All of the sinful things there is something not clean about it

You can benefit people as long as fanaticism hasn't got a hold of them

Fanaticism is one of the means in which something gets deeply embedded into somebody's personality

They look at anybody who disagrees with them as being contemptible or low

Do not condemn people openly, just take them aside and give them good advice

Nothing will give you followers more than being a fanatic and cursing

If you study history economic inequality is nothing new

The rich usurp the the resources of everything in the world

Never equate your situation with your status

Allah loved a couple so he took away their child

Do not ever think that Allah is putting you in an unfavorable situation

Everything in this world is absolutely of no value to Allah

Intelligent design is a scientific theory to basically propose it as an alternative to Darwin evolution

You can look at any creation and see that there is a clear indication of design here, there is a clear indication of purpose here

You can actually have a biologically-based design argument in the same way that you can have a cosmologically based sort of argument

The powerful thing about using a philosophically base design argument is it does not matter whether if somebody subscribes to Darwin evolution or etc...

It becomes totally irrelevant in a design perspective

You can actually have a design argument based on the current understanding of biology

Such a hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic

The scientist himself as an individual can experience a reality that is Beyond naturalism

You can actually have a very powerful cogent coherent design argument without intelligent design as a scientific theory

We have to try to follow the methodology and the lifestyle of the last prophet of Islam

This concern is very real, everybody thinks that themselves and their family are immune

If anybody had a right to think that their family is safe was Ibrahim AS

I raise my kid properly, and he did, his kid was so willing to submit to Allah

Keep me and keep my Sons away from worshipping idols

Islam has to become a conscious thing not just some practices

Every child that falls into doubt, every child that cares more about video games than the book of Allah

Ibrahim AS was worried about idols

Every generation has its own Idols, every era has it on idols

An idol is something that you worship, something your hopes are associated with, something you think about all the time, something that replaces the place of Allah in your heart

Very easily in our times technology can become an idol

Very easily in all times money can become somebody's Idol

All they care about is money, all they care about is looks

People are crying because they can't perform pilgrimage and over here people are crying because they don't have the iPhone 6 Plus

We are creating Idols for our children

They are innocent, what you put in front of them they will become obsessed with

And then you cannot blame them for their obsession

If you continue to obey Allah and his messenger then none of your deeds will be wasted away

Hellfire will be filled with people who abuse their mouths and their private parts

If your home is strong then the community will be strong

We have to guard our dignity

That was his big fear, he feared that the men of this nation would lose themselves to their Temptations

You will have to go out of your way in order to protect yourselves, guard yourself

Men love to look at women, it's a natural thing

Men's motivation are far more animalistic

This life is about finding meaningful relationships

Just like one day you going to have a relationship with your wife. And that relationship will be more than just physical

There is an animal part of us and there is a human part of us

An animal it has urges and once it has an urge it will fulfill its urges no matter what

There are no consequences, and the animal goes from one animal to the other animal to the other animal

Once it has an urge it fulfills it

Technologically we are becoming more advanced but spiritually we are dead, like animals

Understand that this is an insult to your human self

And it's only celebrating your animal side

Maybe you need to take a step back and figure out who you really are

Don't become like people who forgot about Allah so Allah made them forget themselves

The worst deeds start off with Innocent mistakes that you would not even think of as evil

You have these powerful emotions inside of you and you don't know what to do with them

The animal side takes over and you do not even remember that you are human

To be able to remember and fight back that is only through Allah

Billions of dollars have been put into this industry in order to make you think that it is normal

If you don't know how to control your eyes then you will not know how to control the rest of you

The real thing that you have to guard is your eyes

Tell the Believers to stop staring, stop staring

When you can't control your eyes you cannot control your thoughts, and when you cannot control your thoughts you cannot control the rest of you

You know what happens when you're alone don't put yourself in that position

You will not be a good father and you would not be a good husband because you are losing your dignity

The respect for other people you have lost it

It is a powerful force and there's a lot of money behind it

If you don't decide to protect yourself then it's already over

Whoever does not have shame then let him do whatever he wants

You lost your dignity as a human being so go do whatever you want

The way for you to feel beautiful is for boys to stare at you

And you go stand somewhere where they can see you with your friends and you giggle a little bit too loud and you keep staring back to see if he looked at you, validation validation, women always need constant approval

I'm not judging you I just would like to know why I do trust like that?

Well I had a boyfriend and he thought that I was ugly

And so I dress like that because I don't think that I'm pretty enough so I need to put myself out there more

Girls need validation. She got hit with some bad offensive words so she dress like that because she needs validation in order to make her feel that she is good enough

Allah told Men First, tell the believing men to lower their eyes

Hijab it's not just a piece of cloth, it's an entire attitude

You're not ugly because somebody said you're ugly

You're only going to humiliate yourself

You are taking away the dignity that Allah has given you

What would he give you that Allah has not given you? Then you have to leave him for Allah

What is this man giving you except for proof that he does not like you he don't like who you are as a person

He likes you as a body, he does not like you as a person

Don't get manipulated. Boys are wolves, they will tell you what you want to hear in order for them to get what they want from you

They're not interested in you, they're only interested in one part of you

You are so beautiful, I have never seen anyone more pretty than you

Honestly when I saw you I did not know what to think, I have never seen such beauty

I'm not saying anything I'm not trying to impress you I'm just telling you how I feel

Little by little he is chipping away at your defenses

And then you say he is so nice no one has ever been so nice to me

He is at an age where his hormones dictates everything. He does not care that he's going to cause you a lot of pain your family lot of pain

The conversation will go further, it's all in your voice

He decides to prolong the conversation because he hears the softness in your voice

The way that you carry yourself is so important

The only time that they can have a physical relationship with someone is when they are married

The people who hold themselves back truly enjoys their marriage

Those who do not hold themselves back they never enjoy their marriage

Love is something that is put by Allah

It's not love, it's just your emotions playing with you. The devil is playing with you

Really this entire conversation is meaningless if you do not decide to make changes when you are by yourself

Who believes and who doesn't believe , it will show when they are by themselves

Those who constantly guard their prayers

You create your entire schedule to accommodate your prayers

Your prayers are not an inconvenience, everything else is an inconvenience to your prayers

Salah is the pillar of our Deen. It does not move

Making up prayers it's only acceptable when you miss Prayer by mistake

Allah built a house in the highest place in Paradise for every human being, he built the house in Paradise for every human being. He is hopeful that every human being will make it to Paradise

You are blessed to live in a country that is surrounded by Muslims

When you share your sins with others it becomes another sin

Don't feel that you have to change the Dean to match where you are

Being a Muslim is a way of life you can't just turn on the switch whenever you feel like it

The angels are created from light and they do not disobey Allah in any way

The human beings were created for the same purpose that the jinns were created for

And that is to worship Allah, earn our place in paradise and save ourselves from Hellfire

This is what matters to us

Because if I don't do it I'm not going to be able to reap the benefits from it

We look at what benefits us

He talks to us about what benefits us, not what benefits Allah

Iblees was a righteous person before, he lost that righteousness because of the choice he made

You will never become a True Believer until the main problem in your heart, between you and Allah, until you resolve it

Where is the root of the sin?

It does not start with the mouth because the mouth is an action

It is something inside your mind inside your heart

We need to monitor what's inside our hearts

For Iblees it was jealousy which caused him to have pride

He said to Iblees get out of this rank that I gave you

He was at the position with the angels, He was not an angel just a jinn

We don't want people like your disease over here

The disease of Iblees was a cancerous disease that cannot be cured

Jealousy can result in an incurable disease, so a Muslim must avoid it

It is not the same Jannah that we will be going to

Our Scholars mentioned that the Jannah in which Adam and Eve was in is different from the Jannah that we will be going to

Number one there are sins in there

There was a possibility of him being taken out of Jannah

In the Jannah that we will be going to if you enter it you will never come out

There is the whispering of the Satan in there whereas in the Jannah that we will be going to there is none of that

Allah calls a husband-and-wife relationship in Miracle in the Quran

And among his miracles is that he created from yourselves your spouses

And he made between you compassion, kindness and mercy

In this there are many signs for people who Ponder, those with understanding

Marriage is a time of peace and tranquility

Allah's premeasurement comes into place for the all things, we cannot understand it because our knowledge is limited

We cannot even begin to comprehend it let alone understand our own human bodies

Allah did not say don't eat from it, he did not say don't touch it he said don't even come near it

You will do Injustice to yourself

Don't come near adultery, fornication, it is a foul Act

It's pathway will only lead to harm and bad

It has no pathway of a good end

It's a lost and you must turn back and take the correct exit

Fornication is a major sin, it can occur while the person is married or single. The punishment is worse when you are married but nonetheless if you are single the punishment is still bad

There is a punishment for it in this world and in the hereafter

If the person repent in this world for it then he will not be punished in the hereafter

This is a warning from Allah to guide our Chastity

Islam is a holistic approach

We live in a secular society and which it is only about the individual

Selflessness, giving, looking over the society

Selfishness is beyond measure

This is what Islam teaches us

There is a difference between doing something and coming close to it. If you analyze the verse Allah says don't come near fornication he did not say don't commit the sin but rather he said don't even come near it

A look is coming close, a touch is coming close, a sweet word in seclusion is coming close

Your Temptations and your desires are going to continue to hassle you

Why does a human being find it hard to stop? Why do you keep going?

It is the nature of the psychology of the human being in which Allah has created

There are Whispers that come from the Satan and there are Whispers that come from your own desires

You are doing nothing and suddenly you get a bad thought, go and do this! This is from the Satan

There are desires inside of us, Allah tells us in the Quran

Your nafs contain desires of good and bad

Once you harm yourself you're going to harm other people, Allah Knows Best

It took many years for Iblees to persuade Adam and Eve to eat from the tree

When you have those Whispers you need other people to remind you

Assist one another in doing good deeds and in having God consciousness

And do not assist one another in sin and Injustice

Part of our Brotherhood is that we remind one another about Allah

We care for one another

He started to make up all these different possibilities

The Satan will only give you false promises

It's the oldest trick in the book for the Satan

We have gone Way Beyond the sins that Allah has forbidden

Just because she ate from the tree does not mean that every women is weak

The Christian belief that women suffer in pregnancy and in menstruation because of what Eve did is wrong

It is wrong and unjust

No person will carry the sin of somebody else who committed it,

I didn't do it you have the penalty and I don't, and vice versa

Adam AS ate from the tree after Eve

When the leader of the family makes a mistake then everyone under him will also falter

It will be unfair to place the woman as the leader

She goes through pregnancy and she goes through her menstruation cycle, in these times she is not in her right mind

There are natural biological hormones which goes through her body which affects her decision making, her emotions

In the Christian tradition is says that God was angry after Adam and Eve approached the tree, lightning and thunder, that type of angry

A defensive type of anger

First of all Allah is not afraid of anything

It does not state in the Quran or the Hadith that Allah was angry Adam and Eve

Allah did become displeased at what they had done for their own sake

There are stages in our lives where we become arrogant. We think that the whole world is against us and no one understands us

It is an instinctive nature in human beings to feel shy, you can get rid of that shyness by doing sins

Every sin leads to immorality, it Leeds to desensitization

You no longer care about sinning anymore, for some people it becomes Normal. Committing adultery become normal, kissing a girl becomes normal, sweet words in seclusion becomes normal

Some people believe that homosexuality is normal

There is a combination between sin and immorality

It is curiosity and desire

When Allah forbid something The Human Bean start to say to themselves why can't I do this?

She refuses to wear the Hijab because she does not understand the concept

Don't you know that it was Allah who told you to do it?

They just can't fathom it so they keep asking questions to avoid it

Divorce is not an indication that the man or woman is bad

She can actually go to a Shareeah court if she has valid reason against her husband and they will try to solve it and if they cannot then they would issue her a divorce

You cannot oppress a woman in Islam

We are prohibited from accusing one another of illicit sexual conduct

The Waliyy/father does not have to be the representative if he is hardcore

Don't have civilization on social arrogance

We are here for the people not from them, so this means that we have a position of spiritual leadership

We should be the leaders

There's enough food in this planet to feed three planets. It's all about distribution

We have the solution and we don't even know it

Abraham, may peace be upon him, was neither a Christian nor Jew. He was alive way before Moses or Jesus. He was not a Christian or Jew, rather he was on a monotheistic religion

Smiling propagates the Deen without a statement

Every penny that she earns is her property and it's for her to use however she wants

If she does decide to spend on the family then every penny that she spends on the family is considered charity for her

May Allah help us to abstain from the prohibitions

It is more important to do the prayers that are missed then to do that which is voluntary

Saudi Arabia is a closer Ally to the UK and the US than most European countries

The first step is to get out of that environment that's causing you to sin

Allah loves nothing more than the tears of a sincere repentance from his slave

It is most likely their friends who have sucked them into this environment

They need to be around better people, people who will save them rather than drag them into HellFire

I don't say that I don't have desires

He acknowledges his human weakness, this is the greatness of Yusuf AS

As Noble as he is and still being a prophet, he is still a man, and men have desires for women

He asked Allah to protect him after acknowledging his own weakness

First acknowledge your weakness and then get away from that environment get away from that company

The most desires that people have, multi-billion-dollar companies, pornography!

It's not just a thing that you say, it's a state of mind, to believe that Allah has something better for you in the hereafter

Is your belief in the next life stronger or would you rather take this right now?

It's not like you can't get married you can't get children and you can't have a good life, you can have all of that but I'm going to put restrictions on them for you

The sales pitch from Allah is I will put you through this temporary life filled with restrictions and if you pass it you can get an eternal life with no restrictions, but you just have to wait

And the sales pitch from the Satan is why do you have to wait?

Prayer protects you from shamelessness and evil Deeds

Get away from that environment, learn more Quran, and get married, get married yesterday, get married for the right reasons

Marry someone that you find beautiful but also marry someone who has a beautiful character, a beautiful personality

May Allah make us all have a beautiful wife and beautiful children

Either go to sleep on time or don't go to sleep at all

It's really liberating to pray, especially in public

Allah made all the creations a witness

When people who can't control their emotions talk to them they say peace

Loud, obnoxious, offencive, they curse a lot, they make fun of you, those type of people

They back away and they say I don't want to fight with you

Don't become from those who become too emotional

It's one thing to numb the pain, but it's another thing to find out what the real problem is

The fever is an indication that there is a sickness

When we deprive the body from it's essential needs it becomes weak and sick

The spiritual oxygen is the remembrance of Allah

If a person isn't praying it's like that person isn't breathing

It's has become something that will give you political Capital to attack Islam and Muslims

It has become a social capital type of bigotry

You don't own your money your money owns you

It is a spiritual disease

When they do not have a belief system and they lose all connection with life they want to commit suicide

A lot of them create their own purpose in life, they might say they my purpose in life is my family, that is a small purpose

Everyone has a sign before they die, but these signs are different they can come in various forms

There's no cure for old age

Everything has a cure except for two things, the first one is old age and the second one is death

A pawn Allah let the Believers rely

Reliance upon Allah is one of the main obligations in Islam

Imam Tirmidhi he narrates in his Sunan on the authority of Anas

A man came to the Prophet SAWS

He said: O Messenger of Allah my camel

Should I tie it and place my trust in Allah or should I leave it untied and place my trust in Him?

He said: no tie it, do what you need to do, tie it, and then place your trust upon Allah

Allah is sending a message, you have to do your part, take the means necessary.

Allah is the only one who makes matter materialize

When you are calling to the path of Islam Allah wants to see you put your trust on him

Who cares who you are and what you are doing, I don't care

I don't care what you are eating I don't care if it tastes good really I just don't care

The first University in the world was founded by a Muslim woman

The largest Muslim country in the world is Indonesia

People prefer not to get married today, in the Western World people don't want to get married they just want to have partners

I don't want commitment because we are no longer genuine

After you have committed a wrong follow it up with the good deed, it will erase the effect of the sin That You committed

People watch news and the News constantly uses fallacies

The idea that Islam and secularism is mutually exclusive is false because the vast majority of Islamic history had relatively secular States

Anyone that's coming to use is considered to be your guest

Ibrahim AS did not like to eat alone

Allah wants you to portray the attributes of generosity

Generosity is a good character and it's a good character for a Muslim to be generous

You can't over-exaggerated in generosity you have to balance it out

The only time that over-exaggeration is accepted is when you have a guest

When you go into somebody's house you have to be respectful and do not look around

That's not a good quality of a guest

Lower your gaze, be respectful, and you sit down where you are told to sit you don't just sit anywhere that you want

Respect people's privacy

Do not ask questions until after 3 days

You don't want to expose your house to people who do not fear Allah for people who are there for alterior motives

As a host and a guest do not ask too many questions

Muslims are very generous people when it comes to hospitality

We inquire about their health and their condition

The true maintainer of Family Ties is the one who makes an effort to mend a broken relationship

So you make the first step

To say it with your tongue is better

Don't underestimate your efforts because people underestimate them

Talk about the favors of Allah upon you

SDFUP! Nobody cares about the mistakes that you've made in life, I'm trying to watch this Islamic lecture and increase my knowledge

Part of your religion is that you have to love Mount Uhud, you do not love it because it's a mountain you love it because of what took place there

The main goal is to remind you of your Religion

Every civilization has challenges, if the civilization has a creative minority then they are able to respond to the challenges

You can't refuse something if you don't know what it is To touch something you have to conceptualize it

They work because of the organizational ability of the civilization

The Prophet SAWS he feared people reading the Quran out of context

Your Imagination runs well Beyond Your Capacity of running

Don't try to impress beyond who you really are

Allah guides a person who is striving

Despite being given the book they still choose to adopt their Blasphemous beliefs, they cling on to this worldly life

Whatever the new trend is they follow it that is a sign of a loser generation

It doesn't matter if it agrees with their liking they just go with it

You and I have to think what kind of generation we are

In the Battle of Badr Abu Bakr (ra) he faced his own son and the battlefield, he was a disbeliever

Men are those who nothing can take them away from the remembrance of Allah, those are men

Allah is waiting for men to stand up

There are some misconception , some believe that just because you fulfilled the five daily prayers then that is enough

I am one of those who love to speak simple language, I want others to understand

Allah commands you to not be immoral

Every Jummah don't watch pornography

Anything immoral, Allah says cut it out

When? Every Friday

Whatever is evil. Allah says cut it out

Indeed Salah has the capacity to stop you from immorality and evil

The most conspicuous people on the Day of Judgement will be the Muezzins

Don't speak without sound knowledge, if you have goodness teach it, if you do not then remain silent

Say that which is good or keep quiet. Typing is included When you think before you speak you are more conscious of Allah

One of the most fundamental teachings of our Religion is respect for our elders, especially our parents