Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Crystal Angela is a 66 year old divorcee. She’s had a total of ten husbands, and divorced by all of them. She also has 13 children who are all daughters, the oldest one is 35 years old, the youngest is Christy. All of her children are married and live with their husbands, Christy is the only one who lives with her. She was born in the country of Cuba, and raised in the island of Puerto Rico. She’s been to the states a couple times, she used to come and leave when she was younger. She decided to stay as decided to become a permanent resident when she was 45, one year later she met her late husband Frank whom she had Christy with.

Her latest husband Frank, who is a 50 year old African-American man who resides in New York City and works as a Customer Service Agent for a local bank there. His job, in which he’s had for over 15 years, involves him traveling abroad to different countries to set up deals with new clients. Crystal Angela does not understand that though. She think that instead of Frank going to abroad for work purposes, instead he’s going there to cheat on her and mingle with different various women.

Frank is Christy’s biological father, though Christy don’t see and speak to him, their relationship is not what it used to be. When Christy was seven years old, her father Frank and her mother Crystal Angela got into a heated argument. She put him in court, and got a restraining order put on him. He could no longer come within a 100feet of her or Christy. She shaved her head bald and got one of her friends to punch and pummel her face until it got swollen and turned red. Then she went to the courthouse and told the judge that Frank had beat him up. Thus, the judge gave full custody of Christy to Crystal Angela and placed a restraining order on him. The restraining order was only active for about a year and a half. On Christy’s eighth birthday it was deactivated and he was allowed to see her, but he still didn’t come around.

Christy used to love his father Frank so much, as did Frank. He used to take Christy to the local park every Friday and push her on the swing.

HIGHER DADDY! PUSH ME HIGHER!” Little eight year old Christy used to holler out to her father Frank as he was pushing her on the swing at the park he used to take her to.

Daddy’s gonna push you higher okay, but soon you’re gonna have to get on the big people swing so you can do it all by yourself okay?” Frank would reply back.

You gotta be a big girl for daddy okay?”

I wanna be a big girl for daddy! I wanna be a big girl for daddy!” Christy used to say.

Jason and Christy then both heard somebody coming up the stairs, immediately they knew who it was. Jason jumped off Christy’s back, as he was getting ready to insert Billy into her earlobe.

OMG BAE THAT’S YOUR MOM!” Jason said out loud.

Christy, honey, are you in your room?” Crystal Angela called out as she walked down the corridor.

BAE, GO INSIDE THE CLOSET.” Christy said to Jason.

Jason stood up and turned his head around as he looked for the closet. Billy was awake and he had a lot of energy in him. Jason wasn’t thinking about that though, his primary focus was to locate the closet so that he could go inside it and hide.

After a couple seconds he finally found the closet, it was near the Flatscreen Apple TV that was hooked up above the wall at the far end of the room. Jason quickly ran inside it and closed the door behind him.

Crystal Angela then opened Christy’s door and stuck her head in. She saw Christy laying down on the mattress with the white blanket wrapped over her body, her eyes were closed. Though she was naked and had no clothes on, Crystal Angela could not tell.

Christy, are you sleeping honey?” Crystal Angela asked Christy as she was laying down on the bed.

Christy slowly fluttered her eyes open and pretended to yawn and stretched her arms out.

Hmmmm… Yes mom? What did you say?”

I asked if you’re sleeping? I just came home from work honey.” She said.

Crystal Angela works as a nurse at UPENN hospital.

Yes mom, I’m really tired...” She said.

Well go back to sleep okay honey? Did you eat?” She asked.

Yeah, I ordered some Chinese.” She said.

Oh okay, well I was just checking. Go back to sleep okay? I’m gonna be in my room if you need anything okay.” Crystal Angela said.

Christy pretended to yawn again. “Okay mom.” She said while yawning.

Crystal Angela then pulled her head out and closed the door.

After a couple seconds when Christy heard her mother’s door opening and closing, she got off the bed and walked to the closet and opened the door and stuck her head in. She saw Jason standing at the far right side of the closet, underneath some hangers. His hand was wrapped around Billy, and he was pulling and tugging on it.

BAE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Christy gasped and asked.

Jason lifted his head up, he extended his hand out and pulled Christy in the closet with him. He pushed down on her lower back and bent her over. He then began to spread her cheeks wide open and inserted Billy in her butt.

When Jason saw that she was about to scream he clamped his hands over her mouth. Then he drew her hair back and whispered in her ears.

Do you want me to put you in a slave ship and send you back to Africa?” He asked.

John then appeared in the closet. “That’s what she wants broski!”

JASON TAKE IT OUT!” She screamed out.

Jason then put his fingers in her mouth.

DON’T TALK!” He told her.

KEEP YOUR DIRTY MOUTH SHUT!” Jason said to her as he began to stroke.

Christy started to bite Jason’s fingers as it was in her mouth. Jason pulled them out. He reached down and grabbed a single pair of sock and shoved it in her mouth.

Christy arched her back, Jason took advantage of the opportunity and pushed all of his weight in her as he stroked.

Who’s daddy?” He stopped stroking and asked her.

You are bae, you’re daddy!” She said.

That’s right!”

And what’s daddy doing?” He asked.

Daddy’s got Billy in my butt.” She said.

Jason cocked his waist back and stroked. Christy bent her back forward and almost fell over, Jason caught her before she could.

Your name is Betsy okay?” He said to her.

Christy silently moaned as tears fell from her eyes.

Yes daddy, my name is Betsy.” She said.

Please don’t hurt me daddy. I’m sorry.” She said.

Jason gently rubbed her face and stroked her hair. “Don’t be sorry child be careful!”

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