Chapter 3

PTSD is very serious

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Christy cried out in pain. “Why did you do that?” She said aloud.

Jason twisted his face as he stared at her.

Umm… Because it was funny.” He said.

Christy began to rub her knees, Jason reached with his hand and also began to rub them.

Awww… I’m sorry boo. Did daddy hurt you?” Jason said as he stuck out his bottom lip.

Christy nodded her head up and down and almost broke out in tears. Jason then grabbed the leg that he slapped and drew it close to him and began to rub her kneecaps with his hands.

Don’t worry bae, daddy’s gonna make it all better for you okay?” Jason said as he continued to rub her kneecaps.

You promise?” Christy said as she stared at Jason with gleamy eyes.

I promise baby. Bae I want you to know that I’m so proud of you. You’re so special to me boo.” Said Jason.

Awwwww… Really bae?”

Yess. Bae can I tell you something?” Jason asked.

Christy nodded her head anxiously. “Tell me bae!”

I just farted.”


Bae can I tell you something else?”

Yes. Tell me.”

I love you.”


Jason grabbed her other leg and pulled it in. Christy moaned lightly as Jason tugged on her leg.

He then put his hands underneath her shirt and began to play with her belly button.

Bae I wanna take my time with you okay. I want this to be special..” Jason said as he continued to play with her belly button.

Why do you want it to be special?” She asked.

Jason then moved up and laid his head flat down on his palms next to her.

Because you’re my babygirl, and I love you.” He said.

Christy laid her head flat down on Jason’s stomach and looked up at him.

Bae why do you love me?” She asked.

Omg…” Jason sighed and said.

Because you’re so beautiful, and I want us to be together forever and ever.” Jason said.


Bae I want you to have my daughter okay?”

Bae… Not yet.” She said.

I wanna get you pregnant baby.”

Bae no. Why would you wanna bring your daughter into this world and you got nothing to give her?”

Bae idc! I just wanna get you seeded.”


Bae, wait until we finish school okay?” She said.

Bae but I don’t wanna wait.”

Baaeee. We’re not even 16 yet!” Said Christy.

Jason grew angry. He extended his hand and wrapped his fingers around Christy’s throat.

You’re gonna have my son!” He said to her angrily.

Fear shot through Christy’s eyes as she looked up at Jason. “Ye-ye-yes da-daddy.”

Jason then dropped his left hand and began to rub below Christy’s belly button. He looked at her in the eyes as he did this.

Daddy’s gonna make you feel real good okay boo?” Jason said.

Christy cringed and bit her bottom lip. “You promise bae?”

I promise.”

Jason then inserted his index finger into her crevice. He took it out and put it in his mouth and sucked on it. He could taste all of Christy’s wetness. Then he stuck the same finger into her mouth. She grabbed it with both her hands and pushed it deeper in her mouth while she sucked and licked it.

It tastes good baby?” He asked.

Christy looked up at him and nodded her head. “Yes daddy.”

You like sucking it?” Jason asked again.

Christy nodded her head up and down. “I like sucking it for daddy.”

You wanna know what else you can suck?” Jason asked.

Christy pulled his index finger out of her mouth. A long strand of thick saliva appeared as she pulled it out.

Tell me bae. What else can I suck for daddy?”

Billy.” He said.

Christy smiled and nodded her head slowly. “Will that make Billy happy?”

Yeah bae. Billy wants you to put him in your mouth.”

Bae I wanna suck on your finger some more.” She said as she grabbed his right index finger and started to put it in her mouth again.

Jason wrapped his fingers around her throat and squeezed lightly again., then he drew her head in close.

Suck Billy NOW!” He said.

Christy’s heart filled with terror and fear. She quickly placed both her hands on Jason’s shoulders and began to go down.

Don’t get mad baby. I’m gonna suck it now okay?” She said as she started to go down,

Jason placed his hand on her scalp and pushed down. “Shut up and suck it!” He said.

When Christy got down she started to loosen Jason’s zipper, Billy popped out. It was long and it bended, and there were veins all over it. Christy stared at it in awe as her jaws dropped, she was amazed.

When Jason saw her mouth opening he grabbed her head and shoved Billy inside her mouth and started to stroke. Saliva began to drip from the side of Christy’s mouth as Billy went in and out repeatedly.

Is this what you want?” Jason asked as he continued to stroke.

Christy wasn’t able to respond. Only gargling and choking noises came out of her mouth. Jason then grabbed Billy. He wrapped his palms around him and slapped Christy on the side of her face with it.

Put Oliver and Oscar in your mouth.” He said,

Christy was out of breath and spit was dripping from out of her mouth.

Who’s Oliver and Oscar?” She asked in between breaths.

They’re Billy’s little twin brothers.” He replied.

Christy smiled and chuckled lightly. “Omg where do you get these crazy names from?”

Jason wrapped his hands around her throat and pulled her head up.

Didn’t I tell you NO QUESTIONS!”

Christy shook her head from side to side. “No daddy, you didn’t.”

WELL I’M TELLING YOU NOW!” Jason said aloud.

Christy almost broke out in tears. “Don’t yell at me daddy!”

I’m sorry baby, just put Oliver and Oscar in your mouth okay?”

Christy nodded her head up and down. She then went down on Jason and spat on her palms, then she rubbed her hands together until they were sticky and covered with saliva. She rubbed the head of Billy as she stroked it with her fingers. She then put Oliver in her mouth and began to slurp it. After about two minutes she put Oscar in her mouth also.

You’re doing so good baby, I love you.” Jason said as he patted and slowly rubbed her head.

You’re the girl of my dreams.” Jason said.

Awwww!” Christy took Oliver and Oscar out of her mouth and said.

Put it back in your mouth baby. You’re so beautiful. I never wanna let you go.”

Christy then grabbed underneath Oliver and Oscar and began to rub and squeeze the pair. She watched as they both manifested and popped out of the skin, it was very apparent. Christy smiled as she squeezed them both.

They’re so squishy baby.” She said while smiling.

Jason wasn’t able to respond. His eyes were closed and his mouth half opened. Spit started to drip from the side of his mouth.

She sucked and slurped on Oliver and Oscar for about ten minutes. Afterwards, Jason pulled them out of her mouth.

Bae lay flat on your back and open your legs so that I can stuff you like a Thanksgiving turkey.” He said.

Christy hesitated as she laid her head slowly on the pillow.

Daddy I’m scared.” She said.

Jason made a fist and got into a push-up position as he held himself on top of her.

Don’t be scared baby. I believe in you.” Jason said.

You do?” She asked.

Yes baby.”

You promise?”

Yeah baby, don’t worry you can take it okay?”

Christy extended her hand up and rubbed Jason’s stomach.

I wanna take it for daddy.” She said.

Jason slowly came down and inserted Billy into her crevice. Christy opened her mouth wide and tears started to fall out her eyes as Billy went in.

Take it for daddy bae, take it for daddy, take it for…” Jason then shoved all of Billy inside her.

Christy screamed out in pain as Jason began to stroke. Her skin started to tear and a little bit of blood began to ooze out of the side of her crevice. Jason was still in a push-up position on top of her. His drool fell on her naked chest as he stroked.


I can take it! I can take it! I can take it!” She yelled out.

Take it all for daddy bae!”

Christy opened her legs wider and wrapped her arms around Jason’s waist as he continued to stroke.


Christy looked up at Jason with her mouth half open, she wasn’t blinking.

I’m finna come inside you baby.” He said.

Christy shook her head from side to side. “Noo bae!” She said.

Okay baby I won’t okay?” Jason said.

You promise?”

Jason then dropped from the push-up position he was in and laid flat on her stomach and wrapped his arms around her head, he continued to stroke.


Christy screamed out in pain. Tears started coming out of her eyes profusely.

I promise!” He said.

I promise.” He said again.

I promise!”

HERE COMES THE JELLY!” Jason yelled out as he exploded inside of her.

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