Right behind the eeman are the most knowledgeable people

In case that he makes a mistake somebody who knows what to do will be right behind him

Allah has prescribed upon himself forgiveness before he created Adam

Not because we deserve to be forgiven but because Allah is the most merciful

Taking full responsibility is essential when repenting to Allah

They ascribed the sin to themselves but they ascribe the forgiveness to Allah

His repentance is unconditional

It doesn't work that way that's insincere

It has to be unconditional it has to be sincere and you have to want nothing from it except for the Forgiveness of Allah

He wants to help them seek forgiveness in the proper way

I don't concern myself with the answer of the supplication instead I concern myself with the ability to make the supplication

Just because Allah forgive you does not mean that you should not still have a feeling of regret

Adam continued to cry over the sin that he committed when he came down to the Earth

It should not make a person dive further into despair

Instead it should inspire a person to continue to do better

This Promise was made to Adam even as he was being sent to this world

Allah will certainly secure their place in Paradise

Allah has already permitted it because there is some form of goodness in it

There is good and virtually everything that happens around you

Every challenge that you pass you become a better person

You have to move in a step-by-step fashion

A step-by-step approach helps you to build a solid foundation

People with a lot of enthusiasm try to do too much

Take it easy

You didn't change overnight give it some time

At the end of the day our duty is to convey the message not to convert people

Choose your friends well because you will be like your friends

Those around you they want you to be like them they will be more comfortable if you were like them

You need to choose your friends wisely

Have only friends who will remind you of Allah

Do not hang around with best friends a lot or all the time

That's how your life will be sometimes it will be up and sometimes it will be down

It is all a part of life

Faith goes through cycles

If you want your faith to increase you have to increase in your good deeds

Increase your good deeds and decrease your bad ones

The best of those who make error constantly are those who repent constantly

You need to study Islam formally

You will be able to teach the knowledge because you acquired the knowledge in a structured way

You can always get more knowledge and you have a duty to share the knowledge that Allah has given you

The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others

This life is the shortest and most dangerous

It says not a barrier it is actually an opportunity

It is a cultivation ground to reap the rewards and her after

Our desire for this world that is the barrier

You become happy or sad because of this world

When everything revolves around this world for you then you get your priorities mixed up

The sole purpose for your existence is for you to recognize Allah

These matters are not considered desire for this world

Infinity is a concept that our minds cannot grasp

We live in a very materialistic era

Allah test you to forgive you of your sins and to cleanse you

You don't have to sin to be tested

The Prophet SAWS he did not sin and he was tested

The minutes that you become obsessed that is when your priorities get mixed up

Remember Allah and say his name constantly

Among what is forbidden is obscene language

The Prophet would talk but not to the extent of all talking

There is a balance needs to be striked

Don't excessively talk and don't excessively be silent

Disliked speech is to talk about something concerning this world in an excessive manner it is not sinful but it is disliked

The Prophet SAWS he spoke about worldly matters but never to the extent of obsession because that is when it becomes disliked

Stay away from a speaking about matters that do not benefit you in this world or in the hereafter

If you are going to be silent then nobody is going to want to talk to you

The balance that needs to be striked is that you need to be conscious of your words

When we overestimate ourselves we underestimate Allah

An elephant can smell water from 3 miles away

When you place yourself in a position of denying legislation you are making yourself into a god

A great white shark can detect a drop of blood in 25 gallons of water

The only thing that we surpass every other creation in is our ability to prostrate because that is why we was created

Scientists have come to the conclusion that there are over 300 billion stars in our galaxy

How can we exist when they are over 200 known parameters that is needed for a planet to support life?

Scientists are beginning to make the case that there is actually a god as the Creator for our universe

Allah gives life and gives death in a way that we are not able to

Allah will not punish a person for internal conversation or internal dialogue

You use your intellect to arrive at the Integrity of the text

I know that anything that comes from Allah and his messenger is the absolute truth even if my logic does not agree with it

By studying the truth your faith increases

I know for sure that this man receives Revelation from Allah so I believe him in everything that he says

We will show them our signs in the universe and within themselves until they know for sure that this is the truth

There is the pursuit of truth and the pursuit of meaning

As Believers and Muslims we already know that this is the truth

When you begin an argument with an atheist at the beginning of the argument they are atheist but at the end they are agnostic

Everything was created for meaning and purpose

We try to limit Allah to our human dimensions

Why? Because that is Allah

He is not subjected to our human dimensions

Whenever you try to imagine an image of Allah just know that Allah is different from that he is different from what you just imagined

He is the first despite being the last and he is the Manifest despite being the hidden

Allah is always in control

Allah is with you wherever you may be

The rivers of paradise are flowing from the throne

The greatest station in Paradise is the throne

Do not assign human dimensions to God

His Mercy is greater than his anger this is written on the throne

The majority of the world's Muslims live in Asia

It is good to be reminded

The intangible benefits are better than the tangible ones

Beware of minor sins because they add up until they destroy you

Allah is the only one who has the right to judge people

You are not allowed to use your logic to do away with the revelation

Because the Revelation comes from one who has infinite knowledge that we do not have access to

The Shaytan was the first one to use false logic

In male and female relationships we give each other space

We don't touch one another unless they are part of our family

We lower our gaze we dress in modesty and we stick to the principles

The best of us who can never be Prophets, the greatest ratio you can get is 1 to 25, some are 1 to 70

Nobody likes it when they boast over you

3 things was given to the prophet when he went for the night Journey

The first thing is that the five prayers were made into an obligation

Number two is that the last two verses of Surahhtul Baqarah were given to him

Number three is that he was given the good news that any one who dies upon believing the Oneness of Allah and he does not associate partnership with him then he will be forgiven when he die

Surahhtul Baqarah was given to the Prophet without the intermediary of Jibreel

The rest of the Quran Jibreel gave it to him personally

We are the only Religion that accepts all the Prophets

As soon as we hear them we implement them

Allah knows our thoughts but we are not going to be punished for them

When you hear a new ruling don't reject it

I will not put a burden on you that you cannot handle

Even the most efficient people waste time

Recreation is an important part of life

Thinking about what you are reading takes a lot of time

One of the old English words for the Devil is the consumer

It is arrogant to have a view of superiority because a person does not follow the same religion as you

We live in a time where the tools of the Satan is very immense

All of us are blessed to have leisure time

Leisure is the foundation of civilization. The time to think it is the time to cultivate the mind and the spirit

Leisure comes from a Latin word which needs license, it's a permission, it's the time that you are permitted to have

My advice to me and to all of you is to use this time, it is very precious

It is a gift that Allah gives us for this time that we have to cultivate our minds and our spirit

It is a great blessing to have this teaser time to cultivate our minds and our spirits

Preserving your chastity starts off with the eyesight

It begins with one simple look

The one who frees his desire to look is also going to free his desire to do what Allah has prohibited

Do not follow up a look with another look, because you will be forgiven for the first look but not for the second one

Whenever you are walking in the street and you see something bad, when you look once do not look again, because you will be forgiven for the first one but not for the second one

A simple look can turn into a thought, and a thought can turn into an action, and an action can turn into a habit, and when it becomes a habit it will be very hard to stop

When a person is hooked on pornography and they tell him to stop he says that he can't stop because it all started from one look

It's all comes back down to the very beginning, one simple look

The Sunnah, the tahajjud, the reading of the Quran, these are things that protect your heart

Remember Allah slowly, take your time with it

Try and get your state of being in with those words

You could be walking while remembering Allah

Maintain it and you will see changes

Even if you don't understand Arabic, still read it

There is a correlation between what you do and what happens in your life

If I don't read the Quran that day I get a bit lazy

Learn from your mistakes and protect your heart, most of the doubts are related to spiritual issues

We should be neat and presentable at all times

Be clean, be neat, and be presentable

The gifts of Allah should be apparent on you

When somebody sees you they should know that yes Allah has blessed this person

Because someone is clean and someone is presentable it does not mean that they are rich

It does not mean that they are arrogant, they are just taking pride in the way that they dress and they look

What makes you or breaks you is your character and conduct, your closeness to Allah

You must take pride in the way that you dress, understand that Allah is beautiful and he loves all that is beautiful

Develop your personality if Allah has blessed you then it should be apparent upon you

You do not dress for people you dress for yourself, even your under clothing needs to be that's which is nice that which makes you feel good

We have to speak about it because if we don't speak about it then who will?

I don't want to be the type of person who feels lethargic all day

A lot of the time your laziness is due to the fact that you did not wake up early in the morning, take a shower, properly get dressed

Remember when you look good and you take pride in the way that you look you automatically feel good inside you

Even if you are not going outside you must take pride in the way that you look

Make sure that you don't have a fall smell

Why should I pretend like Allah has not blessed me?

If you are clean and everything around you is clean then when you are praying your act of worship will not be compromised

Don't matter who you are when you wake up in the morning make your bed

All of this is going to help you be a better person, psychologically you become so uplifted

Try not to use foul language even if others are using it

You are a person who respect yourself before anybody else

Learns to give things away, learn to be generous

You do not just collect without giving away, learn to give things away

May we be from amongst those who take pride in their dress

There are sometimes it which it is preferred

Immediately after the obligatory prayer

When a person is fasting, especially when they are breaking their fast

When a person is praying, in the position of procreation

In the late hours of the night

There is an hour within the night in which a Muslim asks Allah for good and he would surely get it

The supplication of the one who is oppressed will not be rejected

The youth is a reflection of what came before them

Our youth are lost and confused because you are lost and confused

Your kid is a reflection of you. What did you do with your life, how did you spend your time?

They are doing the exact same thing, maybe through a different path

What is your purpose of life? Is your purpose to get married, to wear nice clothes? Or is your purpose to serve Allah

Allah has placed you on this Earth for a very short time. When you leave what do you take with you?

He sold you a man, he gave it to you

Deen is your GPS through life

If you do not have Deen then you are lost soul you're chasing your whims and desires

Allah is not looking to be impressed with what you can come up with

Allah has made it very clear this is the path which leads to success, and if you do not follow it then you are loser

Anything and everything that is other than his way will lead you to destruction, even if it is under the banner of Deen

I want to create a new form of worship, but if the prophet did not do this then it will lead you to destruction

Allah is not looking for inventions

The purpose of your existence is to establish Deen in your life and to establish Dean on the Earth

That is the purpose of your life that is why you are here

This world is so meaningless to Allah, if it meant anything to him then he would not have given a single Kafr a sip of water

Allah gives, why? Because none of it means anything to Allah

Ask yourself, which side are you on?

Speak very little and do much

Everybody wants to be successful, everybody want to be happy, we all want to be ahead of the game

Allah has showed you which path leads to success

I left no stone unturned

A gangster is not somebody who wears tattoos and sells drugs

A prankster is somebody who oppresses, somebody who does not follow the religion

What's happening in our communities?

There is a death on a weekly basis. And who is killing who?

Allah Himself will destroy you

He will destroy you through your own actions

What do you love about it?

The only one that is documenting this is Allah

It is a big deal that Allah has made a celebrity out of somebody who we will not have known otherwise

Whenever that we learn something from the Quran we should take a step back and value what Allah has done for us

There is no way that you could have had access to this knowledge or this wisdom, it had to be revealed to you

Wisdom is beneficial knowledge that is acted upon

If you have a lot of knowledge does not mean that you have wisdom

Not just to know but to live by them as well

He lived the life telling himself over and over again be grateful

Whenever you are surrounded by trouble you and I are preoccupied with the negative

Whenever you are preoccupied with the negative there is no way that you can figure out what to be grateful for, it is impossible

You cannot be drowned in negative thoughts and be grateful at the same time, those two things cannot coexist

We are very ungrateful because we always find a reason to complain

I can't think about anything right now because I am drowned in negativity, and it does not matter how much knowledge you have or how long your beard is

It does not have to do with the outside of Islam, this is something that is happening within our hearts

You can have all the knowledge in the world but gratitude is not there

If you truly love him then the best way that you can prove that is by embracing his life as your life

Allah will love you and he will forgive you for all of your sins

He was the greatest teacher to have ever lived, he came down with a complete way of life

Inquire about the food if you are a guest and you do not know what the food is

He never consumed any food unless he knew what it was

Wash your hands before eating

This will protect an individual form any dirt or bacteria that might be present on his hand

Rush to accept food that has been offered by a host

If the guest does not consume the food then that will hurt the host

Mention the name of Allah before consuming the food

When an individual enter his home let him enter with the name of Allah

Whenever you consume I think you should do it in three sips, not in one gulp

Do not breathe into the container while drinking, move the container away from your mouth then breathe and then put the container back into your mouth

You are supposed to drink sitting down

After drinking you are to praise Allah

You are not supposed to drink straight from a picher you should put it into a container or cup

He was able to handle both adversity and prosperity with Grace

A great athlete is someone who is able to see through those difficult moments in game and he does not fold

You have to be prepared for whatever life throws your way whether it is a form of ease or hardship

It takes a lot to be able to recover from something like that

He was right back at it, and that is a sign of greatness

That state is the amazing state of a believer

How amazing is the affair of the believer

The believer is always in the zone no matter what his circumstances are around him

Your intentions are in your control

The end result is not in my control but the process is in my control

You need to internalize the concept of a believer

Need to know that I'm not going to hold nothing from you

If you want to be a merciful person a forbearing person then Allah is going to give that to you

Whoever seeks help in Allah then Allah will help him, if he wishes to be independent then Allah will make him independent

If you are taking the required steps that is needed for you to be financially independent then Allah is eventually going to give that to you

If you wish to be patient then Allah will make you patient

There is no greater gift that Allah will give you that can help you better than patience

Patience is a sense of perspective

Patience is a mindset

If you have the gift of patience then that is better for you, that is the best gift that you can get from Allah

There is nothing that you can do to him that can make him lose the perspective that he has

He was a contributing member to this Society

The mindset of that person was so strong that even when death came to him he still had that perspective

A person that has that mindset you you cannot take that from him even if you killed him

Because they see success and failure entirely in the hereafter

They are not fatalistic, they don't sit around and do nothing these are very very productive people

A Believer is in that particular Zone, that particular mindset in which they see everything as a means of elevation in the hereafter

He was able to put that in his companions

How can a human being withstand a fever to that extent?

The Prophets of God are tested twice as hard as the rest of us

So when they are struck with something it hurts twice as much as it does to the regular person

Is that because you are twice as rewarded?

There is no Muslim who is afflicted with any hardship but Allah erases his sins the way that a tree shed its leaves

His faith is able to withstand more than any of us can

Allah knows the type of pressure that you can withstand and Allah will not put you under something that you cannot handle

Being able to walk unphased is what bears success in this world

You do not wait to develop that mindset when you are laying down in the hospital bed

You are always supposed to have that mindset

It is a lot easier to get distracted by ease in this life then it is to be distracted by hardship

The goodness that I have now I hope that it does not delude me

My mindset mandates that I am still thinking about what can I get better from Allah

We do not equate goodness in this life to goodness from Allah

We are so okay with life being unfair to other people but we don't like it when it is unfair to us

If life is good to us then we do not care if the world is burning around us

The mindset that we need to have is that whatever Allah gives to us it's an opportunity

The idea here is that you are humbled by your success as well as your failures

If Allah gives you good things then that means be vigilant and be better

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and do not be surprised by anything in between

That is the mindset of a believer

He remembered Allah during his times of ease, so Allah remembered him in his time of difficulty

What proof do you have that you are going to die in that state

Because you live that life so you die on that

So you pray and you get charity, does that mean that Allah owes you something?

We are not a creation that was created to live in solitude

Marriage is one of the laws of Allah

The Blessed Bond of marriage something that holds Perpetual significance

Islam encourages marriage and discourages monasticism

Verily I fear Allah and I stay away from his boundaries more than anyone of you

Marriage has many virtues and advantages attached to it

A righteous spouse is a ticket to Paradise

The preservation of a person's chastity and religion

We men are created to have a strong desire for women, and women have a desire for men. The devil sees this and he uses it as an opportunity

Our maker has instilled within us the desire for the opposite sex, and this desire can be fulfilled in a lawful way or in a way which is prohibited

The closer that you are to Allah the further you will be from the Devil

You cannot be close to the devil and to Allah at the same time

The Shaytan will instil in you fear

There are different levels to disbelieve and there are different ways to reject

It encompasses numerous elements into one

The attention span of an adult in 2007 was 8 minutes long

In a 32 minute lecture only about 25% is spent actively listening

When you hear something only 67% of what you hear is heard accurately

Our attention spans are reflected in our prayers

The best prayers are those with a lengthy standing

Your value of Islam is equivalent to how much you value Salah

The challenges in life are many we do not know where they will come from

That is the benefit that is derived from the science itself

The benefit of that is that I understand that Allah is speaking to me

Different Sciences have different virtues

English is not a grammatical language, it has a grammar but it is not a grammatical language

There is room for ambiguity in English, English has a synthetic

The structure of the language in Arabic is very flexible

In order to understand Arabic you need to have intuitive knowledge of grammar

Arabic is the key to knowledge in our religion

The Quran cannot be translated, in reality no great literature can be translated

The original is always better. You can never translate a great text because language is too nuance

Aristotle is the inventor of logic but he was not the first one to use logic

If you have the tools of knowledge then you can, but if you do not then you cannot

A denotation is what the word specifically means

Connotations are the meanings that could be possible which is derived from the basic meaning

Arabic meanings are very vast

Islam teaches us the lesson of Peace not war

We should always be kind to animals

It is best to do all type of things in moderation

The best type of work is work with your hands

We have to do social justice, just like he did in his life

Racism can destroy societies this is why our prophet condemned it

When Allah took the life of the disbeliever he took it at a time where the disbelievers would have been on disbelief for his whole life or for all eternity if he would have lived that long

When Allah takes my soul in what condition will it be in?

There are some disbelievers whose Deeds on like a mirage, and a mirage has no reality

Some people like to Define what slavery is for themselves

People sometimes rationalize and they come up with their own definition of good

You allowed your mind to deceive you and when you got there it was just a mirage

I will disobey Allah with one thing and I will obey him with another thing and I will be able to keep both. This is a delusional thing to say

I will violate your law but I will make it up later. This is your delusion, you cannot make it up

I'm corrupt governments when you're about to go to jail you can just slip some cash and you will be okay, but it does not work the same with Allah you cannot pay him off

Do not ever try to bribe somebody who is really really just. So this means that you should not try to bribe Allah

Not only are you not off the hook but now you are in even more trouble because you tried to get away like that

Mirajes are about people who actually think that they are doing good

Unless you are praying for Allah and not because your parents told you to, if you are doing it because your parents commanded you to then you get nothing with Allah

It is a harsh reality but it is undeniable

If the Deeds that you are doing are not based on sincerity then you are doing them for nothing

One is dying because he does not have water and the other one is dying because he has water, the reality is that they both die.

There are some Muslim kids who fall deeply into Bad Company

Hands are a symbol for Deeds, this guy does not even realize how much evil he is earning with his hands

Allah blessed every human being with light

Somebody who takes drugs does not want to face his reality

Because they do not want to face what's going on in the world, it is delusional

In the 90s the highest suicide rates were in the wealthiest counties in California

They are so drowned in darkness that they cannot even see the point so they take their on lives

A life of evil looks tempting, but look deep into their lives there is all kind of sadness in it

In order for you to be able to do what they tell you to do you have to let yourself go

You will have to do stuff that you may not regularly do

If you have not found light inside of you then you will never find it from around you, all you will find is darkness and sadness

Only by allowing Allah to enter your heart is the only time that you will find peace, otherwise you will never ever find it

You have to internalize this, you have to make that decision at this age in your life

Something that is spiritually powerful and intellectually powerful, it cleanses your mind

We know what's what, we are not delusional about anything

If you prolong in your bad ways for a long time then your heart becomes hardened, to the point where doing the sin feels like it's nothing

Forsake your bed for the sake of Allah

Admit your sin, regret it, ask Allah to forgive you for the sin and promise to never do it again

People have different ways of diagnosing themselves

You are not an angel yourself, you contributed to this problem also

Repent to Allah because you have transgressed the limit of Allah

I messed up and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it up

Every companion had a different diagnosis

Knowing the cause of us is crucial to understanding who God is

Am I pursuing from religion inspiration or am I pursuing instructions

We approach the Quran looking for inspiration, and that is okay

Allah wants you to look at it for inspiration and for instructions

I want to extract my meaning of life from the Quran

You can use classical Arabic to interpret the Quran

The reason why he did not interpret it it is because he wanted for us to derive meaning from it until the end of time

The best Tafseer of the Quran is time itself

One of the problems nowadays is that the Quran is memorized but the Tafseer is not understood

They will master its letters but they will not understand its injunctions

When the Imam recite something you must listen

When the Quran is being recited out loud you have no right to entertain anything else except but to listen carefully

Be a good listener and you will be a good leader Insha'llah

When he bows down don't move until he finishes

Wait until he finishes before doing any move

Listen and don't speak when the Quran is being recited

The problem nowadays is that we do things without knowledge

The beginners are very impatient

It is very difficult to discipline us today

Japanese people will never take something that don't belong to them

It is very difficult to discipline this generation today

Before praying he has to look back on everyone to make sure that there is no error, and everybody is lined up straight and no gaps in the line

Learn how to respect the elders

Today everybody wants to be a leader, but you must be a leader to yourself first

It is difficult to go to Hellfire, and it is easy to go to paradise

Who gave you the right to pass a judgement on anybody without even asking them?

Sometimes it's better not to talk than to talk

When there is no leader then there is no country, you need to have a leader

Whenever that you give somebody Salaam you must give them time to respond

You can say that the Muslims are bad but not the religion of Islam

The Muslims are not showing a good example

Islam is not here to make you into a leader, just be a good person and that is enough

It is not the quality of a Believer to spread Tales

Dirty or immoral, below the belt jokes

You are not able to focus in your prayer why? Because your mind is filled with pornography

Nigerians are .7% of blacks in the US and 20% of blacks in Ivy League colleges

Speak well to people, we have so many Muslims who are reactionary

We do not want to assimilate nor isolate, we want to integrate

Integrate means that you're in the society but you are maintaining your own identity

It is not easy to be a minority

These stereotypes are a major problem in our community

Before you come into this religion set aside what you already believe

If you come into it with are against then there is nothing in it for you

Sometimes what you think you know can lead you to be arrogant

Structuralism is the idea that languages have different structures

Your duty is is to keep on asking Allah for forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness will elevate your status even after you sin is forgiven

He will grant you beneficial rain from the sky

When you are hurt by your own child it hurts you way more

We disobey Allah and we want our children to obey us? Who are we?

Every of us needs to march forward because there is something that we can offer to Allah

Every one of us should work with our disposition, Allah created created us all with abilities

Our religion is about taking care of yourself and then doing something more

You are the reason why the world is a better place, you did something in the world that made it better

To be used for the Deen of Allah is the greatest honor that anybody can have

The purpose of making supplication is to change the reality and the people around us

If you want to change the reality around you then first you must change the reality of yourself, you must become better if you want everybody else to be better

And when it does not change do not blame Allah

If you want reality to submit to you then you must first learn to submit to Allah

You too not just come to Allah when you have a problem, you come to Allah all the time, you must be submitted all the time

The only reason why he gives us test is because he wants us to pass this test so that we can qualify to go to paradise

To delay marriage is sinful in Islam

Do you fear Allah or do you fear Society?

There is no middle man in Islam

A portion is a set amount of something

Once the people of knowledge turn away everybody else will also turn away

The word Christianity does not occur in the Bible

The only Deen that has it's own name declares it

It's not used as evidence for other things, it is the evidence

The Fountainhead of all knowledge is Quran

The word of Allah and the words of human beings will always be separate

Some things are meant to be internalize

Our religion values good conduct

A prostitute engages in sexual intercourse out of wedlock for the purpose of earning money

Religiosity is how you adapt to the Deen

How you behave with others and the words that you use

Love is leaving what you want for what your beloved wants