Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Christy closed her eyes and started breathing hard. She knew that Jason was angry at her for some reason, that’s why he was stroking like that.

“Daddy are you mad at me?” She asked while breathing hard.

Jason didn’t respond. His hand was gripped over her and drool was coming out of his mouth, only one thing was on his mind.

He put his hand over her mouth and smacked her naked backside as he was stroking, Christy cringed in pain and arched her back.


“DADDY!” She yelled as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Jason then put both his finger inside her mouth and drew her cheeks back. He stuck his tongue out as he continued to stroke faster and faster. He took Billy out of her butt and put it in her crevice from the back. Then he took it out of her crevice and put it in her butt. Jason took it back out and put it in her crevice. He couldn’t make up his mind as to where to stick Billy in.

“Choices… Choices…” He said to himself as he held Billy in his hands.

Sweat began to trickle down his forehead as he contemplated. He didn’t know, all that he knew was that Billy was about to come and he didn’t want to waste it.

John then appeared in front of Jason, he was hovering.


Jason nodded his head, that’s exactly what he was going to do.

As Billy was in her crevice from the back, he reached for the doorknob in the closet and turned it, the door swung open.

Jason slapped Christy’s backside again and drew on her arms and pulled it back. He cocked his waist back and slammed it against Christy’s crevice. He began walking with her out of the closet as Billy was in her.

She yelled out, Christy could feel Billy all the way in her stomach. Jason approached the bed and then he threw her on it. Billy came out of her crevice with a “PLOP!” As Christy landed on the bed she grabbed onto the sheets and clutched a pillow and held it in front of her midsection, she looked up at Jason as he looked down on her, fire was in his eyes.

“What are you gonna do to me?” She asked.

Jason didn’t respond. He climbed onto the bed with his knees and began to approach her. Christy threw the pillow at him.


Jason easily deflected the pillow to the side, it landed on the floor and he continued to approach her.

Christy held up her naked legs and covered her face with her hands as she continued to back away. The back of her head hit the headboard, there was a soft thud and she knew that she couldn’t back up anymore.

Jason extended his hand and held onto her left leg, he pulled on it and drew her in. Christy screamed out and tried to kick Jason with her right leg. He blocked it and grabbed onto and held the leg, then he began to tickle the bottom of her soles. Christy erupted in laughter as she fidgeted her legs and kicked out multiple times. Jason then reached for her hands and held onto them, he folded both of them across her chest and pushed down to subdue and restrain her.

“What are you doing? LET… ME… GO!!!” She said as she struggled to set her hands free.

Jason then lightly slapped her on the side of her face.

“SHUT UP WOMAN!” He said.


He then grabbed Billy with his right hand and moved up to her mouth. He put his fingers in her nose and began to spread them. Christy slapped his hands away.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FREAK?” She said out loud.

“Why is your nose so small? I’m tryna put Billy in but that jawn not gon fit.” He said.

Christy looked at him and sighed. “Omg…”

“Jason, just put it in my mouth.” She said.

“You sure bae?” She asked.

Christy nodded her head up and down.

He then reached with his hand and clenched his fingers around her throat, then he tightened it and squeezed. As she gasped for breath and began choking, her mouth slightly opened. Jason used this opportune moment to his full advantage, he quickly held Billy with his other hand and shoved it in her mouth.

“Suck it bae!” Jason said as he stroked her hair.

“You’re doing so good.”

“I’m proud of you baby.”

“Is daddy happy?” She looked up at him and asked.

“Daddy’s so happy baby, your eyes are beautiful. I love you.”

Christy gripped Billy with her tiny hands and began to rub it together like a pottery spinning wheel, she did this as she was sucking it. Then her door began knocking.

“Omg bae that’s my mom! You have to…” She began to say.

Jason slapped her hands away from Billy, he grabbed it and held onto it and began to stroke it inside her mouth. He did this for about five seconds, until Billy came inside her mouth.

“Honey are you okay? I heard screaming.” Said Crystal Angela.

Jason quickly jumped off the bed and began turning his head to look for his clothes.

“Bae where’s my pants?” He asked.

Christy was still on the bed, licking her fingers and the side of her mouth.

“Under the bed bae.” She said as she licked the back of her palm.

Jason quickly got on the floor and pulled his pants from underneath Christy’s bed. He couldn’t find his shirt.

Jason then went into the bathroom in Christy’s room. She got off the bed and followed him.

“Bae where are you going?” She asked.

He didn’t respond. Jason climbed on top of the toilet seat and opened up the bathroom window. He looked down, it was a short jump. He was only on the second floor. He said “Bismillah” and jumped.

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