Chapter 2

Allah is my Heavenly Father

Page 12

In the car there was an awkward silence. Mohammed was in the driver seat, and Jason and Christy were both in the backseat. Jason reached over and held Christy’s hand. He knew that his wife was edgy because his father saw her naked back in the hospital room. Jason wanted to console her and let her know that it was okay, but he didn’t know how. Christy’s head was down and she had no expression on her face. Jason saw this and so did his father. He made a gesture to his father to explain to Christy that what happened was normal and that she should not feel ashamed.

“Are you okay my dear?” Mohammed asked.

Christy slowly lifted her head, she still had no expression on her face. She nodded her head to let Mohammed know that she was okay.

“You know you are my daughter.” Mohammed said.

Christy gave a thin smile.

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