Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Christy looked at Mohamed as he sat down with starry eyes. She didn’t know what to say or do. After a couple seconds it then hit her, she knew exactly what to do. Exactly what her father told her, that’s what she was going to do. She took another sip of the iced coffee, and then she pulled a tiny small round black doughnut from her munchkins and moved it up to Mohamed, she was giving it to him.

You do not want it?” He asked.

No, I don’t. I want you to have it... dad.” She said and smiled.

Mohamed looked at the box of munchkins and then at Christy in the eyes. He became overwhelmed with emotions and he wasn’t afraid to let it show. A single bead of tear trickled down his cheek. Christy saw this and she handed him one of the napkins that was laying on the table. Mohamed looked at the napkin, slowly he took it and wiped his face on it. Then he blew his nose, another bead of tear trickled down his cheek, but he didn’t wipe it though.

Christy finished eating the doughnuts and drinking her iced coffee, Mohamed also finished his coffee. When they were both finished Mohamed was the first to get up. He took another napkin off the table and wiped his mouth and hands with it. Christy stood up after, Mohamed took her empty munchkin box and iced coffee cup and threw them both in the trash. Then they both walked out the door to exit the shop. Mohamed held the door open for Christy, she looked at her father and smiled, then she walked out. When they both got outside Mohamed rushed inside the car first so that he can hold the door open for his daughter. Christy stepped inside and sat down.

They were both now in the car. Mohamed sat back at the driver seat and didn’t start the car. Christy sat calmly at the passenger seat and didn’t say anything. She was wondering as to why Mohamed didn’t start the engine and begin driving. After a couple seconds Mohamed turned his head to look at Christy, she looked back at him.

Call Jason my daughter.” He said calmly.

Christy didn’t hesitate, she pulled out her pink iPhone from her pocket and went to her dial pad, then she stopped. She lifted her head up and looked at Mohamed. An idea passed through Christy’s head.

Can I use your phone... dad?” She asked.

Mohamed nodded his head then he delved his hand in his pocket to pull out his phone, he also had a Samsung mobile device like Jason, but his was a bit more updated. Jason had the Samsung Galaxy Note III, whereas Mohamed had the Note 7. Jason asked his father many times in the past to buy him a new phone or give him his Note 7, but he refused. He said because “Jason’s phone is perfectly functional and nothing was wrong with it.” Just like Jason, Mohamed also didn’t like to waste.

Mohamed handed Christy her phone. She took it and dialed Jason’s number, she knew it by heart even though his number was already saved on his phone. On the first ring Jason picked up.

Oldhead wassup? Did you talk to her?” Jason said.

Christy could hear the concern in Jason’s tone of voice. She knew that he was the one who told Mohamed to console her.

Jason, I’m okay.” She said.

Christy? What...” Jason didn’t know what to say.

He wanted to know how she was feeling now, and more importantly why wasn’t she using her phone to call him.

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