Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Jason landed on a shrub of green leaves, which broke his fall.

ALHAMDULILLAH!” He said after he landed safely.

Christy stuck her head out the window. “ARE YOU OKAY?” She said out loud.

Jason ignored the question and started to dust his pants off to remove all the dirt that accumulated on it from being under Christy’s bed and him landing on the bush. He still had no shirt on.

YOUR MOM BAE!” Jason said to Christy.

She almost forgot, her mom was still behind her door knocking and calling her. She quickly drew her head back in, then she stuck it back out.

I’ll call you in fifteen minutes bae!” She said.

MWAH!” She blew Jason a kiss and pulled her head back in. Jason turned around and began heading for CVS.

When Christy exited the bathroom and went back in her bedroom she could no longer hear her mother from behind the door. When she opened it, she looked around and saw that there was nobody there. She went in her closet to pull out some dry underwear and pants. She then walked out of the room and entered the corridor hallway.

Nobody was in the corridor with her, she began to walk towards her mother Crystal Angela’s door, she overheard her talking on the phone with somebody.

She’s in school Frank, she’s got really good grades and at the top of her class.” Crystal Angela said,

Maybe if you actually cared or showed up more than you would know.”

Frank, I know, and I’m really happy for you.”


Well… That’s your fault. You caused that.”

No, she doesn’t.”

She’s not even thinking about things like that, I told you she’s focused in school.”

Do whatever you wanna do Frank.”

You make over seven figures, how do you expect me to take you off?”

Whatever Frank.”

Call me later.” She finally said then hung up.

Christy opened the door and barged in. “Is daddy coming?” She asked.

Crystal Angela was seated at the end of the bed. Her arms were folded across her chest and the phone was on top of her lap. She got up when she saw Christy and walked towards her.

No honey, go back to sleep okay. Your daddy doesn’t love you.” She said to Christy.

What?” She said in disbelief.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her heart sunk. She loved her father Frank so much, and she used to be very close to him when she was younger.

Which one do you like more? The Rainbow or Cookies n Cream?” Frank would ask little seven year old Christy as he held her hand and walked with her to buy water ice.

I like Cookies n Cream daddy!” Christy said.

I bet you do. Why do you like it?” He asked her as he swung her arms and walked.

Because it’s really yummy and tasty and I love it!” Christy said while smiling.

Well daddy’s gonna buy it now for you all the time okay.” He said.

Christy’s face lit up with excitement and joy. “YAAY!! YOU PROMISE DADDY?”

Daddy promises okay? Anything to keep my beautiful little girl happy.” He said as he looked down at her and smiled.

Christy turned her head and looked up at him and smiled. “I love you daddy!”

I love you too baby.” He said.

Christy then quietly turned around and began walking out of her mother’s room

You going back to sleep honey?” Crystal Angela asked her as she walked out.

Yes.” She subtly replied and opened the door to walk out.

It was early summer so Jason wasn’t feeling any type of frigidity as he was walking with his shirt off.

He approached the CVS and walked through the automatic sliding door. When he walked in he walked to the back of the store in the Pharmacy department.

The lady there was a middle aged Indian woman. She had crimson black hair and showed really white teeth when she smiled. She was wearing a large white lab coat.

She smiled and showed her white teeth when Jason walked up to her.

Hello, how are you doing? May I help you?”

Hi, my name is Jason Adebayo. I’m here to pick up my mother’s medicine please. The Abiliify.” He said.

The lady then went into a counter and started filing through some medicine cups.

What’s your mother’s name sweetie?” She asked.

Lisa… Lisa Thurmond.” He said.

That was her mother’s maiden name. She never agreed to change her last name when she married Mohammed.

The Indian lady continued to file through the cabinet and pulled out a white plastic packet with the medicine in it. She handed it to Jason.

Thank you very much.” Jason said as he took the medicine packet that the lady handed him.

He then turned around and began walking. Standing far behind him were two Caucasian girls, they looked as if they were maybe in their early twenties. They looked at Jason and began to smile and snicker as he walked past them. Jason started to wonder as to why they were smiling and laughing, then he remembered. His shirt was off. He continued to walk. As he got to the front of the store the same two girls began to approach him.

Hey…” One of them said,

You’re cute.”

Jason looked at her and began to smile. She was medium height, short blonde hair. She had on a miniskirt with black heels and a small tight gray shirt.

Thank you.” Jason said.

My friend wants to get your number, but she’s too shy to ask you.” She said.

Jason lightly snickered. “Tell your friend that she doesn’t have to be shy, I won’t bite… If she doesn’t want me to.”

They both gasped then looked at each other and said “Omg!” simultaneously.

What’s your name?” The shy one asked.

Jason, what’s yours?”

Ashely, and my friend’s name is Emma.” She said.

Are you guys sisters?” He asked.

No, just friends.”

You live close by?” Jason asked.

Yeah, we live right up the street.” Emma said.

You should show me where you live.” Jason said.

They both laughed and looked at each other. “Why?” Ashley asked.

Jason thought for a moment.“Because… I’m an exterminator, and there’s been some poisonous rats going around. I wanna see if you got it in your house so that I can kill it.”

They both covered their mouth with their hands and began to laugh.

Okay… Since you put it that way.” Ashley said and laughed.

Then they both walked out of the automatic door, Jason followed behind them.

They began heading up a certain direction towards a slopey hill. As Jason was walking behind them he stared at their backsides. The cheeks were perfectly augmented and symmetrical. An idea then popped up in Jason’s head.

Let’s go this way.” He said to the girls as he made a left and walked into an alleyway with some dumpsters.

Why are we going this way?” Ashley asked.

It’s a shortcut.” Jason said.

The girls decided to follow Jason and walked behind him. Once they disappeared behind a dumpster, Jason grabbed Ashley’s hand and pushed her down on her knees. He pulled Billy out and started to slam it against the front of her lips.

Put it in your mouth.” He said to her.

She immediately opened her mouth and began sucking on Billy. Emma also got on her knees and joined her friend.

Jason cocked his head back in enjoyment as both girls sucked and slurped Billy.

You’re both carnivores.” He said to them.

Emma then put her hand underneath Billy and started squeezing Oscar and Oliver.

After a couple minutes he stood Ashley up, Emma was still on her knees. He bent Ashley over, spat on his fingers and rubbed it against Billy. Then he inserted it in her butt from the back.

She jolted forward and almost fell, Jason grabbed her hand and held onto her before she could.

DEEPER! DEEPER! DEEPER!” Ashley screamed out.

Jason slapped her arched backside and squeezed Billy in deeper and started to stroke. Emma was still on her knees sucking on Oscar and Olive and cheering Jason on.

Push deeper!” Emma said.

He stroked for a few minutes and then he exploded inside Ashley’s butt. She moaned and yelled out.

Jason then quickly lifted up his pants and turned around and began running in the opposite direction. Never to be seen again by Ashley and Emma.

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