is more dangerous than the devil himself

In Ramadan you are not dealing with the devil, you are dealing with your nafs

The nafs is not so sensitive to one's own mistakes just as how you are not sensitive to your own filth

But the nafs is sensitive to the mistakes of others

The nafs is problematic because it does not see the faults of himself but it sees the faults of others

It overlooks one's own faults

Each one's nafs becomes contaminated and polluted based on the environment that they're in

If you do not work on your nafs at all it's always going to be pushing you towards evil, pushing you towards desires

Desires that already exists

Anything in excess is not good for you

The intuition of a believer is true

The Prophet was an ambassador of love

The Prophet told us to declare our love

The purest and highest form of love is to sacrifice what you want for what your beloved wants

The tree takes in carbon dioxide and gives us the oxygen we breathe

Our entire infrastructure of life, begins with a tree

When you have Allah you don't need anyone else

We are not allowed to show off except with Allah

That was not boasting, that was done in order to encourage others

The lunar calendar consists of 355 days, each month 29 or 30 days, and this is based on the sighting of the crescrnt

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

Peace is not just calmness of emotions

We face reality and this is the beauty of our faith