Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Hold that thought mom.” Jason said, then he picked up his Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Hello.” Jason said.

What time are you coming bro?” Joe said on the other line.

Jason paused for a minute. He wanted to tell Joe that he needed about an hour to take a shower and get dressed, but he then realized that it had already been done.

I’m omw bro.” He said, then he hung up.

Jason then got off the chair and began to head for the door.

I’m going to Joe’s house, tell Christy to call me when she comes.” Jason said to his parents.

They both nodded and Jason headed out the door. As Jason was walking out his phone began to ring again. He quickly picked it up, thinking it was Joe again. “I’ll be there in ten minutes bro.” He said.

Where you bouta go?” Jerry asked.

I’m finna go to Joe’s.” Jason said,

I’m coming.” Jerry said.

Are you asking or telling me?” Jason asked.

By the time that he finished asking his question Jerry had already hung up.

Nevermind.” Jason said to himself.

About 15 minutes later Jason arrived on Joe’s block, on top of an inclining hill with houses at the side. Jerry was already at the front porch waiting.

I wanted to wait for you, I didn’t want to just come unannounced.” Jerry said.

How long was you waiting?” Jason asked.

About ten minutes.” Jerry replied.

Wow, whoever said that chivalry was dead clearly hasn’t met you yet.” Jason said as he came to the porch and began to ring the doorbell. On the first ring Ms. Alvita answered. She opened the door with a wide smile. “JASON!” She said. Then she looked at Jerry and continued to smile.

Jerry extended his hand. “Nice to meet you Ms. Alvita, I’m Jerry.”

Jerry, pleased to meet you as well dear. But remember we’ve already met, three times actually.” She said.

Oh yeah that’s right. Now I remember.” Jerry said. But he still had no clue what she was talking about.

Alvita then stepped to the side and opened the door some more. Creating a pathway for the boys to enter. Jason and Jerry both entered. Sitting on the couch was a middle aged man with glasses. He was watching the news. As soon as he saw Jason and Jerry he turned the TV off and approached them.

He held his hand out, towards Jerry first. “Nice to meet you boys, my name is Cristopher. I’m Joseph’s father. He said as he shook Jason’s hands. He also had a Jamaican accent.

Jason and Jerry both shook his hand and introduced themselves.

Jason, I’ve heard so much about you. It’s good to finally meet you.

Joseph is upstairs in his room.” Cristopher said.

Both of the boys started to go up the stairs. Joe’s room was the first door on the right. Jason wanted to knock, but before he had a chance to Jerry opened the door and barged in. Joe was sitting upright on his bed watching TV. Once he saw the two boys he sprawled up on his feet and walked towards them. But he didn’t turn off the TV like his father did. He smiled at the boys and gave them dap.

Why do you look like Kyrie Irving bro?” Jerry asked Joe.

Joe laughed out loud. “I’ll brb.” He said, then he ran out the door. About five minutes later he reentered the room holding two paper plates with long roll breads on it. He handed the plates to Jerry and Jason.

They’re meatball sandwiches.” He said.

It’s not por...” Jason began to say.

It’s beef bro.” Joe said.

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