The goal of him was to reintegrate slave members in society

There is no superiority over a black man over a white man, or a white man over non white man or an Arab over a non-arab. Except in piety

All of you are from the children of Adam, the only way that you precede one another is by piety

It is not just a technical emancipation, it is a actual emancipation

When slavery was abolished in North America it did not result in an end of racism or inequality

You would have to address the root causes you do not just address the technical institutions

The emancipation of proclamation by Abraham Lincoln did not abolish slavery what it did was

If a slave could manage to get out of the South, and come fight on the side of the Union then they are free

It is political it does not solve the root problem of racism or inequalities

Bondage is not just physical, it is emotional it is psychological and it can come in all forms

If you slap a Slave or you physically abuse him the only way for expiation is to free him

There was no violence at that time, you could not abuse your slave and if you did you have to set them free

How can you enslave a man that was born free? This is in the United Nations Charter

You are not allowed to call them names that they do not like, you are not even allowed to call your slave a Slave

The Prophet PBUH forbade the master from calling his slave slave and he forbade the slave from calling his master Master

Instead you should say my young man or my young woman, the same way that you will refer to somebody in your family

It is an endearing term it does not really mean master, it is a loose term

All of you are slaves to Allah and Allah is the only master

The true sense of slavery only belongs to Allah, you cannot believe that you actually own somebody

You have to give the slave the same food and clothing that you and your family has

They are nothing but your brothers who Allah has placed under your care

Slaves were actually considered to be part of the family or part of household

The first Mufti of Makkah was actually a black man

I would not even have consulted you I would just do it

They chose their own arbitrator

We live to where's the end of times where the collective conscience of humanity seems to have almost died

In order for us to be thankful to Allah we need to sit and think and Ponder upon the blessings that he gives to us

How you can be thankful to Allah is to first know the blessings of Allah

It is recommended to ask Allah to die in Medina

You don't ask Allah to take away your life rather you ask him for a good death

It is the fear of losing yourself at the time of death

When you have more money do you get more protective of it or do you get less what do you do? You get more protective of it

We love to recite the book

We you want to act upon it after we have pondered upon it

Nothing corrupts a Soul like power, those there are in power it is very rare to to find a sincere one amongst them

Those that are in power they surround themselves with yes man with people who would validate their own World point of view

Even with a tyrannical ruler you use wisdom and you don't use harshness

The goal is not to humiliate him the goal is to make him think and change, use wise words

Political stability is more pleasing for Allah to have

Imagine a society where everyone cared about everybody else

We care about everybody else we want good for them, we don't care if they are killing themselves or taking drugs we want goodness for them

We are concerned for them we want their benefit because their benefit will be the benefit of the rest of us

If it is not your business then do not get involved with it

Not everyone who comes to you is sincere use your instinct

This emotional separation will adjust and help them to becoming adults

After the dramatic change in their bodies they start comparing themselves to their peers and they start wanting to fit in more

They do not want to be seen as a child under the care of their parents

For teenagers sometimes they can maybe think that their peers are more important than their parents in their decision making process

They want to find their identity

You train your heart to control your body that is what when you fast

As a Muslim we must believe in the Torah

We believe in it because the Quran says so and we believe in it

Anybody who makes a partner with God Almighty has done the worst violation that they can do

The one hing that you cannot negotiate about is the absolute Oneness of God

Your children are a test because Allah wants to see if you will bring them up the way that he wanted and not following your whims and fancies

There should be mutual understanding, say good words to one another

The only thing we know is to pick on people when things go wrong

Make the religion easy for you to practice

Islam is not just a religion amongst other religions, new Muslims need to internalize this idea

He was a person who spent his whole life trying to save people from Hell Fire

These signs are there, but we do not see them

Most of the problems started from reverts, people who who recently embraced Islam

Is is a system that is sustainable and it keeps working

It needs to be systematic in a way in which the Muslim receive support in the beginning and later on he or she becomes a valued member of society

When you remember somebody's gift you appreciate it more

The vast majority of Muslims live in a life of fear

The way that knowledge comes to you is through your sight and sound

If you do not enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil then Allah will not accept your prayers or your Dua

You do not have the luxury of saying "only God can judge me let me do as I please

Allah deprived rain upon a Prophet because of the actions of one man

When anyone of you does a good deed not only do you benefit but the rest of the Ummah also benefits

The Sunnah of Rasoloolah SAWS is not the best way, it is the only way

A Muslim is patient and thinks in a higher order

The sun is the smallest star in our galaxy, and our galaxy is one of billions

The ultimate crime for the believer on Judgement Day is the abandonment of the Quran

The Prophet loved listening to the Quran being recited aloud

Women are complementary to men, they are not the same

The Primary Emotion that men wants from the wife is that of respect

When the woman respect the man the man reciprocates that Respect by giving the woman her primary needs

The primary need that every woman wants is the continual love from the husband

The husband always makes his wife his priority, he always makes her think that he's always thinking about her

These are empty words until we translate them into reality

Verily Allah has forbidden any human to prostrate to another human

If you repent to Allah you must show sincerity

It is an honor to serve the one who you love. You only lose that once you stop loving that person, it then becomes a burden once you lose the love

The fact that our worship has become a burden is a sign that there is a problem internally

Everything is resonating

When you recite the Quran properly your whole body begins to resonate

They will give you the rational and then brings you the proposition

One of the things of modern people today is that they do not know the Power of Words

Words have meaning and they can have a deep effect

When you disparage the honor of human beings that you have no knowledge of

People have a right to be saved no matter who they are

An Arab takes his oath very seriously

To swear an oath is not an insignificant thing

Night time has a very great purpose in our act of worship in Islam

This is the greatest distinguishable factor between us and Allah. Because Allah does not sleep but his creations they need to sleep

Allah makes the sleep overcome us

Fear will make you make you wake up More Than Hope

Once a person taste the sweetness of Allah they automatically lose their appetite for this world

As Muslim the defaults assumption that we should have for everyone is that they are free of blame

Dawah is the ultimate love and concern for someone

When Allah is your focus you do not fall into despair because you know that he's got you

Communication is the key to all interactions, developments, and achievements

Emotional abuse is much more severe than physical abuse

In Islam fortune-telling is a branch of magic

The Prophet attached the same ruling to the one who goes to a fortune teller to the one who performs Magic

If you do not have a problem when you go to them by the time that you leave you will have a problem

These are people that profit and benefit from your misery and suffering

These people do not let you go and tell you that nothing is wrong with you

Don't be Hasty when it comes to these issues

If they do not believe in the reality of the jinn then they have left Islam

There is no reason to reject it except for a person saying that my mind cannot comprehend it

There are many things about this universe that we do not understand

They did not want to accept his message because they did not want to leave their ways behind

One of the prerequisites of repentance is to feel remorseful

If you do a good deed and pride and arrogance results from that then the good deed will be the cause of your destruction

When we are grateful to Allah Allah will give us more

You have blessed me to come to Jummah Salah early today

Whatever Allah has given us it is only through his Mercy

Let us be grateful to Allah for the chance to do a good deed

Abu Tallib helped the Muslims in such dire condition

Do not sin and feel like everything's okay

The land upon which a sin is committed will testify against you

Everything that there is will testify against you

Shaytan lived for 80,000 years amongst the angels

40,000 years he was the keeper for the keys of Jannah

It is a device that simulates the morning

The heart has to be protected in order for the light to reach the hearts

The glass is like a star

Allah has given our religion many names

Another name for our religion is the religion of Ibrahim

All the prophets that Allah talks about he does not say that any one of them is our father, except for Ibrahim

The majority of the Muslim nation is not Arab

Allah mentions Ibrahim as not just a messenger but as our father

His 23 years was dedicated to restoring Mecca to its original purpose, which was inaugurated by his father Ibrahim

What our messenger, peace be upon him did was to actually bring back the religion of Ibrahim

It is important to remember that our religion if it was a tree it will be deeply rooted back to Ibrahim

One of the most important introductions to Islam is to introduce people to Ibrahim

The picture that the Jews and the Christians paint of Ibrahim is very different from the picture that is captured by the Muslims

Allah reintroduced him in the Quran and He returned the Legacy back to him

This Umah is supposed to be heading towards a certain direction

It's okay for children to cry, but could you please do a courtesy and take a walk please

In certain countries in the world you are supposed to dress inappropriately when you go to the beach

Everybody has to be exposed

It is a beach policy

You are following his direction specifically

He did not need nobody else, no matter how much pressure his family or Society put on him he followed his own path

A lot of our decisions are a product of our environment

Everybody wants to be normal but they don't know what normal is, and they live by that, that becomes their religion

Why are you trying so hard, go back to being normal like everybody else, this is what they told young Abraham

Ibrahim was always struggling to reveal the truth and to break away from everybody else

When we become like Ibrahim then this idea of constantly struggling, constantly being criticized, constantly being questioned, it will become your lifestyle

The greatest blessing in this life is you being able to remain submitted to Allah no matter what happens in life

Statistics says that 1 in 15 people suffer from depression in this country

When a person is suffering from depression and you tell them that the problem is you this is the worst thing that you can say to them

Depression is a multi-disciplinary issue it's not easily categorized

They all knew who the Pharaoh was but there was hope that he would turn back to Allah

If you are a lenient person it is a sign of the mercy of Allah

Find out the type of person you are from asking Those whom you live with

Repeating things is part of the remembrance of Allah

The constant reminder benefits those who truly believe

Relax, just be normal, just smile

The constant reminder helps us, it really helps us

The only time that you will know your true value is when you ask Those whom you live with

Human beings need company

Marriage is an important Life part of your life and mine

You need to be an easy going person in order for the marriage to work out

Those who love one another for the sake of Allah will have a special shade on the day of judgement

Greet People whether they like you or not

I'm not doing good to someone because they deserve good, no, I'm doing good to someone because Allah loves those who do good

We are brothers and sisters, what makes me better than you?

Muslims have to greets one another

As a result they are Paving their path to Paradise

When you greet a person it can mean so much to them

Greet the Muslims, male or female

The biggest churches are those who are outwardly pious

There were a lot of Damages that was done in the past but when he jumped on he zoomed past everybody else

Greet people for the sake of Allah, even if I don't know your name yet it can make you feel so good