Have you ever woken up on a weekend thinking that you had school? So you brush your teeth, take a shower, put on deodorant and lotion, Then when you start putting on your pants you finaly realize “LAWD WHAT AM I DOING?” That’s exactly what happened to Jason, the only difference was that it wasn’t the weekend. It was summer break, and he didn’t realize his silly blunder until he finished putting on his pants and he walked down halfway down to the stop sign at the corner.

Where you going son?” Ms. Elizabeth, an old white widow lady asked Jason as she was putting her trashcan in the house.

Jason paused for a minute as he examined his clothes. It took him a couple of seconds to catch on.

Umm... The store.” Jason replied slowly.

With your bookbag on?” Ms. Elizabeth asked.

Jason ignored her question as if he did not hear it.

Do you need help with your trashcan?” He asked instead.

I’m okay honey, I got it. How is your mother doing? Did she have the baby yet?” She asked.

Jason gave her a puzzling look, “What baby?” He asked

Quickly Ms. Elizabeth hurried in her house and shut the door. Jason wanted to follow her inside. But as he was going Lisa called him from up the street. “JASON, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” She bellowed. Jason quickly pranced back up to his house. When he approached his mother he raised one eyebrow up. “Mom, you’re having a baby?” His mother hesitated and gave him a sullen look.

Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked again.

I was going to tell you honey, but it’s just been really stressful on me and your father.” Lisa said as she went inside the house and Jason followed her. They both sat down at the kitchen table.

And we didn’t want to worry you son.” Mohammed came in and added.

But this is great news! How can you worry me?” Jason retorted.

Lisa gave a wide smile. “You think so Jason?” She asked.

I know so mom, it’ll be great to have a baby brother or sister.”

Lisa reached over and hugged and kissed Jason on the cheek. “I KNEW IT!”

I tried to tell your father that there was no reason to concern ourselves.”.

Jason’s phone then began ringing.

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