Chapter 1

What Is This?

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As Christy bounced up and down the large “monument” somebody began knocking on the door. Christy continued to bounce up and down, Jason’s head was buried in the pillow. They were both unable to hear the knock.

SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!” Christy continued to jump on the monument and she pushed all of her weight on it.

“Give it to me Papi.” She said to Jason as she rubbed his head.

Jason’s eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. He wanted to say something in response to Christy but he was unable to. Christy reached in with her head and buried her tongue in Jason’s mouth with every few seconds that passed.

“AAHUU.” Jason said

Christy smiled. “I love you too bae.”

Jason looked deep into his wife’s eyes, he could see his reflection and the fire that shot through them.

“JASON, the doctor said that you can go, are you ready?” Mohammed’s voice came from the other end of the door.

Mohammed knew that Christy was inside with Jason, and he also knew what they were doing. In society’s eyes they may be too young to be doing what that. But as long as they both had a marriage contract and married then what they were doing is permissible. The best of the creations, Prophet Muhammad, who was the greatest and most influential human being to ever walk the face of the Earth. He married a nine-year old girl by the name of Aaisha, when he was in his 50’s. The marriage had to be consummated, so he did the same thing that Jason was doing with Christy. So if he could do it, then why can’t Jason?

As soon as Jason and Christy heard Mohammed’s voice they immediately stopped. Christy jumped off Jason’s lap and hurriedly began to put her leggings back on. Jason lifted his head off the pillow and looked at Christy.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Didn’t you hear that? Somebody’s knocking.” She said.

Jason twisted his face as he looked at Christy.

“Yeah, that’s just my dad.” He said

“Don’t trip.” He added.

Christy stopped putting on her clothes and looked at Jason.

“He’s not gonna….. detest?” She asked.

“No, of course not, why would he?” He said.

Christy stared at Jason. She didn’t know what to say or think..

“Oldhead come in!” Jason said out loud.

Mohammed heard Jason give him permission to enter. He gripped the doorknob and began to turn. He was unable to.

“Jason, it’s locked.” He said through the door.

Jason immediately got up from the bed and ran to the door and unlocked it. He then let his father inside.

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