Chapter 3

PTSD is very serious

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Jason looked at her in the eyes and reached over with his hand and choked her. They both looked at each other and didn’t say nothing as Jason dumped in her.

I hate you.” Jason said as he choked her.

Don’t hate me daddy.” Christy said.

Jason lightly slapped her on the face and looked at her. “Don’t tell me what to do!” He said.

I’m sorry daddy. Don’t be angry.”

Jason began to rub her cheek. “Daddy’s not angry okay. Daddy just don’t like to be told what to do.”

Jason reached with his hand and rubbed his cheek. “I’m sorry daddy.”

Billy was still inside her. He finished dumping in her, and now he only looked at her in the eyes as Billy was still inside her crevice. He wasn’t stroking, Jason had his hands lightly wrapped around her throat.

Why are you sorry baby?” He asked her.

Christy moaned and opened her legs wider, she liked the feeling of Billy being stagnant inside her.

I’m sorry for telling daddy what to do.” She said.

You promise you won’t do it again?” Jason said to her.

Christy nodded her head up and down. Jason drew his waist back and slammed Billy inside her.


Christy cringed and screamed. “DADDY!” She yelled out.

I’m sorry baby, did daddy make it hurt?” He asked.

Christy nodded her head up and down as she looked at Jason in the eyes.

Daddy’s sorry okay. Daddy won’t do it again.” He said.

Bae you promise?” She said in a low tone of voice.

Jason reached down with his head and buried his tongue in her mouth.

I promise baby.” He said.

He then cocked his waist back and slammed Billy in her crevice again.

OOOOUUCHHH!!” Christy screamed out.


You promised that you wouldn’t do it again.” She said as she began to cry.

Daddy makes a lot of promises bae.” He said.

Jason wrapped his arms around her head and held her tight as he started to stroke repetitively. Christy wasn’t able to scream. She only stared at Jason without blinking and her mouth half opened. Her chest heaved up and down.

A thought then appeared in Billy’s head. It thus manifested in Jasons’. He got out from between her legs and pulled Billy out of her crevice. He turned Christy over, she laid flat on her stomach.

What are you gonna do to me daddy?” She asked.

SHUT UP!” Jason said as he pushed down on her back with his left hand and held Billy in his right.

Arnold then appeared in front of Jason to the right hand side of him. He was hovering.

Jason don’t do it!” He said.

Sweat began to trickle down Jason’s forehead as he contemplated on whether or not he should do it.

John then appeared, in his left hand side. He was also hovering.

DO IT BROOO!” John yelled out.


More sweat trickled down Jason’s forehead.

JASON NOOO!” Arnold said as he shook his head fast from side to side.

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” John said as he began to clap and cheer Jason on.

Arnold then poofed and vanished, he reappeared hovering next to Jason’s right ear.

In a Hadith narrated by…” He began to say.

Before he could finish, Jason shoved Billy inside her butt. She kicked both her legs up and yelled out.

AAAAHHH!! TAKE IT OUT!” She bellowed out.

Jason laid down on her back and wrapped his arms around her head.

DON’T! TELL! ME! WHAT! TO! DO!” He said as he stroked.

The feeling of Billy being inside her butt was different than the feeling of him being in her crevice. Though it was not wet, it was tight. Boy was it tight!

Arnold disappeared with a flash. He knew that he couldn’t talk Jason out of it now. Once he put it in, there was no going back.

Jason stopped stroking and just laid flat on her back, he pushed down his weight deeper inside her.

Is this what you wanted?” He asked her.

Christy shook her head from side to side. Jason pushed more of his weight inside her. Christy cringed and silently moaned. Jason had his fingers wrapped around her throat so she wasn’t able to scream loud.

Then why’d you make me mad?” He asked her as he loosened his hand around her throat.

Tell me!” He said as he cocked his waist back and slammed Billy in her again.

Christy wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She only moaned silently as tears fell from her eyes.

Jason stopped stroking and rested Billy inside her butt. After a couple minutes, Christy began to enjoy the feeling of Billy being inside her butt. At first it hurted her immensely. But now that Jason wasn’t stroking, it was a soothing feeling. She quickly adjusted and grew accustomed to it.

I’m sorry daddy.” She silently said in between tears.

Christy tightened her buttocks and squeezed Billy as he was inside her.

It hurts daddy!” She said as she squeezed tighter.

Why does it hurt bae?” He asked.

Because it’s too big!” She responded.

What’s too big bae?” He asked as he cocked his waist back and stroked again.

BILLY’S TOO BIG!” She yelled out.

Why’s Billy too big?” He asked her as he began to stroke again slowly. He gradually picked up his pace and stroked faster and faster.

DADDY!” She yelled out.

Tell me why bae?”


Daddy it hurts!!” Christy screamed out.

Jason stopped stroking again and pushed more of his weight in her.

What hurts baby?” He asked.

Daddy you’re in too deep!” She said.

I’m sorry baby, you want daddy to take it out?” He asked.

Christy nodded her head slowly up and down. “Yes daddy.”

Okay, daddy’s gonna take it out okay?”

You promise?”

I promise baby.”

Jason then cocked back and stroked, he pushed all of his weight in her and began to stroke again.

DADDY!!!” Christy screamed out.

Jason ignored her screams and continued to stroke.

I PROMISE!” He said as he clenched his fingers around her throat and squeezed.


Jason continued to stroke until Billy spilled all inside her butt. As soon as Christy felt it coming out she squeezed her buttocks until it all came out. Jason continued to lay on her back.

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