If I am calling you to do bad things then that character of the Shaytan is in me

The word shaytan means one who is deep in disbelief, one who is deep in enmity to God

We are not followers of philosophy, we are followers of what Allah brings down through the Messenger PBUH

There are jinns who become shaytan and there are human who become shaytan

But there is a real form of Jinn who are shaytan

When you are comfortable you are not moved by Allah SWT

The Prophet SAWS lived in every generation

No woman wanted to breastfeed the Prophet SAWS

Our circumstances can change us as people

This world is not a place of stability

Young children just want to make their parents proud

They wanna be like you, but that changes as they get older, now they want to be like their other friends

Just because you're happy with Allah doesn't mean that Allah is happy with you

I like slave, it's more humiliating. We don't want to bring no dignity before Allah

We can only try to get perfect justice

Allah will judge you according to your circumstance

Your skin is the largest organ in the body

Sweating is a bodily function for your body to cool off

There is nothing that stimulates you more than visual image

We human beings are immediately influenced by visual images

It has even a greater impact when it comes to the opposite sex

Most of the sins that people commit nowadays it starts with the eye

Nothing awakens our animalistic desires than visual images

It's haram to say that any individual is going to hell

Knowledge is the basis of power

Allah wants to send you Prophets that you can relate to

For medieval Europeans men were not created equal

Don't try to find your beauty, find your beauty in the sight of Allah, because that is the only one that will matter on Judgement Day

In Islam second place is the mentality of a loser

Any government is better than no government

Once you write it down it becomes crystal clear in your mind

One of the trends of ungrateful people is that they are wasteful

They are excessive, they don't really care much for the small things in life

People that are excessive in wasting they are the brothers of the Shaytan

The Prophet SAWS he condemned wastefulness in everything

Ingratitude leads to wastefulness

The majority of the people in paradise are poor people

Never equate your situation with your status

When you think bad about people leads you to all other diseases like backbiting, spying...

When you think bad about people you are like Ibliss, when you think good about people you are like Adam AS

Just because your suspicions are correct doesn't make it okay for you to assume evil of people

If someone is a pessimist then most of the time they are going to be proved right

Corruption prevails amongst us

The optimist will be burned, but he will not be burned in the Hereafter

Allah commands us to think well of people

That attitude is satanic even if it is proven right in the future

A person of good heart is not only worried about himself he's also concerned about other people

The opposite of being humiliated is to be honored

Allah created us in a dignified way

Islam is liberating

Islam did not take any freedom away from people

When you become a slave of Allah you free yourself from every type of humiliation

Husband to wear uniform in high school, all gothic kids they all dress the same, and all the kids who are into hip hop they all dress the same

They are enslaved to trends

This Deen liberates you

In many cases we associate dignity with the way that people treat us

A True Believer realizes that they have been dignified by Allah

Which means that no human being can actually take my dignity away

Until you are thrown into Hell Fire you are still dignified

You are supposed to eat and dress in a dignified fashion

You are supposed to speak in a dignified fashion

"Putting something where it doesn't belong" is the definition of "wrongdoing"

They gravitate towards the nobility of Prophets

We don't judge people when they are saying something

You can be a good speaker but if you are a terrible human being than you are terrible human being

We are supposed to be ambassadors of Allah's Messenger SAWS

I can't because I am a Muslim, we dignify women

When somebody accept Islam they become ready for death

Because she is also the mother of your children

We cannot oppress someone and expect for our Dua to be accepted

We are meant to produce the beautiful

Dedicate your time with regularity

Quran talks to the heart directly

The eyes, mouths and ears they are funnels to the heart

We see filth, we hear filth, we talk filth

So therefore all of these filthy things dirty the heart

The polisher of the heart is the remembrance of Allah

When the heart becomes clean so does the external

It does not happen externally it starts from inside

You have to beg Allah for that Divine aide

It's not going to decrease from the mercy of Allah in any way whatsoever

Our purpose in life is to serve him

Why would Allah create us? First of all that's none of your business. Allah SWT makes those decisions

Allah loves to forgive. That's part of the purpose of our existence, it is to experience the mercy of Allah

Allah gave Ibliss no reason to disobey Him

It's another level of disgrace to be disobedient to a loving parent

What harm did Allah do to you that you will disobey Him

He's hoping that Adam AS won't seek forgiveness because that will derail his plan

He comes to you before you commit the sin with wishful thinking, and he comes to you afterwards with despair

Those who caused the most damage in Islam are from within

Men decides if they want to be grateful

You can't say that Allah has not done enough for you

Guidance comes from Him

Preserving your chastity starts off with the eyesight

Whoever accuses and individual must bring clear proof

The only ones who will love you are believers, and the only ones who will hate you are hypocrites

The best thing that you can leave behind is good manners and etiquette

A parable is a kind of example

The purpose of giving an example is for a student to be able to remember the lesson

A good teacher knows how to give examples

There are two types of light.

The first light is the physical light like the light of the sun

The second light is the spiritual light( this person's heart is full of light, the Quran is guidance and guidance is light)

Angels are made of spiritual light

If we understand physical light, then we can understand spiritual light

Spiritual light is not something that we can experience it's beyond us

Everybody experiences physical light

The source of every light in the skies and the earth is Allah

Allah's physical light for this planet is the sun

A blind person is not able to appreciate light

In order to have Vision you need two things

Your eyes need to be working

And you need light

In many literature's including Arabic a person is able to see when they have light in their eyes

You are not able to see what's wrong with you unless Allah light up your reality around you

Allah revealed light from above

Someone who closes up their heart is spiritually blind

There are two kinds of mind

The first mind is the mind that is given to you when you are born

The second mind is the mind that you build up on as you age

Every human being has already had a conversation with Allah one on one

When you were born you had a fully mature soul in your body

The best connection to Allah is the prayer

The Adhan is given when you are born

The actual prayer is given when you die

Physical light is a source of life for this planet

With all spiritual light you cannot have spiritual life

If you have light inside you it will really shine during Dark Times

A clean glass you can see right through it, there's transparency and there's honesty

Whenever you begin to hold on to something Allah let you know that nothing is permanent but him