True success can only happen through Islam, Islam has all the answers

Only when you have a sound ideology is the only time you can have a sound purpose for your existence

Before you ask Allah for what you want you have to ask for forgiveness first

If you and I would just ask for forgiveness then we will get the help of Allah through divine intervention

If your manners are bad then it will be pointless to call people to Islam

It's human nature when we learn more about something that is beneficial we want to learn more about it

When Good Deeds are done they attract the mercy of Allah and when the mercy of Allah comes then the blessings begin to come

When bad Deeds, are done this attracts the anger of Allah

Allah wants people to taste the consequences of their action

When the punishment of Allah comes many people cannot realize except for those who have a sound mind

When the punishment of Allah comes it will be a delusion

Man or unjust to themselves

There are Braves to commit the sin then they must be brave to face the consequences

The Quran is very practical

If somebody makes a case for someone and it is a good case then they get rewarded for it

You could not blindly recommend someone for marriage

Don't follow anything that you do not know directly about

The solution to your problems come from the sky

There are problems that you don't even know you have, but Allah knows that you have them

He will give you many children and money, and it is not money they will distance you away from Allah but it is money that will bring you closer to Allah

He will give you money that will enable you to do good in this world

Money and kids are a means of loss, but when you get money and children from Allah after asking for forgiveness they become gain

It's like they were contaminated until Allah purified them with forgiveness

A sign of a hypocrite is there when they are told to feel Allah dear hearts become more hardened, Allah says that Hellfire is sufficient for these people

The Satan can convert a passing thought into a settled thought once he gets into your mind he can entertain it

He can beautify it for you

Do not let your emotional attachment to someone else lead to something else

If you find yourself attached to somebody then you should not be alone with that person, even if there is no seclusion

Once you begin to entertain these thoughts the Ssatan what he does is he starts to block out the consequences of your actions

You don't think about the effects and the devastation that this will have on you

Hope is a very powerful fundamental concept

It is a force that has caused many drastic changes throughout human history

Hope has been utilized by many different people for many different things

Hope is something that Allah and his messenger invoked

Hope is our main vehicle of delivering the message of Islam

Losing hope is the death of the heart

The death of the heart often begins with the loss of Hope

This is a message that every believer needs to carry on

On spreading The Message of Islam. So Allah is telling the messenger that this is how you call people to Islam

What the prophet is being told to say is what we need to say in order to call people to this religion

We can only deliver a message if we have first internalize it ourselves

Allah is speaking to the worst of the worst the most sinful people he is still calling them my slaves

The ones that are walking on very thin ice

Never ever in the slightest bit lose hope in the mercy of Allah

Allah is saying that it is forbidden to ever in the slightest bit lose hope in the mercy of Allah

Because Allah will forgive all the sins

Nothing is beyond his capacity or his reach

The one who loses hope in the mercy of Allah is the one who is ungrateful to Allah the one who disbelieve in Allah

Losing hope in the mercy of Allah is tantamount to disbelief

It means to forgive a sin as if it never even existed

The one who has no limitations in terms of forgiveness

Allah is constantly forgiving

No matter how powerful the anger of Allah is he says that his Mercy supersedes his anger

Imagine how powerful the anger of Allah is, now imagine how powerful his Mercy is to be even greater than his anger, this is Allah

When he says o my slaves, that is a communal address

I have forgiven you, and it's no big deal

This is who Allah is

A man came to the prophet of Allah and he told him that he had committed a sin in which there is a prescribed punishment for. So the messenger of Allah told him to leave it and go pray first. So the man he went and made ablution and she wants and prayed the congregational prayer with the prophet of Allah. And after the prayer he went back to the messenger of Allah and he told him that all messenger I have done a sin in which there is a prescribed punishment for. So the messenger of Allah said did you just play with us? And the man said yes I did. So the messenger of Allah told him you have been forgiven

This Hadith was narrated by Anas bin Malik in the Sahih of Imam Bukhari

Another narration Abu Umamah, this is also mentioned in the Sahih of Imam Muslim and the Sunan of Abu Dawood

A man came to the messenger of Allah and he told him that he has committed a sin and there is a prescribed punishment for it, the messenger of Allah he remained silent

He did not want to answer the man's question. The man kept coming to the messenger of Allah repeating in the same thing

Finally the time for the prayer comes and they stand up and pray. After the prayer the man comes back to the messenger of Allah and again he says the same thing

Don't you understand that when you left your house you made Wudu and you made a good Wudu and you came and pray with us and you prayed a good Salah

The man said yes o messenger of Allah

Allah has forgiven that punishment from you, now go

This is within our Deen within our tradition

This is the power of Allah's forgiveness

Umar Ibn Al Kathab one of the great Heroes of Islam. He said that before Islam he would drink and fornicate

But he was told not to give up hope on himself

Allah did not allow him to give up hope on himself

Hopelessness is infectious, it spreads like wildfire

We as a community need to develop an attitude to not give up on other people

When the community begins to give up on people the people begin to give up on themselves

Sitting there at the Cell at the age of 23 he realized that his life was over

Over time Ismail AS, he had children, the scholars say that he had 12 children

The oldest one was Nabit

After Ismail AS, Nabit was in charge

The two houses of Jurhum they Control Mecca

The Prophet SAWS is not from Nabit, he is not from the oldest son. He is from Kidar, one of the other children of Ismail

Qusai means: someone who was brought up away from his family

The first people to enter Paradise are the poor immigrants

The majority of humans shed blood and spread corruption on

When you study psychology and you study Mental Health you will find that the most common disorders that people are plagued with fall under one of two categories either anxiety disorders or depressive disorders

The Islam did not come to make us lose our heart and emotions Islam came to actually make a soften our hearts

The crying itself is not a negation of having patience

Allah created tears for a reason, and anytime that you block the natural way that Allah created you you are hurting yourself

Crying is actually part of the healing process

The closest people to Allah cried

Denial is not going to make it go away. Numbing it is not going to make it go away

Hopelessness depression and despair are different

When you are hopeless you are saying that right now it is hard and it is always going to be hard

We are meant to control our emotions and our emotions are not meant to control us

People who do not control their emotions especially their temper are arrogant people

Muslims are supposed to walk on the Earth humbly

Malcolm X was born in the year of 1925

When Malcolm X was 6 years old his father was murdered by the KKK

When he was 13 years old his mother was committed to an insane asylum

Malcolm X was assassinated in the year of 1964

Malcolm got out of prison in 1952

Malcolm X was bold and Bodacious and he helped to establish the Nation of Islam

Atheism did not exist in the time of the Prophet or at least he did not encounter it

At least those people have some form of explanation of how we got here

The Earth is that which is witnessed, let's not even talk about Heavens yet

When we overestimate ourselves we underestimate Allah, and that is the crime on the day of judgement

Legislation and judgement solely belongs to Allah

When you place yourself in a position of denying legislation then what you are doing is you are making yourself a god

When you judge others based on what is apparent then also you are making yourself a god

Elephants can smell the water from 3 miles away

The only thing that we surpass all the other creations in is our ability to properly prostate

At this point scientists have come to the conclusion that there are over 300 billion stars in our galaxy, and over a trillion stars in our galaxy alone

Scientists say that the possibility of two galaxies colliding is the same possibility as a fly from DC and a fly from Paris colliding

You use your intellect to arrive at the Integrity of the text

Some people spend their whole life trying to find the truth and they don't even find the meaning or the purpose for why they are alive

Allah said in the Quran he created everything with a purpose

We try to limit Allah by our human dimensions

Just know that Allah is different, you are not going to be able to do it

Because Allah cannot be grasped by our human mind

First there was Allah and there was nothing but Allah

O Allah You are the first so there is nothing before you, and you are the last so there is nothing after you

And you are the Manifest the apparent so there is nothing above you

But at the same time you are the hidden so nothing is beyond you

Allah is the first despite being the last, he is the Manifest despite being the hidden

A King usually is disconnected from his lower subject. He doesn't really know what's going on unless he is informed

Allah never is rendered incapable

It was the infinite and everything that is finite came after it

Allah said that he has full knowledge of everything that takes place in the heavens and the Earth

Nothing escapes the Knowledge of Allah. His footstool alone has all the heavens beneath it

The Kursiy encompasses the entire heavens and the entire Earth

The rivers of paradise are flowing from the throne

Consider life problems as a gift from Allah

All of this is a product of low self-esteem

Control your overly friendly demeanor

The greatest pleasure that you and I I can ever have is humility and closeness to Allah

It is a blueprint for Success when you are being tested by Allah, and that blueprint is to turn to Allah, admit your weakness and humble yourself towards him

This is a world of interdependent needs

You don't declare Allah's greatness until you declare how low you are

There is no higher position than Rabb and there is no lower position than Abd

Guarding the skies and the Earth does not exhaust him

Sham in those days were Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan in today's time only consist of Syria

Sometimes Imams when they base a decision they base it off what their grandfather did in life

My son Hasan is an Imam!

My son Hussein is an Imam!

Whoever fights them fights me, and whoever fights me fight Allah

and whoever angers them angers me and whoever angers me angers Allah

Truly Allah knows where to place his message

Also, be aware that any talk about the association that repels the people from the association is an enormous sin, do not be repelled from the association.

You have to stand up and explain it to me, I don't want to hear an artificial answer

What better way to humiliate someone than to remove their clothes. What's happening in the world of entertainment and model today

No we are living in times where losing the clothing is celebrated

I'm not going to talk to you like a formal lecture where somebody might get offended, I'm going to tell you how it is

I'm not going to call you out when I see you in a middle of the street I'm going to call you out now because this is my opportunity, stop making the devil make you think that by dressing like this you are beautiful

This is sad, this is what people who don't find meaning in they find meaning in this

Girls want to look pretty that's fine, that's cool

Allah even said in the Quran that it is okay for women to look nice, but not provocative, and don't try to act like you don't know the difference because you do, and your mother calls you all on it too

No she is not embarrassing you she is giving you a reality check

You have to learn to take criticism, it's okay