Chapter 2

Allah is my Heavenly Father

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Christy quickly nodded her head up and down as tears trickled down her cheek. Jason dove his head back between Christy’s legs. As he was eating, he bit the two lips in Christy’s crevice together and he shook his head from side to side, like a rabid dog. Water shot from the crevice and it struck Jason in the eyes as he was sucking on the two lips. Christy gave a loud scream and started rubbing Jason’s head.

No no no…” Christy said as she gripped Jason’s head.

Jason ignored her statements and continued to eat. He was still sucking on the two pair of lips as more water splashed out and went into his mouth and eyes. Christy’s legs began trembling as both of Jason’s hand were placed on her thighs. He ate silently. The only sounds that could be heard was the sound of him sucking and licking the pair of lips together, and Christy moaning and crying.

A thought then appeared in Jason’s head. He has been thinking about it now for almost a week. The thought came when he was on the phone with Joe a couple days ago. Joe recently began dating a white Caucasian girl that lives on his block, her name was Sarah. He was telling Jason of how much he really liked her and all the crazy things that they did together.

NO WAY!” Jason said.

I lie to you not bro. She’s a freak!” Joe said.

Jason erupted in laughter. He couldn’t believe that Joe really did that with Sarah. When he got off the phone with Joe he laughed more and more as he thought about it . It was so hilarious, that it became even thought provoking, it sparked Jason’s interest. He knew that if he told Christy that he wanted to do that then she will refuse, that’s why he wasn’t going to tell her.

Close your eyes!” Jason said to her as he bought his head up.

Christy’s face was covered with tears and black mascara was running down her cheek. She nodded her head. Jason took off his shirt and wrapped it around Christy’s head, to cover her eyes. Christy was fully compliant and did not try to take it off, nor did she ask any questions.

Jason then got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. He went into the freezer and pulled out the ice tray. He took one ice cube out and threw it in his mouth, then he put the ice tray back in the freezer and turned around and walked to the couch again.

Christy still had her legs up as she was sprawled on the couch, and Jason’s White T-Shirt was covered over her head. As Jason knelt down on the floor again and he put both his hands on her thighs and began to spread them, he looked at Christy in the face, her lips were quivering and she was silently sobbing. Jason took the ice cube out from out his mouth and spat it on the palm of his hand, then he bought his face up close to her.

What’s wrong baby? Why are you crying?” Jason asked.

I’m-I’m…” She began to say.

You scared bae?” Jason asked.

She nodded her head slowly up and down as more tears trickle down her cheek. Jason extended his hand outwards and began to rub her cheek to wipe the tears off.

Don’t be scared baby. I’m gonna make you feel good okay?” Jason said.

Christy nodded her head up and down slowly. Jason picked up the ice cube from the palm of his hand, then he slowly began caressing it on Christy’s left thigh. She gave a loud yelp and her legs started to spasm. Jason placed his hands on her thighs and began to rub to calm Christy down.

I’m not gonna hurt you.” He said.

Christy didn’t say nothing. She continued to sob.

Do you trust me?” Jason asked.

Yeah…” Christy said in between tears.

Jason then took the ice cube and shoved it inside Christy’s crevice. She gave a loud yelp and immediately jumped up the couch. Jason grabbed her legs and pulled her back down to her prior position.

If you keep moving it’s only gonna hurt more!” Jason said.

Daddy but you said that it wasn’t gonna hurt?”

I say a lot of things…”

The ice cube began melting as it was in her crevice. Jason could no longer see it.

Is it still in there bae?”

Yeah baby, it’s melting.” She said

Does it feel good?” Jason asked.

Christy nodded her head up and down.



How come you didn’t take your blindfold off?”

Christy paused for a minute, then she smiled.

I didn’t want to.”

How come?”

Because I like placing my trust in you.”

Jason didn’t say anything, he just stared at her in the eye. With every passing day, Jason’s love for Christy grew more and more. No longer did he feel like he was in a relationship with her. He now felt as if she had become a part of him in someway. Even though they were exact opposites, Christy liked to read and stay in the house. The last time Jason read a full book was in the third grade, he liked to listen to music and smoke weed. Christy got all A’s in school. Jason didn’t even know how he managed to pass 8th grade. As Jason stared at his wife in his eyes he suddenly came into fruition, he now knew what his purpose in life was. Make Christy happy simple. The only two girls that Jason ever really cared about was his mother Lisa and his little sister Cecilia, but now there was a third. Jason wondered if Christy even knew how much she meant to him. They both said nothing as they stared at each other in the eye. Jason was knelt down on the floor and Christy was laid on the couch with both of her legs spread and Jason’s shirt was wrapped over her eyes.

Jason reached with his hand in between Christy’s legs and he began rubbing. Christy gave a silent shriek and moaned. As Jason was eating, Christy stretched her arms over her head. Her armpits began showing, as soon as Jason saw this he lifted up his head and extended his hand towards Christy and tickled her left armpit with his fingers. Christy erupted in laughter.

STTTTOOOPPP!” She said while laughing.

Jason then moved his head up and started to kiss Christy’s stomach and lick around her belly button. She moaned and rubbed his head as he did this. He then dropped his hand down and inserted his right index finger into her crevice. Jason could feel her stomach heave up and down while he was kissing on it. He balled up his fist and stuck his index finger out as he was stroking it in and out of her crevice. Christy moaned louder and louder.

Take me Papi!” She screamed out.

You want me to take you down?” Jason asked.

Christy nodded her head. “TAKE ME DOWN!”

Jason looked at her in the eyes and smiled.

Where else you want me to take you bae?” He asked.

Christy immediately responded as she looked at her husband in the eye.

Take me anywhere Papi.” She said.

Jason stared at her deep in the eyes and gave a serious look.

You want me to take you to WAWA so you can get a breakfast sandwich?”

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