As soon as you die the soul begins to experience the Barzakh world

Sometimes you are sleeping and you do not even know that you are sleeping

In this temporary world a person is able to find out if they're going to heaven or hell

Most people want to find out when their last day is so that they can party it up and then when it's time for them to die they can repent, but he wanted to find out when his last day was for his aspirations for calling people to Islam

He wanted to adjust his goals accordingly

So he tells Jibreel (AS) to find out for him

Jibreel AS is the only one that can take a prophet to the heavens and then bring him down

He meets the angel of death in the fourth heaven

Idriss AS is the only man that ever died in the heavens

Any problem that you have who do you call out to First?

Allah SWT

Supplication is the ingredient of inner peace

Parts of the gift of Allah is that he keeps us in need

When you are in need you turn to your maker

There is so much to talk about but my time is excessively Limited

Paradise is beautiful and everything in Paradise is beautiful

In Paradise everybody will have the perfect age of 33 years Young

Correct belief should be based on what is proven in the Qur’an and Sunnah, as understood by the early generations (salaf) of this ummah, namely the Sahaabah, Taabi‘een and leading scholars. They were unanimously agreed that the divine attributes mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah are to be affirmed without discussing how or likening Him to His creation, and without denying any of His attributes or interpreting them in a way different from the apparent meaning. We do not differentiate between any of the divine attributes, no matter what category they come under. Every divine attribute that is mentioned in a saheeh text must be affirmed.

One of the confirmed attributes of Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, is the foot.

The evidence for that is the report narrated by al-Bukhaari (6661) and Muslim (2848) from Anas ibn Maalik, according to which the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Hell will keep saying, ‘Are there any more (to come)?’ until the Lord of Glory, may He be blessed and exalted, places His foot on it, then it will say, ‘Enough, enough, by Your glory!’ And all its parts will be integrated together.

Al-Bukhaari (4850) and Muslim (2847) narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Hell and Paradise disputed, and Hell said: ‘I have been favoured with the arrogant and proud.’ Paradise said: ‘What is the matter with me, that no one will enter me except the weak, humble and downtrodden?’ Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, said to Paradise: ‘You are My mercy by which I will show mercy to whomsoever I will of My slaves.’ And He said to Hell: ‘You are My punishment with which I will punish whomsoever I will of My slaves. And each of you will be full.’ As for Hell, it will not be full until Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, places His foot on it and it says, ‘Enough, enough.’ Then it will be full and all its parts will be integrated together, and Allah will not treat any of His creation unjustly. As for Paradise, Allah will create a creation just for it.”

This indicates that it is confirmed that Allah, may He be exalted, has a foot

Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Kursiy (foot stool) is the place of the two feet, and the size of Throne cannot be known.”

These two reports confirm that Allah, may He be exalted, has two feet, and this is the belief of Ahl as-Sunnah.

Imam Abu ‘Ubayd al-Qaasim ibn Salaam (may Allah have mercy on him) said: These hadeeths which say that our Lord smiles at the despair of His slaves when things will soon change, and that Hell will not be filled until your Lord places His foot on it, and that the Kursiy is the place for the two feet – these hadeeths, as narrated, are true in our opinion; they were narrated from trustworthy narrators to other trustworthy narrators. But if we are asked about their meaning, we do not explain them, and we have never seen any scholar discuss their meanings.

In Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah (2/376) it says: What we must do is affirm that which Allah has affirmed for Himself, such as two hands, two feet, fingers and other attributes that are mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah, in a manner that is befitting to Allah, may He be glorified, without distorting the meaning, discussing how, likening Him to His creation or denying any of His attributes, because He, may He be glorified, says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)): "He is Allah, (the) One.

When you are in a tremendous amount of pain you're not able to think about anything other than how to get rid of that pain

Even the Believers are not guarantee safety from the fire

Just because you are a believer that is not enough

On Judgement Day it is not what you say in this world that matters it is what you had in your heart

On that day there's no benefit to the one who comes to Allah with a lot of money except for the one that has a sound hearts

We live in a world where in order to survive you need to deny your natural emotions

You have these emotions but you cannot show them because they are a sign of weakness

In order to be worth something you need to put someone else down

You don't like to cry because you got bullied in school and you learned early that crying is for the weak, which gave you the delusion that you're strong, but you are not

On Judgement Day still only light that Allah will let you see is the light of your own

Shaytan keeps trying to tell you that it is not that bad

You have in the United States and the communities around the world certain things that are considered consensus

For example Darwin's model of evolution has become consensus

So if you go to any University around the world and study biology and study biology for any serious science the basis of it is going to be Darwin's model of evolution

And if any scientist disagrees with it their job is in trouble, they might get ostracized, they might lose their tenureship at the University

Up until the 70s the American Psychological Association listed homosexuality as one of the many psychological disorders of men

You have many famous people who do not believe in God, famous atheist. And their logical argument for not believing in God is science, they use science to justify their disbelief in the Creator

We think that this is a free Society but it is not it is the image of a free Society, the facade of a free Society

In every field of Life there are some people who claim that they know more than others

When someone is more knowledgeable in a subject we trust them

Deer position of knowledge is no longer position of knowledge that is only something to secure their insecurities

There are people who like to suppress knowledge because it is their way of earning money, and they don't want to question anything, anybody who questions anything in trouble

The same knowledge which is supposed to be a means of humility turns into a means of pride, a way of earning money

A scholar of anything is a lifelong student

The greater the tasks of the Angel the greater his size

When you have nothing to lose you are invincible

When you have nothing to lose what are you afraid of?

Isaac Newton was an observational physicist

As a person becomes more religious they should be more tolerant and more patient towards their family

Allah is gentle and he loves gentleness

This is very unhealthy because many people believe that the world revolves around them and that is not true

The foundation of every family is a strong marriage if the marriage is good then the family will be good

Everything has to be based on balance and justice

Do not die except as a Muslim

There is no life except for the life of the hereafter. What can this world offer you?

The key is to have your faith in Allah and what he's going to give you

We live Islam and we want Islam to accommodate our needs and desires

Success comes after struggle

After hardship will come ease

We have to be proud of this religionWe have to be proud of this religion

The Prophet (PBUH) when he came to Medina there were different categories of people

There were those who were honest Muslims to the Bone

And those who were Muslims in the face but disbelievers in the hearts

This is called the category of the Munafiqun

The people who were hypocrites, so they were people who showed Islam on their face and have disbelief in their heart

The leader of the Hypocrites was Abdullah...

This man harmed Islam he harmed the prophet and he harmed the Muslims, he even harmed the house hold that the prophet was staying in

The first campaign of Islam was Badr and Allah granted the Muslims victory

The gift of pornography in society is turning people into animals and perverts

Inside your soul is being gutted, your heart is empty

Your heart is devoid of Allah because of the filth that you have been watching it has turned you into an animal

You see a woman walking by and you look at her like a piece of Flesh

You don't miss any opportunity to violate your soul with your eyes

It is a very realistic thing nowadays it is not far-fetched so I have to protect my children

The solution is not marriage because if you are a pervert before marriage then you are going to be a pervert after marriage

Your problem is psychological in nature, you need help!

You need to stop this, you need to stop hurting yourself like this

There are millions of Muslim kids like this we have to help these people

The only thing that we can do is educate Our youths and talk to them

They know that their shame is under attack

You live in a city where you are exposed to everything so you have to go out of your way to protect yourself

The bare minimum is that we guard our selves from shamelessness

When you are by yourself the Satan attacks you, and if the fear of Allah is not enough than maybe the fear of other people will do

Allah put those urges inside you and they are so strong, he put them inside you for reason

Capitalism wins in the end

I know you're struggling with it but don't give up on yourself

Do not give your 11 year old a smartphone, what were you thinking? That was not very smart

When people get addicted to these type of things and they get accustomed to it they always have miserable marriages

They gets a virtual idea of what pleasure is and they do not find pleasure in their spouse anymore

Whoever pursues to have their desires fulfilled outside of marriage than they are engaging in an act of a aggression

The most important as said that you and I have is our heart, and shamelessness destroys the heart

These filthy images are destroying your faith, do not let that's happen to you

You will have to make the decision for yourself. Is my faith worth it is my religion worth it?

You have to learn to have the right reaction and the right reaction comes when we become people of

All of this is irrelevant when it comes to the worship of Allah

Citric comes from the word citrus, oranges lemons and limes

With the permission of Allah these changes can occur, the butterfly effect

The butterfly effect empowers us and it gives us hope to know that we can cause a change

The smallest Good Deed, the smallest change Within Myself can impact a significant change that is far greater than even what I myself can see

Never ever trivialize any good that you can do

One Good Deed could literally change the course of history

Musa went from Egypt to Madyan

In whatever condition you may be in always remember to perform prayer

Struggle against the disbelievers and the hypocrites

The ones who truly disbelieve will only become clear on Judgement Day

Sometimes there are people in our family who just does not listen

Abu Lahab was very negative

The wives of Nuh and Lut did not listen and they did not believe in them

Lut was in a nation where the vast majority of people were very very Shameless and homosexuality was very common

They used to do all kinds of Shameless and heinous acts publicly

The greatest people that ever lived are going to have difficult family situations

So long as they are alive we try with them, we do not give up on them in this life

We have to be very clear about our own sense of responsibility

The essential ingredient in a household is the female

This Kingdom I am not interested in, build me a house next to the real King which is you

There is nothing that she wants that she cannot have, but what she wants is the pleasure of Allah

The wives of Nuh and Lut were interested in the world, they did not care about religion or faith

The wife of the Pharaoh she had the world but she was not interested in it she wanted the pleasure of Allah

They have to learn to trust Allah even in the most difficult of situations

She never had any relationship with another man nor did she ever get married to another man that is all a lie from the Bible

Prophets themselves and not considered miracles from Allah, but Jesus is a miracle

No other Prophet is called a word of God but he is called a word of God, Jesus , peace be upon him

When a wife becomes pregnant 4 months later an Angel comes and blows the soul into the fetus

Even if your family is of great positive influence does not mean that you are protected from the pressures of society

She was told by Allah not to say anything when the people accuse her of doing wrong when she bought the baby into the city

The day that he was born he already knew entire Torah

Her obedience is to Allah

Death is the greatest reality

People are being brainwashed into extremism and that is because the family unit is not there

In order to make it into a home you need a family and in order to have a family you need communication

The Quran is not a book of law it is a book of guidance

The Quran contains laws but it is not a book of law per say it is a book of guidance

You cannot force religion onto children, it has to be taught with love

Not every child will learn the same way

You cannot come with a predisposed plan for your children

I pray that we don't impose on our kids what is not fair

Allah raised them for a different time, so just allow them to grow

When you are in a situation where time is being wasted and there is useless conversation being talked about then you find a dignified excuse to get out of that conversation

The most content from amongst us are those who know their purpose in life and why they are here

How dare you disrespect a Muslim girl who covers herself?

So that she will know the promise of Allah is true Allah is true

It is very difficult to remain steadfast and be a believer in today's society

The devil likes to find ways to make us feel down and he kicks us while we're down

Islam erases all of the sins that were before, it is a new chapter for you

Allah shifted the Dynamics of the earth and he became closer to the town of repentance

Prophets see what you do not see, they have a vision that's Way Beyond the normal man

When the young is ill-informed they make catastrophic conclusions

People will come with a mountain of good deeds and Allah will make all of them disappear, vanish Into Thin Air and turn into nothing

Words that are used to describe physical pain are also used to describe verbal abuse

He turns to his father and he prays for him. The first thing that he does is pray for his father. Linguistically it does not mean a prayer but instead it's a declaration, you're angry at me but I am not going to be angry at you, I'm going to remind myself and I am coming to remind all of you

There are situations where people are kicked out of their house

If he was put into that situation how would he handle it?

I am personally going to ask Allah for forgiveness for you

Even when he is physically not there the supplication that he made is still there

When someone truly cares about you they don't just care about you they care about those who you love

I love you but I hate your family, that's not really love because when you really love somebody you also love all those around him or her

He's got Legions of angels sent down to just protect you to just guard you

Allah will descend that strength on to you

Allied did not put us on this Earth to live comfortable he put us on this Earth so that we can live the right life so that we can be guided

If you surround yourself with company where other than Allah is being mentioned then that is going to have an effect on you

Hereafter is going to be better than this life

After Darkness there's going to be like, after the difficulty that you're going through there is going to be ease

It doesn't have to be black but the dark colors are better because it makes you less conspicuous

Allah will keep reminding you of your sins until you think that you are doomed

When we give ourselves completely to Allah that means that we have humbled ourselves to Allah

You had no idea how to live your life before Islam

She found her needle by the radiance of his face

A man from Bani Israel he killed 99 people

He bought his for the angel Gabriel before he's even asked

Most of the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him is not mentioned in the books Hadith it is mentioned in the books of his companions

The standard of authencity for those books are one degree less

Our religion is based on these seven or eight famous books of the companions of prophet Muhammad

The books of Seerah are one level less than these in authenticity

When the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was still young he had not yet reached puberty so he was maybe around 11 or 12 Abu Talib took him to Syria

According to the books in Tirmidhi it said along with Abu Bakr and Bilal

On their way to Syria they passed by a monastery

A monk used to live here in this Monastery and he will never give them the time of day

His name was Muhayra

This time when they were with the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Muhayra he came out searching for them

And he greeted them and he invited them all back to his house for a feast

When they ask him why are you doing this he replied you will have a boy with you that will one day become a prophet

He said that I saw the clouds shelter him and I also saw the trees shelter him and that the stones prostrated to him

While they were sitting there eating the Feast they saw seven Roman soldiers

The soldiers are allegedly trying to find the prophet who is to come so they can capture him and kill him

Muhayra hid them and told the soldiers an excuse and they went away

Muhayra then told Abu Talib to immediately return back to Mecca

This story has many flaws and it is not from credible sources

This is the Hallmark of academic you don't just believe everything you hear

This is a whole methodology of modern study and it is called historical criticism

You cannot just take the books of history into face value, you have to read through, think, digest, compare

This applies for every tradition

Even if the story is true it does not make any sense

Throughout history there have been people who just want to fabricate

We don't need to exaggerate our Prophet Muhammad is the best Human being and what we know about him will tell us that

We give our religion a bad name people look at this religion they say what is this what kind of religion is this we don't need to do this Allah told us what we need to do

That story appears to be weak because it does not make sense

Learning the Arabic language is essential, it is the key to the house

Every educated Indian person learned Persian

It is very important to learn more than one language

No one can know all of Arabic except for a prophet, because it is too vast as a language

English now has become the dominant language

Wherever Islam goes Arabic Goes with it

English is the dominant language because it is the dominant culture

English is a hegemonic culture

Arabic is going to be a dad language if things continue as they are

It will become like Latin, because it is a very difficult language to master

Ebonics is a very very rich cultural language of African Americans

But ebonics will limit people's abilities

Educated African-Americans that came out of the inner cities are bilingual

They speak the language of the city in which they are thin and they also speak what you will call the job interview language

Precision, if we want to communicate we need to be as precise as possible in order for the ambiguities to be removed

It is very important when you speak to be careful with the words that you use

The first major discipline of the human being is the acquisition of words and what they mean

Words have different meanings in context

Domain knowledge takes a long time to acquire

If you want to understand Western literature you're going to have to learn Greek and Roman mythology

It's hard work, but Arabic is essential to our tradition

In a public beach in the Arabian peninsula people were having sexual intercourse, I'm not making this up- Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

If the Prophet PBUH says something then you should take it literally unless there's reason to take it into a metaphorical interpretation

The nafs forgets

It forgets the disobedience of Allah and how bad it is. Depending on who you hang around with, depending on what you busy yourself with

Part of our brotherhood is that we remind one another how to stay close to Allah SWT and not fall into Hellfire

You will never know what ease is all about until you go through difficulty

May Allah make us from among those who eat carrots instead of smoking cigarettes

In Paradise every fruit is entirely different every time that you have it

A fruit is the smallest part of a garden

Each Garden has its own design

That is what I am looking forward to the most in Paradise, the birds

A perfectly matched counterpart rather than a spouse

What a man Desires in a spousal relationship is different from what a woman desires

Whenever a man and a woman come together there are compromises

There are some things that you are not going to be happy about, some things that you will have to learn to live with

Before people get married the girl that the guy is interested in is perfect in every way

" man when I look at her I wonder what Allah has for me in Paradise, because it's all here this picture on Facebook"

In Paradise it is not just the picture that is perfect, but it is also the personality her character

Coffee was invented by a Muslim Shepherd. Coffee found its way from Yemen to the Ottoman Empire, the premier Muslim empire from the 15th century

The coffee house of the 1600s was where many philosophers sat and discussed issues like the role of government and democracy and this spawned the enlightenment period

Coffee is a Muslim innovation which now has over 1 billion cups per day

Algebra is one of the most important Muslim contributions from the Muslim golden age to the modern age it was developed by the great scientist and mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa who lived from 780 AD to 850 AD in Persia and Iraq

A unique aspect of his reasoning for developing algebra is the desire to make calculations mandated by Islamic law in a world without calculators and computers

The word algorithm is based on an Islamic name

Universities is also an invention made possible in the Muslim world

The concept of institutes that grants certificate of completion or degrees spread into Europe through Muslim Spain

To admit the sin, to regret having done it, to ask for forgiveness, and to make an intention to never do it again

If those four conditions are met then the sin that you have committed is wiped out, and if you do the sin again and you repent then you will be repenting from a different sin

So what it does is it elevates your status before Allah

When you ask for forgiveness from Allah you have to plan to never do that sin again, that is a condition for the repentance

Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah

Rush towards the Forgiveness of Allah

Don't delay, if you delay then you have no guarantee that you would die on Islam

Part of the mercy of Allah is that he did not tell us when we are going to die

Rushing towards the forgiveness of Allah is also rushing towards Paradise