Chapter 5


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Abdul bursted out in laughter and playfully punched my arm.

Bro you outta pocket!” He said while laughing.

You be doing that?” He asked me.

Umm... Yeah. Everybody does it bro.”

That don’t make it right. It’s Haraam bro!”

It is?” I asked him.

Yeah bro, so is masterbation.”

Says who?”

Umm... The Qur’an, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS.”

Jason then dropped his head down in disappointment. “I’m sorry bro.”

Idk how to control these urges I be having.”

You gotta do better bro. We have to follow the example of our master Muhammad SAWS. He never once in his life watched porn or masterbated.” Said Abdul.

But times change bro. Pornography was not so accessible back then, in fact I don’t even think that it existed.”

It didn’t. But that’s not an excuse. You still have to refrain from sins that will earn the wrath of Allah.”

I don’t want Allah to be mad at me. I’m scared of Him bro, I don’t wanna die!” Jason yelled out and said.

Calm down bro. You’re not gonna die. Just do what you gotta do and you’ll be straight.”

I be trying bro, but it’s soo hard. I’m just a kid bro!” Jason said as he laid his head down on his lap and buried his face down.

You’re not a kid bro, sorry to burst your bubble bruh.”

I am though!”

Can you bust a nut?” Abdul asked.

Yeah. But what does that got to do with anything?”

In Islam bro, if you’re old enough to bust a nut then by all means YOU ARE NO KID.” Abdul said.

If you can bring a child into this world then you’re an adult.” Abdul said.

Jason looked at Abdul quizzically, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Real rap?” He asked.

Abdul nodded his head. “Yes bro.”

But I’ve been able to bust a nut since I was like eleven bro.”

Then that means that you’ve been a man since you was eleven.”

You have to discount what modern society and legislation says, about how you’re not a full grown man until you turn eighteen. That’s what America says, but GOD SAYS YOU’RE A MAN WHEN YOU BUST THAT FIRST NUT!” Abdul said out loud. A few people in the bus turned their head and began to laugh.

DuL why you yelling though?” Jason asked.

A thought then appeared in Jason’s head. CHRISTY!

DuL you know my girl right?”


Yeah, her. I did something crazy bro.”

What you do?

I was high bro. It wasn’t my fault.”

What did you do bro?”

Bro... I threw away her birth control and got her pregnant.” Jason said.

Abdul looked at Jason and didn’t say anything.

That’s all?” Abdul asked.

What you mean that’s all. SHE’S PREGNANT BRO! SHE BOUTA HAVE MY SEED!” Jason said.

Bro, why is you tripping? It’s not even that deep.” Abdul said.

Bro... I’m only 15, I can’t have no damn kid. How I’m pose’ to take care of a kid when I can barely take care of myself?” Jason said.

Abdul gave a wide smile and began to laugh. “Chill out bro, you’re gonna be a great father.”

DuL can you do me a favor bro?” Jason asked.

Abdul stopped laughing and nodded his head. “Of course.”

Bro if I die, can you take care of that kid for me?”

Abdul began to laugh again. “Bro is you serious? Why do you think you’re gonna die?”

I just gotta feeling bro, I just...”

The kids in the bus began to get up from their seat as the bus pulled up to the school parking lot. Jason and Abdul got up as well and began to follow the crowd. The parking lot was filled with buses and cars, some were the teachers and some were the students.

As soon as I turn sixteen bro I’m getting my L.” Jason said to Abdul as he stepped down from the bus.

Penn Wood High School was a really tall and lengthy edifice. It had many windows, four front door entrances, it also had a huge gargoyle on top of the building next to the flag pole. It was surrounded by tall trees and leaves. It used to be a church back in the 17th century, but after a while people stopped coming to it so they just made it into a school.

As soon as Jason got down from the bus he began to look for her.

Ard bro, I’m bouta go get breakfast.” Abdul said as he patted Jason on his back.

Ard bro, Salaam.” Jason said and gave Abdul dap.

Abdul said Salaam back and then he went through one of the entrance door at the front of the building which led into the school.

Jason was still glancing around looking for Christy, or Shay. He couldn’t find neither. As he kept looking around he saw Jerry and Joe approaching him, they were both smiling.

BRRRUUUHH!” Jerry yelled out as he walked over to him.

Jerry and Joe both gave Jason dap. “You good bro?” Joe asked.

I’m chilling bruh man from the fifth floor. What ya’ll bouta do?” Jason asked.

Jerry pulled out a dime bag of marijuana from his pants pocket and showed it to Jason.

Finna wake and bake bro. You with it?”

Jason looked at the bag for a minute and shook his head. “I’m good bruh, I already blew this morning.”

You can always get higher bro.” Joe said.

Didn’t I say I was good? Stop peer pressuring me before I shoot you in the face with my laser beam cannon.” Jason said.

Jerry shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever bro, suit yourself. It’s some green crack though.” Jerry said as he turned around and started walking.

Jason extended his hands and grabbed his shoulders. “Hold up bro.”

Jerry stopped walking and began to smile. “Oh... Now you wanna hold up?”

I’ma join ya’ll. I’m just trying to find Christy first, ya’ll seen her?” Jason asked.

She’s right there bro.” Joe said and pointed.

Jason quickly turned his head and began looking in the direction that Joe was pointing at. He saw his wife. She was standing next to Shay and talking to Jahlisa and some other girls. Jason hurriedly walked over to her. As soon as he approached her he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.

AAWWW!” The group of girls said in unison. Shay took out her iPhone from her handbag and took a picture of the scene.

RELATIONSHIP GOALS!” She said out loud. The group of girls began to laugh.

You okay boo?” Jason asked his wife.

I’m okay, why are your eyes low Jason?” She asked.

Jason acted as if he didn’t hear her. “Huh?”

Christy stopped hugging Jason and stared at him in the eyes. “Jason, your eyes, they’re red.”

I just woke up bae. I’m tired as hell.” Jason said.

Christy looked away from Jason and frowned. “Whatever Jason.” She said.

Jason then lightly put his hands on Christy stomach. “How’s little Muhammad doing?” He asked.

Christy pushed his hands away. “Boy it’s only been like a day!”

Soo?” Jason said.

Yo bro we out?” Jerry said as he tapped Jason on the shoulders.

Jason where are you going?” Christy asked.

Huh?”” She said again, slower this time.

Nowhere bae, I’m bouta just go to the library right quick.” He said.

What? Boy do you even hear yourself? You sound stupid. I don’t even...” Christy said.

Bae hold that thought. When I come back from the library you can tell me all about it.” Jason said as he treaded behind Jerry and began walking.

Girl that boy ain’t going to no library, he finna go smoke some damn weed with Hairy Jerry and Stinky Joe.” Shay said.

MY NAME IS JOSEPH!” Joe stopped and bellowed.


About ten minutes later Jason, Joe, and Jerry arrived at the school parking lot, they were laughing. Why were they laughing? Because they were high!

Where’s Christy?” Jason stopped laughing and said.

Idk bro, the UFO prolly got her.” Jerry said.

You think she’s dead bro?” Jason asked his friends.

She’s gotta be.” Joe answered back.

Naw bro, they prolly kept her alive to probe her.” Jerry said.

Jason dropped his head in disappointment and began to look at the ground.

Don’t be sad bro. Keep your head up champ!”

I just want my baby back bruh.” Jason said.

All three boys then sat down on the pavement, Jason and Jerry both laid down and Joe pulled out a banana from his pocket.

Gimme some bro.” Jason extended his hand and said.

I don’t even know you bruh.” Joe said as he peeled the banana in half and gave one to Jason. After Jason ate the banana he laid his head back down on the pavement.

Christy then came and stood over him. “Jason omg! What are you doing? Why are you just laying down on the floor like that?”

I’m tired bae.” He said.

Omg. GET UP!” Christy said.

I will bae but can I ask you a question first?” Jason said.

Jason, you need to get off the floor, it’s dirty!” Christy reached down with her hand and tried to pick Jason up off the floor. Jason grabbed her hand and tugged; she fell down on top of him. She screamed as she went down. A few of the kids in the parking lot began to laugh.

Do you love me?” Jason asked.

Not right now I don’t.” Christy said as she got up from on top of him. The warning bell then went off, alerting everybody that they only have five minutes left before homeroom begins.

Bye. I’m going to class.” Christy said as she turned around and began walking.

Where you going?” Jason asked. But Christy was already gone.

What’s her problem?” Jason said to his friends.

Idk bro, but I’m trying figure out how she escaped from the UFO.” Joe said.

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