Chapter 5


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Let me roll that jawn bro.” Said Justin.

They were all in the woods right outside of Penn Wood High School. The weather was temperate, it was not too hot or too cold, just in between. Jason had his back reclined on the bark of an oak tree, the other three boys were standing up.

Do white people even know how to roll?” Jerry asked Justin.

Justin laughed out loud and then snatched the blunt from Jerry’s hand so that he could roll. Joe handed him the dime bag of marijuana.

Watch... And learn.” Justin said as he began to roll the blunt.

He emptied the dime bag of marijuana and dumped it into the leaf blunt. As he was doing this Joe started to gaze and look around.

What are you looking for bro?” Jason asked him.

For some strange reason, I feel like somebody followed us.” Joe said.

You tripping bro, nobody followed us.” Jerry said back.

Joe still continued to look around. As he did this Jerry and Jason watched him carefully.

VOILA!” Justin said.

He finished rolling and laid the blunt on the leave covered floor for all to see. Jason was the first to look at it and pick it up. He stared at it with wide eyes and held it up in the air, his mouth was opened and he continued to stare at it in awe.

This jawn pearled bro!” He said out loud.

Justin began to laugh. “I told you bro. I’m no rookie when it come to this.”

Jason held the rolled up blunt in front of Jerry’s face so that he could observe it. Jerry grabbed it and looked at it for himself.

I’m impressed.” He said.

Joe then walked up to him and took the blunt from his hands. “This jawn right bro!” Joe also stared at it in awe.

I hope this negates your previous notion that white boys can’t roll.” Justin said to Jerry.

It does.” Jerry said as he grabbed the blunt from Joe’s hand and took out a black Bic lighter from his pocket. Jerry was getting ready to spark up. As he took one flick of his lighter the Adhan app on Jason’s phone went off.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!” The muezzin said.

Jason took his phone from his pocket and looked at the time. 12:58pm, Dhuhr time.

Am I still in a state of Wudu?” Jason thought to himself. He couldn’t remember, but he remembered making Wudu this morning to pray Fajr. So he was still considered to be in a state of Wudu.

Immediately Jason got up and went to the middle of the woods. He took out his phone and opened a compass app to find the Qibla. Afterwards he closed his eyes and said Allahu Akbar” and began to pray.

What are you doing bro?” Justin said out loud to Jason.

SHHHHH!!” Joe quickly said.

He’s praying bro, don’t bother him.”

He’s starting to hang around Abdul too much.” Jerry said.

Joe smiled and began laughing. Jerry took the lighter from his pocket again and flicked it, the small fire shot up. Justin quickly snatched the lighter from his hands.

Bro let’s wait!” He said.

Jerry frowned and put the blunt down to his side. Justin was amazed as he looked at Jason praying. He wanted to know why Jason was doing this. He had never seen anybody doing this type of act before. He had been raised Jewish, his mom, dad, and whole family was Jewish. He’d been to Church a couple times with his mom and he’d listened to a couple sermons but he never really practiced the Religion. There wasn’t really much practicing to do, just to go to Church on Sunday.

Justin was bewildered and he wanted to learn more about this Religion in which Jason was openly practicing. He would’ve thought that Jason would’ve put precedence of smoking weed over praying, but he didn’t, Jason wanted to pray first, that’s what really amazed him.

How long we gotta wait?” Jerry asked.

Dude, it hasn’t even been a minute yet, just chill out bro.” Justin said back to him.

And then Jason did something that blew Justin’s mind, he prostrated his head and laid it on the ground. He did this a total of four times in the whole prayer. Afterwards, Jason raised his hands up and started muttering to himself.

What’s he doing now?” Justin asked.

He’s supplicating bro.” Joe walked up and said. He was still on edge as he was looking around searching for the people that followed them.

When Jason was done he stood up and walked back to the corner of the woods where the other boys were standing. He sat down on the ground which was covered with tree branches and leaves, he reclined on the bark of the oak tree, then he looked up at Jerry.

You gon spark up bro?” He asked him.

Jason was asking Jerry to light up the blunt so that they could initiate smoking. Jerry smiled openly as he took out his lighter and lit the blunt. He took a couple puffs and passed it to Jason. He grabbed the blunt with his thumb and index finger and put it up to his mouth and took a drag. As he was doing this Justin walked up to him.


Can I ask you a question?” Justin said.

Jason didn’t look up at him, he kept his head low as he took another drag of the blunt. Then he nodded his head.

Wh-what were you doing? Just now...” He asked.

Praying bro.” Jason said back.

Why?” Justin asked.

Jason then lifted his head up and smiled. “Because bro, look at what I’m doing.” Jason said as he held up the blunt in front of Justin’s face.

This is a sin bro.” Jason said.

I have to seek forgiveness.”

Why bro? It’s just weed.” Justin said.

Yeah... But God has deemed it to be a sin, and that’s what it is.”

Justin looked at Jason in the eyes for a couple seconds and didn’t say anything. Jason then passed the blunt to Joe.

WHO’S THERE!” Joe bellowed out loud.

Bro, nobody’s there, you are HIGH!” Jerry said.

Joe had the blunt in his hand as he was walking around the perimeter of the woods searching for the culprits.

I know I’m not trippin bro, SOMEBODY’S HERE!” Joe said as he continued to patrol around and took a drag of the blunt.

Jason then laid down on the oak tree as he was reclined on it. Justin looked at him and began to smile.

You not scared bro?” Justin asked Jason.

Jason closed his eyes and folded his hands and put it over his head.

What’s there to be scared of?” He asked.

Somebody followed us bro...” Said Justin.

Whoever followed us, it can’t be Allah. Therefore I am not scared, because Allah is the Only One worth fearing.” Jason said calmly.

Justin looked at his new friend as he was sprawled on the oak tree. He didn’t know what to think of him. He had never met somebody like Jason before. So calm... so collective... so unbothered.

Tell me about Allah?” Justin asked Jason.

Jason immediately sat up from the oak tree and looked at Justin.

What would you like to know?” He said.

Justin didn’t know where to start, so much was on his mind, he had so many questions.

Tell me how....” Justin began to say.

I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE! COME OUT!” Joe said as he neared a shrub of bushes and picked at it with a tree branch. The mystery was then revealed. A swarm of girls, maybe seven or eight were seen in the bush that they were hidden in.

I KNEW IT!” Joe said out loud. He then walked over to Justin and handed him the blunt.

What are ya’ll doing?” Jerry asked the girls, who were starring at Justin with wide eyes.

JUSTIN!” One of the girls screamed out loud and ran towards him with her arms open.

Justin held up his hands and started to back away. The girl collapsed on the ground as she tried to hug Justin and missed. Jason, Joe and Jerry bursted out in laughter.

The girls then all together got up and turned around and ran the other way.

WEIRDOES!” Joe yelled out to the girls as they were running.

Jason then got up from the floor as he was laid down on it. He walked towards Justin who passed him the blunt. He took a slow drag and threw the blunt down, then he stepped on it, in order to avoid a forest fire.

We out?” Jason said.

I never got to ask my question though bruh.” Justin said.

Jason looked at Justin and brushed his shoulders off. “Tomorrow Insha’llah.” He said.

What does that mean?” Justin asked.

It means... I’m hungry and wanna get some food!” Jason said.

Justin laughed out loud, then all four boys turned around and began walking out of the woods. As they were walking out, Justin turned towards Joe.

Dude, anybody ever tell you that you look like Kyrie Irving?” Justin said.

THAT’S WHAT I SAID!” Jerry yelled out loud.

Anybody ever tell you that you look like a young Paul Walker?” Joe said back to Justin.

Jason and Jerry erupted in laughter. “YOOOO... YOU DO LOOK LIKE HIM!” Jerry said.


In the cafeteria Christy was sitting at a table in the center of the room. A couple girls were crowded around her, playing with her hair and touching her stomach.

Awwww! She’s gonna be so pretty.” One of the girls said, her name was Synquetta.

He said that it’s gonna be a boy.” Christy said.

Why does he say that.” Synquetta asked.

Idk...” Christy said and shrugged.

Can I be the godmother?” Synquetta asked. Then a couple of girls started raising their hands and putting it towards Christy’s face.

NO LET ME BE THE GODMOTHER!” The girls began saying.

Christy covered her mouth with her hand and began laughing.

Jason, Justin, Joe and Jerry walked through the front of the cafeteria door. As soon as they did they all turned and went their separate ways, Joe and Jerry went to stand at the snack line. Justin was approached by some girls and he began talking to them, one of the girls he recognized from the woods. Jason left Justin and started scanning the cafeteria looking for his wife. He saw her as she was seated on a table in the middle of the cafeteria. Jason staggered up to her, he was high.

I’m hungry.” He said to Christy.

Christy looked up at him and twisted her face. She looked Jason in the eyes, she saw that they were low.

Where are you coming from?” She asked.

Jason thought for a minute. “Umm... The library.” He said.

Christy scoffed, a few of the girls on the table began laughing.

Jason... What kind of father are you going to be? You’re gonna smoke your whole life away. All you do is smoke weed! I’m sick of...” Christy began to say.

Jason reached down and picked Christy up, he lifted her whole body up and planted his tongue in her mouth. He kissed her passionately. The whole cafeteria turned and watched.

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