Chapter 3

PTSD is very serious

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Christy closed her eyes slowly and opened it back up.

You want me to what?” She asked.

Jason moved forward on the couch and placed his hands on his kneecaps.

I’m not gonna repeat myself.” He said.

Christy gave Jason a long stare then she turned her head to the side.

Jason I’m not…” She began to say.

Jason then reached over with his hand and wrapped it around her throat and squeezed lightly.

You’re gonna do what I tell you to. DO YOU HEAR ME!?”

Christy’s eyes became red and tears started to well up in them.

Ye-ye-yes da-daddy.” She said.

Jason then pinched her cheeks and and drew her head in close to his, he looked at her in the eyes.


Fear shot across Christy’s eyes. She held her hand up and started to back away.

Don’t hurt me daddy!” She said.

Don’t talk! I don’t want you to talk!”

Christy nodded her head. “I’m not gonna talk daddy”


Jason then stood up from the couch and removed the black leather belt that was tied around his waist.

You need some discipline!” He said.

Christy stood up, she then turned around and tried to run away, Jason extended his hand and grabbed her shirt by the collar and lightly pulled her back before she had a chance to.

Where do you think you’re going?” He asked her.

Nowhere daddy, I’m not going nowhere.”

Jason tucked his hand underneath her armpits and lifted her up, he then threw her tiny body over his shoulder and turned around and began to walk.

Where are you taking me?” She asked.

Jason didn’t respond, he continued to walk. Christy balled up her fists and started pounding Jason on his back while screaming.


He ignored her screams and continued to walk, he made a turn and started to go up the stairs. As he walked down the corridor Christy continued to pound her fists on Jason’s back.

When Jason got outside Christy’s door he came to a standstill, placed his hands on the doorknob and turned. The door swung open and Jason stepped inside.

PUT ME DOWN YOU FREAK!” Said Christy out loud.

Jason walked over to the bed and threw Christy on top of it, she landed on the white knitted polyester blanket. Her long black hair covered her face as she landed. Christy then grabbed the pillow and held it up in front of her midsection to use as a type of blockade. Jason stood over the bed and stared at her, fire shot through his eyes.

Jason put both his legs on the bed and stood up on them, then he placed his hands on it and stood up on them and began to crawl towards Christy. She started to back up until her back touched the headboard, Christy squeezed the pillow with both her hands and threw it at Jason.


I’m not either.” Jason said as he deflected the pillow to the side with his hands and continued to approach Christy.

I’m finna take care of BINESS!”

Jason then balled up both his fists and clasped them together in a vertical position and swung a fist at Christy’s kneecaps. The pain shot through her body, she jerked her leg back.

DON’T DO THAT!” She screamed out in pain.

Jason gave a short snicker and smiled. “Why not?” He said.

Because that hurts!”

I’m sorry boo. Let me rub it for you and make it all better.” Jason said as he balled up his fists again.

As soon as Christy saw this she jerked her whole body back and used her arms to cover up her legs as she folded them up. Jason burst out in laughter.

Why you so scared.” He asked.

Christy didn’t say nothing, she folded up her legs and continued to cover it with her arms.

Jason, I’m not laughing.” She said nonchalantly.

Jason looked at her for a few seconds. Then he extended his hand and tickled her armpit. Christy broke out in laughter.

Now you are.” Jason said.

You is so stupid!” Christy said in between her laughing.

Bae can I ask you a question?”


Ok… Why is…”

Jason I said NO!”

I heard you bae. Why is your nose so small but your head so big?” He asked.


It’s so disproportionate, Why is that?”

Christy sighed. “Idk Jason.”

Bae can I ask you another question?”

She sighed again. “Yes Jason, what is it?”

Naw matterfact it’s a joke. Do you wanna hear it?”

I guess…”

Ok bae; Knock-knock?” Jason smiled and said.

Christy sighed heavily. “Who’s there?”

Cow says…”

Cow says who?”

No silly, a cow says moooo!” Jason broke out in laughter and slapped Christy on her knees.

Christy jerked her leg back. “OOOUUCCCCHH!”

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