Chapter 3

PTSD is very serious

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Christy closed her eyes as Jason stuck his tongue in her mouth. They kissed slow and passionately. He reached over with his hand and rubbed her caramel skinned cheek. As Christy felt his warm hands, she cringed and her heart skipped a beat. Jason could feel her desire as he wrestled his tongue with hers in her mouth. He drew his head back away from her lips, her eyes were still closed.

Jason extended his hand and stuck his finger in her mouth. Even though her eyes were closed, she knew what it was. She grabbed a hold of his finger with both her hands and he began to slurp and suck them, like a vacuum cleaner. Jason instantly became stimulated.

I want you.” He said.

Christy opened her eyes and took his finger from out of her mouth.

What are you gonna do to me Papi?” She asked.

Whatever I want.” Jason replied.

I wanna take you down.”

Billy wanna take you down.”

Who’s Billy?” She asked.

That’s what I’ma name him.”

Jason then grabbed her hand and placed it on top of his zipper. Christy didn’t know what Jason was talking about. She thought for a minute. Then she felt the bulge on Jason’s zippers, and she smiled and chuckled, now she knew.

Tell Billy… He can have me.”

Billy then jumped up. Christy could feel it as her hands were placed on his zipper.

Billy’s happy.” Jason said.

Mhmm.” Christy said while continuing to smile.

Jaosn reached in with his head and buried his tongue in Christy’s mouth again. He pressed hard on her hand with his and pushed down.

You feel it bae?” Jason asked.

She nodded her head and bit her bottom lip. Billy jumped up multiple times. She could feel it throbbing and jumping up and down. Jason was getting ready to put his hands on Christy’s bra strap and loosen it. Then Arnold appeared hovering above Christy’s head.

Jason… Why did you come back?” He asked him.

Jason thought for a minute as his lips were locked with Christy’s. Then he remembered the main objectives of why he returned back, and it wasn’t to be doing what he’s doing right now.

He quickly drew his head back and took his phone from out of his pocket. He then unlocked it and handed it to Christy.

Bae call my dad real quick, he’s been asking for you.”

Is everything okay?” He asked.

Yeah, he just wanna say hi.”

Christy then dialed Mohammed’s number and she put the phone on speaker and laid it on her lap. Jason stayed seated on the couch. After a few seconds Mohammed picked up.

Yes Jason, did you go back to Christy’s house yet.” He picked up and said.

Mr. Mohammed, it’s me Christy.”

Oh Christy! How are you my daughter?”

I’m good Mr. Mohammed. How are you doing?”

I am very well, thank you for asking. How is your mother?”

She’s okay. She left to go to work this morning but she’ll be back later on tonight.”

Okay. Please give her my greetings okay?”

I sure will Mr. Mohammed. How is your wife Ms. Lisa and Cecilia doing?” She asked.

They are both doing well. That almost reminds me, Cecilia said that there is something wrong with her hair, she needs you to come over tomorrow and fix it, would you be able to?”

I sure will. Tell her I’ll be over there tomorrow morning as soon as I wake..”

Jason began to wave his hands and mouth out the words “NO! NO!”

Hold on for a second Mr. Mohammed.” She said. Then she put the phone down and covered the speakers so that Mohammed couldn’t hear.

Bae wassup?” She said to Jason.

Bae how are you supposed to come over tomorrow if I have to go to Joe’s in the morning?” He asked.

Bae but she needs to get her hair done. I’ll just come and you’ll be over at Joe’s.” She said.

Jason thought about it for a second. He then decided that he didn’t like that idea, he wanted for Christy to be over at his house when he was over there. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Christy being alone at her house with his family, he actually found great delectation at the idea of Christy trusting his family enough that she wouldn’t mind being alone with them while he’s not there. It was just that Jason didn’t want to miss anything that might happen while he’s not there. Like last time when she was over and his little sister Cecilia told Christy that she was in a relationship with his best friend Jerry, and she related the information to Jason. Even though he did not approve of it at first, he still was informed of what was going on, and that’s all that mattered to Jason, he don’t like being kept in the dark when it comes to matters such as that.

Bae NO!”

Just tell my dad that you’ll come in the evening when I return from Joe’s” He said.

Why can’t I just come in the morning?”

Why can’t you just do what I tell you to and shut up!?”

Christy erupted in laughter. Then she picked up the phone from her lap.

Mr. Mohammed, is it okay if I come in the evening when Jason returns from his friend’s house?” She asked.

Yes, that is fine.”

Okay Mr. Mohammed, I’ll see you tomorrow then okay?” Christy said.

Okay Christy. Please do not forget to tell your mother that I said hello.”

Christy nodded her head and said okay. Then she hung up the phone and handed it back to Jason.

What you want me to do now?” She said.

Jason took the phone and put it in his pocket. Then he crossed his legs as he reclined his head on the couch, he pointed towards the plate full of Chicken Lo’ Mein on the table.

I want you to go eat.” He said.

Christy moved the table closer to her and she picked up the fork and started eating. As she ate Jason got up and walked to the kitchen and went in the refrigerator and took out another Dasani water bottle. Jason then walked back to the middle of the living room where Christy was sitting down on the couch eating, he held out his hand and extended her the water bottle. Christy looked at it and drew her hand out and slowly took it, then she continued eating.

She could only eat about half of the food on the plate.

I’m full.” She said.

Jason looked at the plate, he was pleased with what he saw. He folded his legs again and reclined on the couch.

What you want me to do now daddy?” She asked.

I want you to get on your knees.” Jason said.

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