Chapter 5


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Christy screamed as she was held up in the air by Jason. “AAHHHH! JASON PUT ME DOWN!” She yelped out as Jason’s lips was pressed on hers.

Then he began to lick her face and kiss her cheeks. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY!”

Jason said to her.

Christy began to push her tiny fingers across Jason’s face to push him away.

Awwwww! They’re so cute!” The elderly staff women in the cafeteria began to say.

Justin looked at his newfound friend and shook his head. He began to wonder as to why Jason chose to be with Christy and marry her. I mean yeah she was cute, but she’s just like half of the other girls that he gets.

Jason ignored Christy’s screams and continued to lick his tongue across her face.

Ok you two stop there!” Some guards ran to them and said.

The guards withheld one of Jason’s hands and tied it around his back. He still was holding Christy up in the air with his free hand. Jason laughed as the guards held him. Christy was no longer screaming and yelling, though she was held up in the air.

Jason gave Christy a lascivious look as the guards held him.

I want you.” He said to her.

YOU’RE FREAKING CRAZY!” She said back.

Idc, I want you and I always get what I want.” Jason calmly said to her.

Christy stared at Jason and curved her lips upwards, she was surprised by the way that he was acting. How could he openly show affection to her in the cafeteria in front of everybody? She wasn’t expecting for him to do that. That’s one of the main reasons why she loved him so much. He was full of surprised, and he was shameless.

Not here.” She said.

Jason gently put Christy down with his free hand and he released his grip from the guard that was holding him. Then he reached over with his hand to grab Christy’s cheek. She tried to yank his hand back but she was too late.

You’re my everything.” He said to her while squeezing her cheeks.

Synquetta saw what was happening and immediately flew out of her seat and went to where Christy was standing. She wrapped her arms around her and grabbed her stomach and gently drew her away.

Leave her alone!” She said.

She’s pregnant Jason, she doesn’t need this.”

Who’s baby is she carrying?” Jason asked.

Not yours, if you keep acting like that.” Christy said.

How am I acting?” Asked Jason.

Like a freak! I don’t want you like this Jason, you’re not in your right frame of mind.”

Jason drew closer to her. “I’m chilling!” He said.

Christy backed away a little bit. “No you’re not, you’re high Jason.”

Jason opened his arms wide to give his wife a hug. “I just wanna be held.”

Synquetta erupted in laughter. “Omg I can’t stand him!” She said while laughing.

Jason no! Maybe later on today when you sober up.” Christy said.

Jason pouted his bottom lip and began to quiver it.

But I... I... I love you so much. I just wanna make you feel good.” He said.

Awwwwww!” Some girls in the cafeteria all said together.

Christy looked at her husband for a few seconds and gave a faint smile.

Jason... I love you too. But later on okay?” She said.

You pwomise bae?” Jason asked.

I promise.”

Pinky promise?” Jason held out his pinky and walked towards her.

Christy and Synquetta began to laugh. Christy then held out her pinky finger and wrapped it around Jason’s.

Pinky promise bae.” She said.

Jason stopped pouting and nodded his head. “K bae, can you at least get me something to eat? I’m hungry!”

The guards then walked away and everybody in the cafeteria turned back around and went on with their business.

What you wanna eat boy?” Christy asked.

Jason thought for a minute. “Idk bae, surprise me.” He said.

Omg ok, so you want me to get you anything?” Christy said.

Yeah bae, you know exactly what I like.”

Christy gave a faint smile. “Ard go sit down at the table I’ma get you something to eat okay?” Said Christy.

Jason nodded his head and turned around and began walking to the table. After a few seconds he turned back around.

BAE CAN YOU GET ME SOME CHICKEN!” Jason yelled out to Christy. She was halfway to the lunch line.

Okay, I’ma get you some chicken.” She said.

Jason smiled and turned around and continued to head to the table. After a few more seconds he turned back around.


Christy began to fume and balled her fists up and put them on her sides.

OMG JASON!” She said out loud.

Jason frowned and started weeping crocodile tears. “Why are you yelling at me?”

Christy’s expression softened, she was no longer fuming or mad. She took a step towards Jason.

I’m not yelling bae, don’t cry.” She said as she lifted her hand up to Jason.

Jason sniffled as more crocodile tears fell down his cheek.

I just... I just... I just...” Jason began to say.

Christy walked all the way to Jason and she started to rub his head slowly.

You just what baby?” She quietly said while rubbing his head.

I just want waffles.” Jason said.

But they don’t have no waffles here honey, do you just want me to get you the chicken?”

Jason nodded his head. “Yes please.”

Okay, I’ma get you some chicken ok, but you gotta eat all of it and not waste it okay?”

Jason nodded his head and stopped crying. “I promise bae.” He said.

Christy looked at him and smiled, then she rubbed his head again and turned around and began walking. Jason quickly grabbed her hand and turned her whole body around and hugged her.

I love you so much baby.” He said while hugging her.

They were standing at the center of the cafeteria. Even though some of the children and staff were watching they didn’t pay much mind to it, they all knew that they were together and married. All knew, except for Samantha. She knew that Jason wasn’t single anymore, but she was surprised when one of her friends at the lunch table told her that they were married.

WHAT?” She said out loud in disbelief.

Samantha was planning to be with Jason this year, that’s all she was thinking about all summer. Now her plans were ruined. She knew that she had no chance with him now. There was no way that Jason would leave Christy. She’s prettier then Samantha, and smarter.

Samatha got up and went to the table where Jason was seated.

Hi Jason.” She said as she sat down.

Jason had his wireless Bluetooth headphones on and his head was down, he didn’t hear Samantha talking to him. It wasn’t until she reached in with her hand and tapped Jason on the shoulders. Jason took off the headphones immediately and then he looked up at her.

Uhh... Wassup?” She said.

Jason didn’t hear what Samantha said to him first, but he presumed that it must’ve been some type of greeting.

Wyd?” She asked.

Just sitting here.” He said back.

Samantha moved closer to where Jason was seated on the table.

Why are you by yourself?” She asked.

Jason didn’t say nothing, he just kept staring at the empty space in front of him. He had his head laid down on the table.

Can I keep you company>” She asked.

Jason shrugged. “I don’t care...” Said Jason.

Samantha moved all the way up to where Jason was seated on the table and laid her head on his back. Jason didn’t budge, nor did he try to get her off him.

Christy had a tray with some fried chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans. She was bringing it to Jason. When she got a few meters away from the table she saw Samantha as her head was laid down on Jason’s back.

She immediately dropped the plate and rushed to the table. She balled up her fists and grabbed Samantha by her hair and began pouncing on her face. Samantha fell down, when she got up she started to swing as well.

Samantha was bawling, but Christy was silent and had a straight expression on her face as she continued to pummel Samantha’s face.

As soon as the guards saw this, they all rushed to the scene and split and parted the two girls.

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