Chapter 2

Allah is my Heavenly Father

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Christy erupted in laughter and Abdul also began to chuckle as he sat on the bench next to him.

MY BUTT DO NOT STINK!” She said in between laughter.

That’s not even funny!” She added.

Bae can I ask you a question?” Said Jason.

Christy sighed heavily. “Yesssss Jason!”

And can you not get an attitude please. It’s something really serious that I have to ask you. I would really appreciate it if you would not act like that… PLEASE!”

Is that too much to ask for?”

Christy sighed again, lighter this time.

Go ahead Jason…” She said.

Jason didn’t say nothing. He began to sniffle and tried to hold back tears.

Naw cuz I really feel some typa way, can you please say sorry please!” Jason said.


Jason I don’t got time for this.”

Jason began to bawl as crocodile tears ran down his eyes.

I HAVE FEELINGS TOO!” He said out loud.

Christy held her hand up to her mouth as she covered up her smile and began to chuckle.

DuLi bellowed out in laughter and cocked his head back.

Bro you outta pocket!” He said in between laughter.

Jason I don’t got time…” Christy began to say.

I understand that bae but can I please ask you a question?” Jason cut her off and said.

Bae I need help, my head…”

YES YOU DO!” She said.

Can you please listen.” Jason said.

Bae my head wolfing. I need to get a haircut but I do not have sufficient fund, I spent all my money on purchasing illegal marijuana and junk food. Can you please give me some money?”

Christy sucked her teeth. “No Jason!”

Por Que?”

Because you shouldn’t have used all your money to buy weed.”

Bae but you acting like I want to buy weed with my money. It’s for my PTSD!”

Whatever Jason. I’m not gonna give you any money.”


I love you too.”

No you don’t, if you loved me then you would give me some money.”

Well I guess I don’t love you then.” Christy said,

Bae but,,, I need your love though, You complete me.” Jason said,

Christy began to laugh again.

I’m in a destitute position now. Don’t treat me like this PLEASE!”

Jason I’m not treating you any.”

Bae can I ask you a question.”

Yes Jason?”

Do you love me?”

Jason I already…”


Boy who are you raising your voice at?”

Not you.” Jason said.

That’s for sure.”

Bae can I tell you something.” Jason asked.

Yes Jason.”

Bae please… I just want you to love me.”

Christy erupted in laughter. “I can’t with you!”

Bae keep it a bean…”

Can I tell you something?” Jason asked again.

Yes Jason?”

Bae I want your body.”

Well you can’t have it.”

Why not?”

Not when you’re like this.”

I’m not like anything,”

You just hate me cause I’m black!” Jason said.

No honey, That’s not why I hate you.”

Why do you hate me than?”

Because Jason. You’re a pothead.”

No I’m not bae!”

Yes Jason, that’s all you ever do. You have no life.

DON’T JUDGE ME!” Jason said.

I’m not judging you Jason.” Christy said,

Then what are you doing?”

I’m telling you what you is.”

The correct word is ‘ARE!’” Jason said,

Please use proper English when talking to me THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”

Whatever...” She said.

Abdul then reached over with his hand and passed Jason the blunt. Jason held up his hand and shook his head from side to side.

I’m good bruh, I’m high…”

BYE JASON!” Christy said.


Because Jason, I can’t believe you’re still smoking after I…”

Bae it’s for my PTSD. The doctor said it’s a serious medical condition.”

Christy smiled and began to laugh. “Bye Jason.”

Bae please don’t leave me. I’m so alone in this big scary world, I need you by my side.”

Christy gave a short pause.

Awwwww…” She said.

Bae please help me. I don’t have anybody else to ask, Only you. You’re my rock!”

What you want me to help you with?” She asked.

I need money to get a haircut.”

Jason I wanna give it to you. But how do I know that you not just gon’ use it to buy more weed?”

Jason scoffed. “I would never do that! What kinda person do you think I am?”

Mhm… Are you asking me?”

Yes I’m asking you. What kinda person do you think I am.”

You’re a pothead.” She said.

Bae that’s not true.”

I’m just misunderstood.”

Well you can go be misunderstood with someone else, cuz I’m not putting up with your misunderstandings.”

So you not gon’ help me?

No, I am not Jason!”

Bae if you not gon’ gimme money then I’ma find another way to get it.”

And how you gon’ get it?”

I’ma start selling drugs.”

Christy began to snicker. “No you’re not shut up!”

Jason then turned towards Abdul and he put the phone on mute.

Yo bro play along.” He said to Abdul.

DuLi then nodded his head up and down as he was lighting the blunt. Jason took the phone off mute and then he turned the volume up.

Yo bro I need a 8-Ball.”

Who you think gon’ front me that jawn?” Jason asked Abdul.

I think Joey be having them.” DuLi said. He was referring to Jason’s friend “Joe”.

What you need it for?” Abdul asked.

I’m finna start slanging!” Jason said in a loud tone of voice so that Christy could hear over the phone.”

Omg Jason!” Christy said.

I don’t have sufficient funds to get a haircut so I’m gonna start selling illegal drugs.” Jason said to Abdul.

Abdul stopped lighting the blunt and he took a drag.

I feel you.” He said to Jason.

Yeah hit up Joey, I think he got them.”

Jason… don’t…” Christy said quietly.”

Huh? You said what now bae?” Jason said.

Jason I’m gonna give you money.”

Don’t start selling drugs. How much do you need?” She asked.

$200 bae.” Jason said.

Jason do you think I’m stupid. A haircut don’t cost no damn $200.”

Bae I wouldn’t lie to you.” Jason said.

Okay Jason. I’ma just go with you to see…”

Why you gotta go with me?” You don’t trust me?

Christy chuckled. “I do trust you. I still wanna come with you though.”

Where are you gonna go?” She asked.

Boats. The one on your block.”

Ard I know it, that’s the one that my dad used to go to.”

Wassup with Frank?” Jason asked. He was asking about Christy’s father Frank.

Is he still alive?”

Yeah. He moved to New York for his job.”

You be talking to him?”

No he really don’t be calling me like that.” She said.

Aww baby that’s so sad. I want you to know something okay?”

Christy sighed and began to snicker. “What do you want me to know Jason?”

You don’t need Frank. I’m gonna be your daddy okay boo. I’m so proud of you.”

Christy didn’t say nothing as she continued to snicker.

Jason whatever. Are you gonna come over or not?”

I’m coming now bae. Just lemme finish blowing this jawn down and then…”\

Christy hung up the phone.

Hello… hello?” Jason said,

Once Jason realized that Christy hung up he put the phone back in his pocket and he extended his hand out to DuLi. He passed him the blunt.

What’s her problem!” Jason said as he passed Abdul the blunt..”

Bro you shot out, how you gon’ start ballin and crying” DuLi asked as he spat to the side.

Bro she love when I do that.” Jason said.

When you start crying? Don’t she know it be crocodile tears?” DuLi asked.

Jason chuckled. “Most likely she knows.”

But she don’t care. Girls love it when boys cry.” Jason said as he began to get up.

Abdul laughed out loud. “Yeah that’s true.” He said.

You bouta go get your haircut though?” Abdul asked.

Yeah I’m bouta go down Boat’s.” Jason said,

The last time I went there Jimmy hooked my jawn up.” He said.

Jim don’t work there no more.” Abdul quickly said.

He don’t? Why, what happened?” Jason asked.

Idk, but last time I ran into him near the store he told me that he had some troubles with his eyes. He said he had to get glasses and he stopped working there.

Where he at now?” Jason asked.

Idk.” Abdul replied.

What about Brandon or Joe? They still there?”

Yeah they still there.” Abdul responded.

Jason began yawning as he stretched his arms out. His head immediately started spinning and he began to feel lethargic. He had to sit back down as fast as he stood up.

You good?” Abdul asked.

Yeah, my head start spinning.” Jason asked.

That’s that OG.” DuLi said.

What you bouta do bruh.”

Prolly go to the ctib. I gotta sleep this high off. I’m too fried.” Abdul said.

Jason then stood up and extended his hand out to Abdul and shook it.

I’ma holl at you bro. Be safe.”

You too. Salaam Alaikum.”

Walaikum Salaam.” Jason said.

He then turned around and began walking to Christy’s house.

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