Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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They both didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Jason’s heart was beating really fast, whereas Christy’s was now calm.

Christy... I...” He began to say.

You worry too much.” Christy said while half smiling.

You make me worry.” Jason said.

Christy continued to smile and started to snicker a little bit.

How are you feeling now?” He asked.

I’m fine bae.” She said.

You sure?”

Yes, your... I mean dad came and fixed everything.”

FRANK CAME BACK?” Jason asked dubiously.

Christy smiled. “No, he didn’t.”

Jason wondered as to who she was referring to. He wanted to ask, but then it hit him. He knew, he instantly knew. A wide grin appeared on his face, as well as on Mohamed’s.

I’m sorry.” He said.

For what?” Christy asked.

For bringing up such a sensitive topic. I didn’t know...”

Exactly. You didn’t. It’s okay.”

Do you still love me?” Jason asked.

Christy gave a short pause and didn’t say anything.

Nope. I love Mike.” She said.

WHO THE HELL IS MIKE?” Jason erupted.

Omg.” She said while smiling.

I still love you boy!”

Oh arrrrrdddd.”

I can’t with you.” Christy said.

Why can’t you bae?” Jason asked.

Because...” Christy said while still smiling.

Christy then realized. Mohamed was sitting patiently at the driver seat staring out the window, she still had his phone. He did not interrupt them at all or ask for his phone back, he just continued to stare out the window while smiling. He was thinking about the fact that Christy really considered her to be a father now. He continued to stare out the window while smiling.

Omg bae!” Christy said and began laughing.

What?” Jason asked.

I’m sitting here talking to you like this my phone lol.” She said.

When do you want me to call you?” She asked Jason.

Call me when you getting ready to leave okay?”

Christy nodded her head. “Okay.”

Okay... Okay what?” Jason said.

Umm... Ok Jason.”

That’s not my name.”

Mhmm... What’s your name boy?”

You know my name... Now say it right or I’ma beat you df up!”

Christy sighed. “Okay... daddy.”


She blew him a kiss over the phone and hung up. Then she handed the phone back to Mohamed.

Jason laid his head back down on the bed and closed his eyes. He gave a wide smile. He didn’t know what happened between Mohamed and Christy, but he knew it was good. Something happened that he thought would never occur in a million years. Christy calling Mohamed “dad!” It’s not like it was a lie though, it was the truth. Jason was legally and formally married to Christy, so his father was hers as well. But that would also mean that... Crystal Angela was his mother, Jason cringed. As he began to think about it more Joe and Jerry waltzed in the room. Joe was holding a grinder and Jerry had a few rolling papers in his hand. They both sat down on the bed.

I got that green crack bro!” Joe said as he sat down.

I just grabbed that jawn from my plug.” He added.

A wide smile appeared on Jason’s face. Green crack was his favorite strand of marijuana. He grabbed the grinder from Joe and began to grind up the thick nugs of marijuana. Afterwards he dumped the grinded up content on a sheet of newspaper that was laying on the bed. Jerry then took the newspaper and dumped the grinded up marijuana on the rolling papers and he began to roll. He rolled three husky paper planes. When he was finished he held up one of the rolled up papers and marveled at his wonderous creation. He smiled. “VOILA!” He said. Then he grabbed a lighter from his pocket and sparked up. After a few puffs he began to cough and then he passed it to Jerry. He also took a few puffs and began to cough. Jerry then passed it to Jason. He took one puff, then he was on board a slave ship.

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