Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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That’s it baby. Just lay down so you can get all of it okay. You’re so perfect, I love you so much.” He said.

Awwww! Daddy are you proud of me?” She asked.

I’m so proud of you, and I love you.”

You do Papi?” She asked Jason as she tightened her buttocks and squeezed Billy until the rest came out.

Yes baby.” He said as he continued to dump in her,

I wanna make daddy happy.” She said.

Daddy’s very happy.” Said Jason.

They both paused for a minute. Jason laid on top of her back and didn’t say nothing as the rest spilled into her.

Bae can I ask you a question?” Jason asked.

Yes bae?”

Bae why do you be getting anal or fussy when I put Billy in your butt?” Jason asked.

Bae I don’t.” She said.

I actually like it better when you put Billy in my butt.”

Why do you like it bae?”

Cuz then I won’t be needing to take them pills.” She said.

You don’t like taking them pills bae?” Jason asked.

Christy shook her head from side to side.

Why not baby?” Jason asked.

Because… It makes me feel sick and I lose my appetite.” She said.

Okay baby I’m sorry, I won’t do it no more okay?”

From now on I’ll only come in your butt okay?”

Or you can do it in my mouth bae.”

Bae you sure? Cause Billy be coming a lot, and if he do it in your mouth then you’re gonna have to swallow it.”

Christy nodded her head up and down. “I’m sure baby.”

I’ll swallow it all for daddy.”

Jason smiled. “Or I can come in your ears bae.” Jason said.

He then stuck his index finger in his mouth and then he put it in her left ears.

Christy cocked her head back and lifted up her shoulders to scratch her earlobe.

STTTOOPPP!” She said.

Bae… Don’t act like that.” Said Jason.

I wanna come in your ears so that you can hear me when I’m coming.” Said Jason.

Christy burst out in laughter. “Bae you is so stupid!”

Jason then got off her back and pulled Billy out of her butt. He came out with a “PLOP!”

Jason laid down sideways on the bed next to her. He then placed his hands on the mattress and stood up on his knees. Jason spat on his hands afterwards and rubbed his palms together, then he rubbed Billy with it. He then grabbed a hold of her head and pulled her hair back, he lightly drew on it as he began to position Billy in her earlobe.

Bae noooo!!” She said as she struggled.

John then appeared in front of Jason, he was hovering.

DO IT BROOO!!” He said as he clapped his hands and cheered Jason on.

Bae you’re gonna take it in your ears okay? Do you hear me? Do I make myself clear?” Jason asked.

Omg baee PLEASE DON’T.”

You can’t do this!” She yelled out.

"I DAMN SURE CAN AND I WILL!” Jason said out loud as he then began to insert Billy into her earlobe. He grabbed her head and pushed down on it as he did this.

The hole in her earlobe was too tiny and small. Billy wouldn’t fit.

Awww mann!” Jason said out loud.

Baee Billy’s not fitting.” He said.

Bae stop! Get off me you weirdo!” Christy said as she struggled to be set free from Jason’s grasp. His large hands were wrapped around her head.

Jason fell back on the bed. He still had a firm grasp around Billy.

Jason gasped and put his hands over his mouth. “WHY’D YOU PUSH ME!?” He said out loud.

Because you’re being a weirdo!”

Why would you try to put it in my ears.”She asked.

Jason got up and stood on his knees. “Because you’re my wife! And your body belongs to ME!” Jason said.

No it don’t!”

Jason then reached over with his hands and choked Christy. As she was struggling and gasping for breath, Jason lifted her up and grabbed her from the back., he wrapped his legs around her midsection from the back and began to squeeze her tiny body.

YOU’RE… MINES!” He said as he squeezed.

JASON… LET… ME… GO!” She said.

Jason looked over her body and examined it carefully. He watched and looked her over with great circumspect. A thought then appeared in his head as he tried to find another spot where he could insert Billy in.


He pulled her head in close to his so that he could whisper in her ears.

Listen up you prostitute! I’m finna insert Billy into your armpits and I want you to cluck like a chicken and make fart noises with your mouth okay? Do I make myself clear?”

Christy erupted in laughter and began to smile. “Omg… What is wrong with you?” She asked.

Jason didn’t know if that was a rhetorical question or if she was just trying to be funny when she asked that. Because a lot of things were wrong with Jason, he didn’t know where to begin.

Bae that is weird! Why would you wanna put Billy in my ears?” She asked.

Bae I told you already, your whole body is mines! Are your ears a part of your body? Umm…. YESS!”

Jason that’s disgusting. Why can’t you be normal like everybody else?”

Jason twisted his face and gave Christy a suspicious and dubious look.

I am not familiar with this ‘normal’ term in which you are referring to.” He said.

Omg… Bae… Please…”

As Jason had his legs wrapped around her midsection he began to squeeze her throat with his arms. She started to choke her, and her caramel skin turned red.

Boy… LET… ME… GO!” She said as she struggled.

Jason turned her over and he climbed on her back again. Christy thought that he was going to stick Billy in her butt like he did before. But he moved up on her backside and pushed her head down on the mattress. Then he held Billy in his hands and directed it to the back of her earlobes. He pushed Billy against it. Christy screamed out.


Jason ignored her screams and kept pushing Billy against her earlobe, but it wouldn’t fit.

Jason got angry and he began to fume.



Christy continued to struggle to be set free from Jason’s grasp.

JASON I’M NOT PLAYING!!” She yelled out.

Jason continued to push her head down. “GET THE VASELINE BAE!”

Christy reached over close to the headboard and grabbed a pillow then she swung it at Jason. It hit him on the face and he fell back. Christy quickly turned over and got on top of Jason and started to repeatedly smack him on his head. Jason held up his hands and covered his head. Christy balled up her fists and continued to pounce on Jason’s head.

REAL MATURE BAE!” He said out loud.

She laughed and continued to smack Jason on top of his head.

Jason then extended his arms and gave Christy a bear hug. He held her in his arms and began to squeeze. Immediately she started to scream.


GO!!” She yelled out.

Who’s daddy?” Jason asked her as he bear hugged Christy and squeezed.

He then got off the bed and lifted Christy’s tiny body. She yelled out and kicked her legs.

AAAHHH! JASON!!!” She screamed as she flailed her legs.

Jason then threw her on the bed, she landed on top of the pillow. Christy quickly got up and sat on her bottom, she turned her face away and buried it in her legs and started to pretend to cry. As Jason saw this his heart sunk. He climbed on the bed and began to hug her head.

Baaee I’M SORRY!” He said.

As she continued to pretend to cry and Jason hugged her head she quickly turned around and climbed on Jason’s back and wrapped her arms around his throat. She began to choke him.

YOU TRICKED ME!” Jason said out loud.

He reached behind his back and tried to get a good grasp of her, so that he could flip her over. But he couldn’t get a hold of her. Christy began to laugh as she continued to squeeze his throat.

The front door downstairs then opened up and Crystal Angela stepped inside.

CHRISTY I’M HOME HONEY!” She yelled out as she began to head up the stairs.

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