Chapter 4

Planet of the apes

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Omg! You cannot be serious Christy that is so gross!” Said Roxanne.

Why do you be letting him do that to you?” She added.

Roxanne is a short black girl with long braids. Her and Christy have been friends sine early elementary school. Christy called her and Sarah over to Jason’s house. Violet could not come because she is spending the summer over at her Grandma’s Efflin house in New Jersey. Christy was telling Roxanne and Sarah about how she let Jason put Billy in her butt. Both the girls were shocked and in awe, they could not believe that Christy would go that far for a single boy. But Jason wasn’t just another boy, he was her husband, and she had to make sure that she took care of every one of his needs, whatever that may be.

I love him, and he’s...” Christy began to say.

Yeah but Christy you don’t have to do all that. I love Joe, but I would never let him do something like that to me.” Sarah cut in and said.

Girl you’re gonna have to learn to set boundaries.” Roxanne said,

Christy thought that what Roxanne said was funny, but she didn’t speak on it. There was no way that she was going to be taking relationship advice from a girl who’s only 14 with four abortions. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at Roxanne and nodded her head as she spoke.

You don’t understand, I love him.” Christy said to both Roxanne and Sarah.

Roxanne held Christy by the shoulders and shook her.

Don’t delude yourself girl!” She said.

If he truly loves you like he says he does than he wouldn’t have to do that.” Sarah said.

Christy looked at Sarah as she spoke. “Perhaps she has a point”, Christy thought to herself.

Sarah was a bit older, she was 16 and in 11th grade, the same as Abdul. Christy thought maybe she should heed her words and take them into consideration.

Cecilia then came out of the bathroom, her hair was loosened and brushed.

Big sister I’m ready.” She said as she came out.

Christy’s thoughts of taking Sarah’s words into consideration diminished as soon as she heard Cecilia’s voice. She knew that they would never understand, even if she explained it for a million years.

The school year was right around the corner, next week to be exact. Today was August 19th, the date for the beginning of the semester was the 25th, Jason was amped up and ready. High school was going to be a new journey for him that he couldn’t wait to endeavor. He received his schedule and all the information from the school relating to the upcoming Fall semester. The school that he will be attending is called “Penn Wood High-School.” He had been there a couple of times, some of his home games for Football were held there last year, Jason had been on the football team ever since 5th grade. For the next four years he was going to try something different, he was going to play basketball for his high school.

Jason had always been a good basketball player, he even loved it more than football. The only reason why he played football for his school for the past four years instead of basketball was mainly because of Darwin. He kept pestering Jason to play because of his tall height. At first Jason was adamant to not play. But the continuous nagging of Darwin eventually broke through. But now Darwin wasn’t going to be at the high-school, he was only a middle-school football coach, so Jason no longer had a reason to continue playing Football.

He asked Christy for them to compare schedules, to see if they had any class together. They did not. Just like last yea Jason had five classes all together. His classes were all general courses. , whereas Christy was in all AP classes.

AP stood for “Advanced Placement”. Since Christy performed so well academically last year, this year she was put ahead of everybody else. Jason was impressed, but that wasn’t the main thing on his mind. The main thing was a dream that he’s been having for the past couple nights. Jason recently started praying, and ever since he did he’s been having this dream. Dreams that made no sense, but eventually manifested and came true.

He had a dream that one of his father’s friends, from Liberia was going to die, and the next day he overheard his father talking on the phone trying to console his friend’s mother. But it was this one dream, about Christy. Something was coming, and it was going to be big. Jason knew, someway, somehow, he has to get her pregnant.

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