If I love you for the sake of Allah it will be easier for me to correct you

Shaytan one of His biggest traps is to make you waste time

If you do not know how to use technology cut it out completely, if you do then Alhamdulillah use it to your benefit

Everybody does not have the same ability

The main type of doubts for the believer generally speaking is whispering insinuating thoughts

You get strengthened by doing more dhikr

They strengthen the heart

It is not showing off, it is teaching them to lead by example

Every human being is born by nature Muslim

Don't die, except as a Muslim

You will follow the path of those who came before you

If you're a Muslim then how can you be like everyone else?

Abu Tallib preferred for The Prophet SAWS not to travel out of Makkah without need or necessity

When you go into a business deal write down your contract, write down your terms, not because I don't trust you

The Prophet SAWS is a man, he's been working since he was 14 years old

"none of that is necessary"

The Prophet SAWS and Khadija got married fast

It's natural for us to recognize beauty

If there's an attraction then what is demanded of the individual is that he suppresses that

There is a harm when it emerges in the public space

Let us hide our good deeds like we try our best to hide our bad deeds

You really know if you have Taqwa when you're all alone

To write down your personal reflections

Doing this will give you an extra companion in your journey with the Quran

The more that we put the Quran in our hearts the more we are enriching and building on this house called the heart

Angels' whispers can incline people towards good

Do the deeds that you want to do, but just know that one day you're going to be held accountable for them

The Quran is for all times, if you sit down, ponder and think the Quran is relatable to every single one of us

The "I" is the ego

Globalization is changing our world

Yaqeen- Certainty in the existence of Allah

Patience is half of the faith but Yaqeen is all of it

Every crime has to do with some sort of loss of eeman

When they have faith in Allah, Allah puts within them a light

Only His fairness is possible

You haven't submitted to Allah because you put a son in front of him

Islam at its heart is justice

It is not acceptable for a woman to change her name upon marriage

Never compare your wife to another

Increase the number of surprises

Being a shepherd was the first job of the Prophet SAWS

He would never ever earn a single penny in an unlawful way

It infuses people, that's what this Religion does

Ibrahim AS did seek forgiveness for his father until Allah told him that his father was destined for the hellfire, he then had to stop

The ability to make your enemy your greatest friend and supporter

When Muslims use "radical" it doesn't always mean violence

Allah gave every Prophet companions from amongst his nation who obeyed his commands

After every Prophet came hypocrites

Jesus PBUH was combating people who twisted the message of Moses PBUH

You should not accept evil as normal

We do not believe that any Prophet was immoral or had an immoral message or a message that sanctioned oppression

The actions that we do should have the right intention

The ultimate success is with Allah SWT

We could not have been guided unless it was from Allah SWT

There are some deeds that are the Sunnah of the Prophet SAWS, and there are some deeds that are the Sunnah of Allah

It's very difficult to adopt a child

Be in awe of Allah and be in awe of motherhood

People who's relationships of the womb has been severed you have to go out of your way to take care of those people

Salvation through giving up material wants

Our Deen is the most misunderstood thing on this planet

Science says that time is relative it differs from one person to another

According to Einstein's theory of relativity there is a relation between time and space

" I may not be moving through space, but I am moving through time"

"As long as I'm standing still that is, not moving though space, Einstein says that all of my motion are through time

Motion through space affects the passage of time

So such a speed is belonging to no one and nothing except Allah SWT

It is we who fear the passage of time because we are bounded by time

The woman's strength for sexual capacity is greater than a male's

There is a certain modesty Allah placed in women that he didn't place in men

We like to liken modern dictators to Firawn but he is the worst

No tyrant is worse than Firawn

"You putting dirt in his mouth would not have stopped Me, I still would've forgiven him

When evil people die the angels are hitting them in the face

I hated him the day he said that "I am your Lord the most high

Discovery is ecstasy

Two people live in wonder, children and philosophers

It's speaking that makes us humans

The Arabs did not believe in a after life

The second time around is always easier

Hydrochloric acid doesn't break down seeds

From that seed every human being will be recreated, from a divine rain

All of the information about you is contained in one of your cells

But the body that's recreated is not the same as this physical body

If you met people in the spiritual realm you will have a natural affinity for them